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Sharing is Accountability

  1. Sharing = Accountability And quite frankly, the real secret to success DEaN SHAREski ETMOOC January, 2013
  2. This is me
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  7. This is me
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  14. @shareski
  15. “...there is no word for "accountability" in Finnish.”
  16. “Accountability is what's left when you take out responsibility.”
  17. “I wish we could stop using the word "accountable" and instead talk about "responsible". It would make all the difference.”
  18. Things you never see
  19. “Distrust is an expensive vice” Dave Weinberger “Too Big To Know”
  20. From: Royan Lee
  21. How is your organization responding the the issues of improving education?
  22. Beyond the Training Model
  23. Beyond the PLC “A professional learning community (PLC) is an extended learning opportunity to foster collaborative learning among colleagues within a particular work environment or field. It is often used in schools as a way to organize teachers into working groups.”
  24. Forced
  25. Prescriptive
  26. Group work isn t for everyone
  27. “Bringing smart people together is an ancient and effective technique for developing ideas. The Net also lets smart people connect and communicate. But the Net brings people together in new and occasionally weird configurations—a weirdness that is now being reflected in how expertise works....”
  28. Data Driven
  29. Lack of Time
  30. Learn Share
  31. Sharing: The Moral Imperative
  32. What, if any are your obligations to share beyond your students?
  33. What could/should you share?
  34. With Whom?
  35. What are the dangers?
  36. What are the benefits?
  37. Can I find your best work online?
  38. Can I find any of your best work online?
  39. The Myth of Easy
  40. Is Over Sharing a Thing?
  43. “Goodness, share whatever you like. I’ll take care of filtering on this end. p.s. I’m not one of your YouTube subscribers (I subscribe to something like one channel) but I would definitely watch you hitting golf balls across a frozen lake.” Stephen Downes
  44. The Fear of Publishing
  45. Critique & Civil Discourse
  46. “Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred.” Read more:,9171,1570810,00.html#ixzz2IMWyUyNK
  47. The Long Tail of Learning
  48. Find Your Voice
  49. Links
  50. Curation
  51. Open Classrooms
  52. Encourager
  53. How To
  54. Creations
  55. Self Reflection
  56. Have a Discussion
  57. blogging was the cheapest, most risk- But free investment I could have made of my personal time into my job. You start by writing down things that are interesting to you, practices you don’t want to forget. And then you start trying new things just so you can blog about them later, picking them apart, Periods of stagnancy and dialoging over them with strangers. in your blogging start to correspond to periods of stagnancy in your teaching. You start to muse on your job when you’re stuck in traffic, in line for groceries, that sort That transformation has been of thing. nothing but good for me and it all began on a free Blogspot blog. Dan Meyer @ddmeyer
  58. Recommendations: • More Autonomy • More Connections • More Sharing
  59. Autonomy Connections Sharing
  63. Connecting Educators to their greatest resource...
  64. Connecting Educators to their greatest resource... EACH OTHER
  65. If we create cultures of trust and sharing, accountability is built in, not contrived or imposed, it just is.