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Sprinkle your Devops platform with product thinking.pdf

  1. Sprinkle your DevOps platform with product thinking Javier Turegano Leoren Tesaluna
  2. Javier Leoren BEDROCK COLAB Cloudkit Resource Deployers
  3. What’s a platform? “A digital platform is a foundation of self-service APIs, tools, services, knowledge and support which are arranged as a compelling internal product.” – Evan Bottcher
  4. Platform team mission The Platform team mission is to “provide a compelling internal product to accelerate delivery by stream-aligned teams.”
  5. Who is using/building internal developer platforms? Companies of all sizes are investing in using or building internal developer platforms. As your company scales the benefits of a developer platform will potentially grow.
  6. Evolution in the Thoughtworks Radar Platform Engineering product teams Assess - 2017 Trial -2020 Adopt - 2021 Incremental development platform Trial - 2022
  7. Mapping your platform teams Courtesy of Adrian Cockcroft Web Platform Team Developer Experience Platform Team Container Platform Team Datacentre platform team
  8. Mapping your platform teams Bedrock Platform Team Developer Experience Enabling Team Traffic Team Database Team Web Platform Team
  9. Who are the customers / partners of your internal platform? Eng Team A Eng Team B Eng Team C Eng Team D
  10. Why internal platforms?
  11. Some advantages of an internal platform ● Reduce cognitive load 🧠 ● Reduce duplication 󰮘 ● Standardization across teams 󰚢 ● Developer efficiency ⏩ ● Increase reliability 🪨 ● Enforce security / compliance rules 🔒 ● Sustainable support model 🤝
  12. What are some of the pitfalls when you are creating your internal platform or developer tooling?
  13. Some pitfalls of building platforms ● Build it and they’ll come ⏰ ● Focus on the wrong type of user 😔 ● Mandate / Captive Market 🏛 ● Platform team becomes a blocker 🛑 ● Not catering for the advanced user 🔧 ● Too much abstraction 🪄
  14. Some product techniques for your platform
  15. Product Thinking to the rescue What feature for our platform should we build next? Let’s look at a few factors to prioritize our backlog. Platform PM Platform Engineers
  16. Working closely with your users/customers and stakeholders Platform Engineers Team A Team B Executive Sponsors Platform PM 🧠 ⚙ ⚙ Functional areas
  17. User Experience Interviews Ex. “Can you show us how do you add 1 line of code to your service and release it to production?”
  18. User Experience Interviews Tip1: Lean on experts from within the business. Tip2: Get the platform engineers to participate as interviewers
  19. User surveys
  20. NPS (Net promoter score) NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors
  21. Customer love sprints
  22. Phase 1 Dog food in the platform team Phase 2 Beta - release to a subgroup Phase 3 Everyone but only Dev / Staging Phase 4 Prod - All internal users Dog Fooding / Feature flags
  23. Promote new features within your product Ex. Debug Actions
  24. Team A - representative Forming a User Advisory Group A Newby Platform Engineer Team B - representative A Detractor Principal Engineer / Architect Representing functional area Platform Product Manager Executive sponsor
  25. User Advisory Group (examples)
  26. Built-in analytics “When building internal products don't leave your adoption / usage analytics as an afterthought, build this early as part of your initial feature set. It will pay off down the track.” - @setoide Executive sponsor PM Yes, but… who is using it?
  27. Value stream mapping COMMIT REVIEWED BUILT SCANNED TESTED LIVE “Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing technique to analyze, design, and manage the flow of materials and information required to bring a product to a customer. “ - Wikipedia 3h 5m 10m 10m 75% 1h
  28. Platform tips from an Engineering perspective
  29. Additional Platform tips ● Get customers to collaborate 🤝 ● Work in your customer’s language 💬 ● Celebrate adaptations & collaborations 🎉 ● 80-20% Rule 👌 ● Provide training 📚
  30. Training materials - Try new formats! ● Training video ● Temporary team-embedded engineers ● Bootcamps
  31. Self paced Training materials 💪
  32. Recap
  33. Main takeaways ● A good developer platform can make your development teams more productive and happy ● There are some pitfalls to avoid when thinking about building your platform. Applying product thinking and working closely with your users is critical for your success ● We have explored some of the product thinking techniques that you can apply when building your platform ● We have also shared some engineering tips on how to succeed in your platform adventures
  34. Let’s discuss!
  35. Some ideas for discussion in Open Spaces 🌶🌶🌶
  36. Thank you! Javier Turegano jturegano @setoide Leoren Tesaluna leoren-tesaluna @leorenanne