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Production companies and their logos

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For my advanced portfolio in Media, I need to create a film trailer and with that a production company logo so I have looked into current logos to see what is already in the market and give me ideas on what to do

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Production companies and their logos

  1. 1. Film Production Companies and their logos SHANIA STEELE A2 MEDIA STUDIES
  2. 2. Columbia Columbia Pictures have used an original picture of a women for their logo. This woman has always been used in their logos over the years.
  3. 3. Walt Disney Pictures Disney have used their trademark castle for the logo of their production company. This is seen at every Disney feature.
  4. 4. Dreamworks Dreamworks have used their title and linked it to their logo with the idea of clouds being ‘dreamlike’.
  5. 5. Film 4 Film 4 have incorporated their title into the logo with the 4 being the main focus of the logo.
  6. 6. Paramount Paramount have used a picture of a mountain which links in with the title of the production company.
  7. 7. Pixar Pixar have used a lamp in their logo to replace the I as it looks like an I to create a different style to the logo. It is plain and simple.
  8. 8. Sony Sony has used the black and white theme to provide a logo that stands out.
  9. 9. Universal Universal have used the name of their production company and used the earth in the middle of space for their logo. This links to the name of their production company.
  10. 10. Warner Warner has used the initials to form the logo of their production company. This makes them personally part of the production company identity.
  11. 11. Warp Films Warp Films uses a black and white logo. The black sphere shape behind the black lightning style shape with the white writing of the name of the production company makes the name stand out and is a simple design.
  12. 12. Working Title Working Title uses the colour blue as the primary and only colour for its logo. This keeps it plain and simple. This can also make it stand out.