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Cloud brokerage windows azure

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Explain Cloud Brokerage model of Gartner with Windows Azure

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Cloud brokerage windows azure

  1. 1. Partner Category Partners (So Far) Ingest Aspera Digital Rapids, ATEME, Vanguard Software Solutions, Encoding iStreamPlanet, Dolby, etc.Content Protection BuyDRM, EZDRM, Civolution, etc. Origin Wowza CDN Akamai “Build-On” ISV’s deltatre, iStreamPlanet, Movideo, Origin Digital, etc. Broadcasters CTV, France Televisions, Terra, RTVE, KBS Authentec, Irdeto, LG, MStar, OpenTV, Pace, Roku, Sigma Clients / Devices Design, STMicro, Tatung, Vestel
  2. 2. • No Net New Function - enriching the delivery of the services, in scale.• Enriched Services - Enriching services is about making services more usable, accessible or consistent in their delivery of value. ⁻ Cloud-scale provisioning ⁻ A consistent management view ⁻ SSO ⁻ Unified billing ⁻ Unified management ⁻ Ease of access ⁻ Customer support ⁻ SLA management• No Integration or customization
  3. 3. Re-write SaaS Years to go liveHigh Risk Missed opportunityHigh Cost Lost market share Port or build 1 Lower Risk, Affordable, Minimal Disruption 2 New Capability Quickly 3 SDK/Platform Public/Hybrid Cloud 4 Traditional Private Cloud VM license approach © GreenButton Limited 10
  4. 4. Follow in the footsteps of the early adopter ISV customers desktop access to applications, dataISVs and use the ‘out of the box’ solutions to management and scalable cloud resources get your 24x7 service up and running GREENBUTTON™ Customer UI Customer Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud GreenButton Server GREENBUTTON™ ISV Manager & Cloud SDK Rapid enablement of ISV applications to run in Azure and customer management environment
  5. 5. Windows Azure SDK/APIs Server ISV Job 3 SingaporePixar is beating the competition by delivering a cloud Job 1solution and making their software available for the first Irelandtime to 1000s of small studios and 10,000s of professional Job 2users 24x7 globally Americas
  6. 6. • Net New Function - integrated service data and/or processes and Cloud APIs.• One-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many• Consumer gets integrated result
  7. 7. • Strategy, operations,+ and organization • Change Management • Applications, processes • Rules, Infrastructures
  8. 8. Scorecard and Analytics – A scorecard to measure KPIs(key metrics against their target) and visibility into KPIsusing drill down and related reports highlighting the keyfactors affecting KPIs .Collaboration - Ability for the users to interact with othersthrough messages; chat to discuss the metrics and followup.Personas - Providing role-based dashboard for morerelevant information. E.g. Director Dashboard, ManagerDashboard, supplier Dashboard, and Customer Dashboard.Initiative - Ability for the user to take action based on theinformation available on KPIs. It involves people(responsible for top level KPI) to create initiative toimprove KPI performance, associating tasks and assigningit to owners of lower level KPIs, and tracking theimprovement in initiative tasks periodically.
  9. 9. • Net new functionality through customized or refaced services• Enhanced or refaced service, data or process• Analytics and support for service change management• Consumer gets integrated result
  10. 10. Cloud Services Brokerage Cloud Services Consumers Cloud ServiceProvider Cloud ServiceProvider Cloud ServiceProvider Cloud ServiceProvider