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How mobile devices have improved our lives

  1. What would you do without your phone? Do you remember a time without a phone?
  2. So what all has changed since
  3. Before we begin a few facts: • Mobile phones have been around for several decades in some form or another. Beginning in the late 1940s, this cell technology was first used in mobile rigs which was mainly used in taxis, police cars and other emergency vehicles and situations.The first mobile phones, referred to as First Generation or 1G, were introduced to the public market in 1983 by the Motorola Company.These first mobile phones used analog technology which was much less reliable than the digital technology we use today. • During the 1990s, great improvements were made in the mobile phone technology.These phones used Second Generation, or 2G technology.The Second Generation cellular phone technology was faster and much quieter than its analog predecessor • TheThird Generation technology, or 3G, is what many people currently use in their digital cellular phones today.This technology was created very soon after the excitement that the 2G technology created.This new technology is not only capable of transferring voice data (such as a phone call), but it is also able to transfer other types of data, including emails, information and instant messages. • FourthGeneration – 4G – technology. Goals for this new set of standards include a combination of technologies that will make information transfer and internet capabilities faster and more affordable for cellular phones. • Even though it started a little more than 20 years ago, manufacturers have created an abundance of new technologies that keep cell phone users coming back for more.They continue to increase the number of capabilities and services to accommodate the growing needs of today’s “on the go” culture.Waiting anxiously is the only way to find out what they will think of next.
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  5. How mobile devices have improved our lives. By: Shawn C. Evans
  6. Always Connected With Family With Friends With Work
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  8. Applications GPS • Find Locations • Get Directions Sports • Watch Live Events • Get Updated Scores News • Watch live videos • Get up to date news Banking • Check current balances • Pay Bills/Transfer Money • Deposit Checks Games • EntertainYourself • Entertain your kids
  9. Media iTunes Google Play Pandora Music Flickr Shutterfly Facebook Photos YouTube Vimeo Videos
  10. Internet
  11. Famous moments for the cell phone
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