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Intro to InfraMarine

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Intro to InfraMarine

  1. 1. InfraMarine Solutions
  2. 2. Problem •Loose connections on the steering gear position transmitter caused a failure of the control system and loss of steering, leading to collision. •Loose parts of a switch fuse became detached, fell onto bus-bars causing an arc which resulted in a main switchboard fire, complete loss of electrical power and propulsion. • A switchboard fire on a tanker caused by overheating of loose contacts on a motor starter •To identify potential overheating of electrical equipment, owners are advised to use ‘thermal-imaging techniques as a means of verifying the security of electrical connections and pin point problem areas at an early stage. Summary This Marine Guidance Notice is to draw attention to incidents involving electrical equipment, maintenance responsibilities and the use of thermographic imaging as a maintenance tool. Source: MGN 132 (M+F) This M Notice supersedes M 1163 Electrical Equipment
  3. 3. Value Proposition •Identify potential overheating of electrical equipment and eliminating any possibility of catastrophe •Provide Application training on board. •Train key personnel to implement and monitor outcome. •Improving the vessel KPIs. How to solve the problem with marginal cost?
  4. 4. Infrared thermography and airborne ultrasound on • Mechanical • Electrical • Hydraulics • Fluid systems • Refractory • Steam trap • UPS backup and emergency batteries Techniques used
  5. 5. Paradigm shift
  6. 6. Phased Approach to Performance Optimization
  7. 7. Electromagnetic spectrum
  8. 8. 480V MCC breaker with damaged cable Breaker Problem
  9. 9. Connection Issues 480V MCC contactor with connection problem
  10. 10. UPS battery bank showing a terminal problem UPS battery Condition
  11. 11. Misalignment Motors showing signs of misalignment problems
  12. 12. Closed valveOpen or passing valve Valve problems
  13. 13. Internal build up may cause fluid flow restrictions Internal build up may cause pipe blockages Internal Build up
  14. 14. Good steam trap No steam in left steam trap. Right steam trap failed in open position Steam system gain
  15. 15. Source: UE ultrasound Airborne Ultrasound Action Levels
  16. 16. Source: UE ultrasound Over Lubrication Prevented Over lubrication Bare wire
  17. 17. Saving potential
  18. 18. P-F Curve the final Picture
  19. 19. Insurance viewpoint P & I Claims  The issue of seafarer shortage and of quality of sea staff continues to be a major worry. There are significant concerns that in some cases, crews today appears to be less well trained, & less experienced.  Recently seen a number of incidents where incompetence / negligence has led to disaster. Most of the claims, that we handle on behalf of members, have the same factor at their root – human error.  Improved training, more respect for seafaring as a career, are some of the issues which need to be addressed.  Despite the recession, there is certainly no oversupply of experienced crews – and there is still a tendency for people to be promoted very quickly. Loss Prevention  The key to best practice in loss prevention is to base the process of risk assessment on good quality information Source: North of England P& I Club Management Report 2010
  20. 20. What Qualification do I bring ? • Valid Chief Engineer license with Oil and Chemical DC endorsements. • Over 30 Years of experience, with recent 5 years from Stolt tankers. • Level III Certified Infrared Thermography, from FLIR in Boston USA. • 8 years Experience with (PdM)1 inspections from a top Canadian Inc. • A high resolution Infrared Camera ready for use. • Certified to train and implement the written practice and monitor outcome • Make it as part of your SEEMP ( Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plan ) 1 : (PdM) predictive maintenance Background
  21. 21. What do I offer? • Train in Thermal Imaging and perform a complete inspection of all electrical equipment with a ship specific written procedure and monitor outcomes •Back up support 24/7 to Company and Fleet for successful program implementation What is the key benefit ? •Reduced operating cost •Improved safety and reliability •Develop in house talent enhancing SEEMP How much time will it take? •Maximum 3 days on board What is the motivation for doing it? • Passionate to make a difference by improving safety and quality on board ship Email to sundar@inframarine.com For details visit www.inframarine.com The Proposal
  22. 22. Do we have your attention ?
  23. 23. Our Promise
  24. 24. Thank you