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Radical Analytics, Superweek Hungary, January 2017

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We have been doing it all wrong… the idea was to gather business requirements from stakeholders, define KPIs, and create a solution design. The thing is… either your stakeholders (if client side) or clients (if agency) do not have a clue or they do not know how to properly articulate their needs. Do not ask them!

Instead, take the lead - be the expert; Show them the light; pave the way!

In this presentation, Stéphane Hamel, a recognized industry leader and author of the Digital Analytics Maturity Model, will propose a radical new approach to digital analytics. He will share tricks and examples that could transform the way you do your job. Utopia or Nirvana? It will be yours to decide!

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Radical Analytics, Superweek Hungary, January 2017

  1. 1. Let’s Get Radical! Stéphane Hamel @SHamel67 #SPWK
  2. 2. Governance, Culture & Adoption Objectives & Scope Team & Expertise Continuous Improvement Process & Methodology Tools, Data & Technology Digital Analytics Maturity bit.ly/DAMSAT
  3. 3. What are your objectives? THEY. HAVE. NO. CLUE.
  4. 4. 42 Analytics Experts Share Their Best Strategy to Define Actionable KPIs Paul Kots October 2016 online-metrics.com/actionable-kpi
  5. 5. It’s 2015 — You’d Think We’d Have Figured Out How To Measure Web Traffic By Now Sam Dean July 2015 fivethirtyeight.Com
  6. 6. How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing Samuel Scott August 2016 techcrunch.com/2016/08/07/how-google-analytics-ruined-marketing OMG!
  7. 7. Impossible Sergio Maldonado October 2016 chiefmartec.com/2016/10/analytics-ceo-makes-passionate-case-marketing-attribution/ Don’t bs me! Attribution
  8. 8. Is your job hard? Of course it is! THIS. IS. FINE.
  9. 9. RADICAL rad·i·cal /ˈradək(ə)l/ adjective 1.(especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. "a radical overhaul of the existing framework”
  10. 10. Analysts Are Change Agents Uncover the Unknown Unknowns Embrace Agile or Die Never Ask, Always Propose Radical Analytics Premises DMAIC Is Your BFF Don’t Seek Executive Buy-In Digital Analytics is Dead Eat Your Own Dog Food bit.ly/radicalanalytic
  11. 11. Digital Analytics is Dead
  12. 12. ANALYTICS The Science of Analysis How an organization arrive at an optimal and realistic decision informed by data. Stéphane Hamel How to break something complex into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it. ANALYSIS
  13. 13. Eat Your Own Dog Food
  14. 14. Triple Constraints Model COST TIMESCOPE
  15. 15. Never – ever – complain
  16. 16. Embrace Agile or Die
  17. 17. Lean Start-up  Minimum Viable Product  Continuous Deployment  Actionable Metrics  Test & Realign  Accountability
  18. 18. Product Thinking In order to achieve (Vision) , our product/service will solve (User Problem) for (Target Audience) by giving them (Strategy) . We will know it works when we see (Goal) .
  19. 19. Never Ask, Always Propose
  20. 20. “WHAT” vs. “WHY”
  21. 21. YES NO
  22. 22. DMAIC is your BFF
  23. 23. Problem Solving & Optimization Lean Six Sigma  Reduce cost of complexity  Increase velocity  “Make it easy to do business with” Define AnalyzeImprove Control Measure
  24. 24. Don’t Seek Executive Buy-In
  25. 25. Big issues Grandiose solutions Long, Costly, Risky Exec Sponsor Disruptive innovation Small experiments Quick iterations Small, incremental victories Grassroots 99%
  26. 26. Accountable Resources allocation Motivate toward goals MANAGE Responsible Improve your own processes Deliver more value at a lower cost Quantify your work CONTROL Subject matter expertise Potential new areas INFLUENCE
  27. 27. Analysts are Change Agents
  28. 28. Privilege of Recommendation No Power of Decision
  29. 29. Empowered Analytics Business Outcomes & Actions Enabling Capabilities Analysis Provides: Actionable insight & recommendations Communicate: Business requirement & objectives Supply: Means, tools and data Strategy Goals Technological capabilities & constraints Information architecture Instrumentation & BI Statistics Analytical mindset Problem solving Synthesis Communication
  30. 30. Uncover the Unknown Unknowns
  31. 31. Pilot Project/Proof of Concept/Experiment LOWER THE RISKS Break complex topic into smaller part so we gain a better understanding of it. ANALYSIS RIGHT TO FAIL LEARN
  32. 32. Analysts Are Change Agents Uncover the Unknown Unknowns Embrace Agile or Die Never Ask, Always Propose Radical Analytics Premises DMAIC Is Your BFF Don’t Seek Executive Buy-In Digital Analytics is Dead Eat Your Own Dog Food bit.ly/radicalanalytic
  33. 33. So… Realy… How Is It Going? me@StephaneHamel.net
  34. 34. (the fine prints) Copyright © 2017 by Stéphane Hamel. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the author, except in brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews (with proper citation of source). No commercial use of this material is permitted. Stéphane Hamel PO BOX 1123 St-Pierre, Qc G0A4E0 Canada https://StephaneHamel.net me@StephaneHamel.net