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Overview of Structures at Different Vertebrae Levels

An overview to help learn things by heart for the 1st year anatomy exam at Cambridge medical school.

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Overview of Structures at Different Vertebrae Levels

  1. 1. Vertebra LevelsC4 Bifurcation of common carotid = upper border of thyroid cartilageC5C6 Beginning of oesophagus Beginning of trachea Vertebral artery enters foramina transversariaC7 Vertebra prominensSterno- Bifurcation of the RIGHT brachiocephalic trunkclavicular Union of the internal jugular and subclavian vein to brachiocephalic veinjoints (on both sides)T1T2 Superior border of scapula T2/3 Suprasternal notch Level of 1st rib at the front (T1 at the back)T3 Medial end of spine of scapula End of pre-vertebral fascia Posterior end of oblique fissure of lung (to 6th costal cart) (transverse/horiz. fissure || to 4th costal cartilage to 5th rib mid-axillary) (costodiaphragmatic recess 8th-10th rib mid-axillary line) T3/4 Top of aortic archT4 T4/5 Sternomanubrial joint Start/end of aortic arch Bifurcation of trachea at carina Bifurcation of pulmonary trunk?T5 Thoracic duct crosses from right to leftT6T7 Inferior angle of scapulaT8 IVC and right phrenic nerve enter diaphragm, left phrenic separate Hemiazygos vein crosses to leftT9 ant. Hiatus: Superior epigastric artery and vein through diaphragmT10 Site for epidural Oesphagus, left gastric a, vagus pass through diaphragmT11T12 Aorta, hemi/azygos veins and thoracic duct pass behind diaphragm Coeliac axis Splanchnic nerves pierce crura Sympathetic trunk passes into abdomenL1 End of spinal cord / conus medullaris Transpyloric plane! Superior mesenteric artery comes off aorta L1/2 Azygos vein forms from right subcostal and ascending lumbar veinsL2 Left crus of diaphragm inserts into body of L1+L2 Start of small intestine mesenteryL3 Right crus of diaphram inserts into body of L1+L2+L3 Inferior mesenteric artery comes off aorta L3/4 Site for lumbar puncture height of umbilicusL4 Abdominal aorta bifurcates Iliac crest and supracristal planeL5 IVC formed from common iliac veins L6/S1 Bifurcation of common iliac arteries (pelvic brim?)S1S2 End of dural sac of spinal cord, lumbar cistern Axis of sacrum, midpoint of sacro-iliac joint Lower attachment of small bowel mesenteryS3 Start of rectumC. Riedinger 2011