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Design Thinking for Comms Planning

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Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem solving. Therefore I feel that there are more reasons why this approach / attitude should be utilized for solving marketing and communications problems. In this short presentation, I introduce a framework of adopting design thinking for Comms Planning.

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Design Thinking for Comms Planning

  1. 1. DESIGN Thinking for Comms Planning
  2. 2. The most important role of Comms Planning is to help Brands stand out from the Clutter…
  3. 3. And the importance of Design Thinking in achieving this, can never be ignored!
  4. 4. But what’s Design, and its Thinking all about?
  5. 5. Design is NOT just Graphic ART
  6. 6. Design is NOT just a LOGO
  7. 7. Design is NOT just a PACKAGE
  8. 8. Design is the SOUL of human creation
  9. 9. Designing is an attitude It shifts perspectives towards an EXPERIENCE , with the sole aim of changing LIFE and influencing BEHAVIOUR This attitude is popularly known as “DESIGN THINKING”
  10. 10. Design Thinking looks at every problem as FRESH & UNIQUE
  11. 11. Design Thinking creates a System, not just an Interface
  12. 12. Design Thinking uses some kind of Technology to drive Behavior
  13. 13. Design Thinking always creates some kind of Competitive Advantage
  14. 14. Design Thinking is a PROCESS… It applies CREATIVITY to find SOLUTIONS that address a specific set of NEEDS / WANTS within a certain CONTEXT, in order to meet some OBJECTIVES. Design SOLUTION Human Needs / Wants Context Enablers / Barriers Creativity Expressions / Aesthetics
  15. 15. A process that also forms the basis of Communications Planning… …which also applies CREATIVITY to find a core THOUGHT / IDEA that addresses specific Needs/Wants within a certain CONTEXT Communication THOUGHT / IDEA Human Needs / Wants Context Enablers / Barriers Creativity Expressions / Aesthetics
  16. 16. This idea creates unique Experiences, which connects & engages customers to brands
  17. 17. Like a Design, each core COMMS IDEA is FLEXIBLE for any Comms channel
  18. 18. Thus, Design Thinking is a great framework to derive the DNA of Comms. Plans
  19. 19. Elements of Design Thinking driven Comms Planning CONTEXTSURFACE
  20. 20. CONTEXT sets the scene thru a process of EMPATHIZING with customers and marketers, to audit the market situation
  21. 21. 1. STRATEGY STRATEGY Involves DEFINING our position, our goals, and ways to achieve them.
  22. 22. 1. STRATEGY 2. SCOPE SCOPE Transforms strategy into needs.; IDEATING on components of our solutions.
  23. 23. 1. STRATEGY 2. SCOPE 3. STRUCTURE STRUCTURE Creates some kind of PROTOTYPE to see how elements fit together and behave?
  24. 24. 4. SKELETON 1. STRATEGY 2. SCOPE 3. STRUCTURE SKELETON TESTs Prototype to see which components can and will drive engagement?
  25. 25. 4. SKELETON UXD (USER EXP. DESIGN) 5. SURFACE 1. STRATEGY 2. SCOPE 3. STRUCTURE SURFACE The UXD that aligns visual elements and interactions creating unique user experiences.
  26. 26. A design thinking based model for Comms Planning #0 Background Analysis - thru mkt. audit and research #2 How can we achieve our objectives? What are the barriers? #1 Where are we? Where Do we wish to be? #3 Are our tools useful? Do they fit into the overall scope? #4 Which tools will drive maximum impact for us? #5 How our final plans would look like? How would they help Interact with target? Introducing CS-5… © all rights for Graphic Design reserved with author 4. SKELETON 5. SURFACE 1. STRATEGY 2. SCOPE 3. STRUCTURE UXD (USER EXP. DESIGN) ©
  27. 27. In Conclusion CS-5 model - for designing Sustainable Customer Experiences Leverage DESIGN THINKING in every aspect of Comms Planning - be it strategy, creative, applications or implementation
  28. 28. DISCLAIMER: This document has been developed for academic interests only, and carry the Creative Commons License. The images and design-concepts used in this document carry the intellectual copyrights of the respective owners. All rights for the Graphic Design on Slide #25 is reserved with the author. If you wish to utilize the benefits of design thinking approach to bring in vitality and vigor to your brand communications, Contact: Shantanu Sengupta Brand Strategist | Marcom Specialist | Design Thinker Email: shanfourquarters@gmail.com skype: shansenta