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How to write a report

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Tips on how to write a report

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How to write a report

  1. 1. How to write a report ?
  2. 2. A report is an informative piece of writing concerning a particular person,place,situation, plan,etc. Upstream Advanced
  3. 3. It is addressed to one’s superior/colleagues, members of a committee and is written in response to a request or instruction. Upstream Advanced
  4. 4. Types of reports: Upstream Advanced Assessment Informative Proposal reports Survey reports
  5. 5. It consists of: an introductory para ( states the purpose and content of the report) a main body (a relevant info is presented in detail under suitable subheadings) a conclusion ( summarises the info given,and may include an opinion and/or suggestion/recommendation Upstream Advanced
  6. 6. The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to… As requested, this is a report concerning/regarding… This report contains/outlines/ Examines /assesses… Useful Language
  7. 7. To conclude/to sum up/In conclusion/on the whole… On the basis of the points mentioned above,it would seem that… I conclude/recommend/would suggest that… To end report
  8. 8. Reference Proficiency Virginia Evans “ Successful Writing”