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The control of the philippines in the south china sea

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The control of the philippines in the south china sea

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The control of the philippines in the south china sea

  1. 1. The control of the Philippines in the South China Sea all by : http://aadam.burberrybargain.com/With "the Western Pacific Pearl" reputation of the Philippines located in Southeast Asia,west by the South China Sea, east Pacific, with 29 million square kilometers and morethan 90 million people, is a typical medium-sized countries.In fact, as early as 1946, the Philippines had already started to spy on the NanshaIslands.Some Filipinos in 1956 to some of Nansha islands began initial activities. In 1978the then President of the Philippines issued a presidential decree that all of these reefs inthe Philippines, the name "karaoke extension of Islands." The reason is simple, there is"no main island."Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos at the time of the Spratly Islands are a "famous" is"is the decisive factor in the occupation, the occupation is to control." Tasted thesweetness of the Philippines in 1970 to 1980, military action has actually occupied theisland of Ma Huan, key South Island, in i., on the West Island, North Island, son, Fei XinIsland, grass Milton, commander of the reef 8 two reefs. Currently, the Philippines hasbeen built in the occupied two small islands and reefs on the air base, the three reefs intothe army base, the Philippine government have also announced a number of maritimelegislation unilaterally, the Nansha sea area included 410,000 square km east ofits territorial waters. The Nansha Islands have a total of only 82 square kilometers.Strong position in the South China Sea PhilippinesSince the unilateral declaration of Philippine ownership of half of the Spratly Islands, youreally start a maritime law enforcement. In recent years saw a number of Chinesefishermen detained by the Philippine Coast Guard events. Such as the Philippine Navy in2001, Huangyan Island forcibly boarded 10 Chinese fishing boats, searched andconfiscated the ships gear and a variety of catches, fishing boats and then driving away.Philippine Vice President and Foreign Minister Guingona then summoned the Chineseambassador in the Philippines, on the waters of the Huangyan Island found that theChinese fishing boat "deeply concerned" and that "Huangyan Island is part of Philippineterritory, the Philippines has sovereignty and jurisdiction over the waters . "All by : http://abbey.burberrydeluxe.com/
  2. 2. all by: http://abi.burberrygear.com/Philippine Navy Commander Xinke when he was Major General said "the past, thePhilippine Navy on fishing in the waters of the Huangyan Island Chinese fishermen amaximum tolerance of the future, the Navy will strictly enforce the Law of the Sea and thePhilippine International Convention to protect the marine environment. "At that time the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu in answer to a reportersquestion, Huangyan Island on the issue that Chinas position. Zhu refuted the Philippineson the Huangyan Islands territorial claims, and said that Huangyan Island is Chinasinherent territory, waters of the Huangyan Island is a traditional fishing ground of Chinesefishermen, which China has sufficient historical and legal basis.May 20, 1997, the Philippine navy patrol boats near the Huangyan Island and arrested 21Chinese fishermen.When the Chinese sent a fishery boat in the South after 2009, deputy commander of thePhilippine Navy Torun Naughtie in the media claimed that "the Navy to support our country(Philippines) and other claims sovereignty over the Nansha Islands countries in peacefulresolution of territorial disputes, but we also Navy and Marine Corps to do battle to the lastperson intends, "" Made in China aircraft carrier is not terrible, we are willing to fight to thelast Nansha a single soldier. "Active expansion of armaments PhilippinesAugust 30, 2011, Philippine President to visit Beijing Achilles if III. He brought back to visitthe Philippines a new $ 1.3 billion investment, $ 3.8 billion, "almost certain" investmentand $ 7.9 billion investment could total $ 13 billion. In addition, China will provide 20million yuan to the Philippines of free technical assistance. Aquino III on September 3,ending his state visit to China, is widely believed that the tensions in the South China Seawill be cool.But on the same day, the Philippines announced the purchase of a second aircraft fromthe United States Hamilton-class patrol vessels deployed in the South China Seanews. September 7, once again announced that the country is located in the South ChinaSea Malan Paya (Malampaya) gas 49.5 billion pesos (about $ 117 million) mining licensefees will be used to upgrade military to strengthen the South China Sea and China Seadispute oil and gas resources "to defend." 4.95 billion pesos, the Air Force will be 2.3billion pesos for the purchase of three helicopters and the construction of a hangar; Navywill get 2.65 billion pesos for military logistics and strategy to improve its delivery system,the Coast Guard facilities and the purchase of three aircraft search and rescue helicoptersand warships. May also build three radar stations in the South China Sea. Estimated withthe outside world, contrary to the situation in the South China Sea temperature rise, notfall.all by : http://ada.burberrygrand.com/
  3. 3. http://adela.burberrylofty.com/June 12, 2011, the Philippine military parade held in celebration of Independence 113years, photo special forces to participate in the parade. Philippine military is actually weak,extremely heavy and large equipment, lack of special forces of the individual equipmentonly slightly better.The embarrassment of the Philippine armed forcesAlthough in 1992 the Philippine government to develop an ambitious naval and air-based$ 5 billion Army military procurement plan, but because of domestic corruption, coup,kidnapping, violence continued. And by the 1998 Asian economic crisis. The Philippineshad to be the main energy into light-insurgency on the ground.As the shortage of funds, the Philippines, the military modernization process suffered aserious setback. In 2001, a parade, the President and Secretary of Defense to review thetroops twice even turn off the jeep broke down, the President had to walk to completereview.A serious lack of large-scale equipment and the overall missileIt seems at this stage the overall lack of large-scale war in the Philippines is not onlyrequired for large-scale military equipment (lack of a large Navy ships, Air Force, the lackof advanced fighter planes, tanks and artillery, the Army lacks), but also a serious lack ofthe necessary modern warfare missile. In addition to the Philippine Army Air Force hassome of the old Sidewinder air to air missiles, there were no missiles, even if it is notportable missiles. Whole strength of the Philippine army is now only be regarded as asecurity team. Deal with the guerrillas will still be low, if the regular armed confrontation oninsufficient.Philippine troops belonged to focus on defense Nansha Sea regionPhilippine troops currently deployed on the capital and focus on strengthening thedefense of the western Nansha area. More than half of the ships and Marines deployed inthe western sea.China naval and air bases are six, three of which Air Force Base, NavalBase 3.July 2009 when the Philippine military in the assembly photos. Philippine Armys lack ofreal heavy equipment, such as tanks and dozens of vehicles equipped with only lighttanks, even a modern sense of the main battle tanks are not.The Philippine Army is mainly used for counter-insurgency
  4. 4. http://adria.burberryorient.com/The Philippines is a tropical country of thousand islands. In Mindanao have sought anindependent state, over a million armed rebel Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Abu Sayyafin the southern region there are armed, this is a group formed by hundreds of soldiers tothe extreme kidnapping of illegal armed groups based .There are 1 million in this country of illegal guns, the Philippines must maintain a sufficientnumber of the army.Philippine Armys compilation of eight infantry divisions, a light armored brigades, threeengineering brigade, l a cavalry reconnaissance regiment, l a special operations group,five projects barracks, an artillery regiment, l Presidential Security Unit, 3 quickreaction. Although the preparation of the surface looks not bad, but the strength isrelatively weak. In the absence of a main battle tank (equipped with light tanksare). Philippine Army is not armored assault capability. Only some of the old armoredvehicles used to perform low-intensity anti-guerrilla mission.Army a serious lack of artillery firePhilippines artillery also weak, only the Philippines had on the 1940s U.S. production ofM-101 Howitzer. But time is used for too long, the Philippines, the Army had no money geta new howitzer. So on balance in 1996, the Philippines, with the French GIAT Industriessigned a contract for the Philippine Armys transformation of 12 M-101 Howitzer. Thetransformation, GIAT company to 105 mm LG1 Mk Ⅱ light howitzer barrel assembly tothe World War II production of M-101 chassis. That the Philippine Army to buy only 12new barrel installed in the old gun rack.Philippine Air Forces F-5A fighter demonstrate its ability to carry weapons. Philippine AirForce has had a number of F-5, but have been retired in 2005, so the sequence of itsequipment has no fighter.The original fighter retired in 2005, allPhilippine Air Force on paper eight wings, but did not actually even a fighter. The originalPhilippine Air Force F-5A Freedom Fighters, some fighters have all retired in 2005. In fact,F-5A F-5 in the series at the lowest grade of the aircraft is on a simple version of the 1960aircraft.Philippine Air Force is now the main model is 21 OV-10 "Mustang North American" styletwo-seater twin turbo prop aircraft. Is a first flight in 1964, the old model. The aircraft field,well, four machine guns, small bombs can be mounted, is a tool to quell riots.http://aida.burberrypeak.com/
  5. 5. http://aldrich.burberrypromo.com/62 can also be a helicopter with the oldPhilippines can be the main show for 62 Bell UH-1U / M helicopter. In fact, these Vietnamera UH-1 helicopter, many are also second-hand. Former U.S. President George W. Bushin office promising a gift to the Philippines 20 helicopters, of which 10 were for delivery in2007. The rest is delivered in 2010. These helicopters can still deal with the rebels andguerrillas, but can be implemented pre-emptive strike, with with anti-aircraft guns,machine gun air defense capability of this basic formal Navy and Army, is simply not athreat.Philippine Air Forces transport capacityThe Philippines is a country with many islands, the army in great need of transport totransport, transfer, disaster relief. 2001 Philippine Defense Secretary Reyes admittedfrustration, the Philippines has only 110,000 troops a good flight performance of C-130transport aircraft. Until seven years later, in 2008 the Philippines spent $ 4.5 million thatshe repaired a C-130 transport aircraft, all now have two Philippine Air Force can use theC-130 transport.The Philippine Navy sank a Chinese fishing boats 372-ship, the ship was originally the oldWorld War II, the U.S. military ship. Philippine Navy is currently only one large battleship.Once magnificent blueprint for the developmentPhilippine Navy since 1991, had an ambitious ten-year development plan, will phase out17 old ships, and to ensure that over 60 warships and auxiliary vessels, 120 boats, threeF-27 patrol aircraft, 10 " Islander "type search and rescue aircraft and a BO-105helicopter. In the year 2000, the Government will allocate $ 1.5 billion to achieve themodernization of naval equipment, including the United States, Australia, Spain, Japanand other countries to buy 36 ships, 10 patrol aircraft.Now the real strength of thehttp://alethia.burberrysaga.com/Philippine Navy, 20,000 of which the existing current strength of 8,500 Marines, with 114ships.But as long as a standard displacement of 1390 tons of frigates, or the United Statesin World War II produced Cannon class frigates. By 1980 the United States presented tothe Philippine Navy ship. Philippine Navy ships are basically on the other are small
  6. 6. coastal patrol boats. Prior to this, and apparently the grand blueprint for the developmentof the Philippine Navy is not consistent, so the new century, the Philippines also activelyexpanding naval power.The development of the Philippine NavyAs the dispute continues to heat up the South China Sea, the Philippines to the UnitedStates Coast Guard has ordered the two out of the Hamilton-class patrol ship.The first one in May 2011 has been transferred to the Philippine Navy. The ship cost$ 10.35 million transfer, the ship will be deployed in the waters of Palawan, the Philippines,for the protection of Palawan and Sulu Sea in the offshore oil drilling platforms and oil andgas development projects.The ship was acclaimed Philippine media "in the history of the strongest warships," in factthis is a Hamilton patrol ship very old ships, its probably in the total tonnage of 3360 tonsor so, inside the patrol boats are medium-sized too large. But in fact it is only a smallcaliber gun maritime law enforcement vessels.Philippine Navy have good news recently, Korea was going to present a Pohang classfrigates to the Philippine Navy. While Poscos sister ship Cheonan unexplained bombinglast year cut into 2, but that does not stop the enthusiasm of the Philippine Navy, it will becreated for the Philippine Navys historic event. Because this class frigates equipped with4 anti-ship missiles, it will make the Philippine military has missiles that modern weapons.China should accelerate the integration of various law enforcement forces, the power tochange the current fragmented decentralized status quo. The picture shows the Chinesefishery patrol fleet.Nansha from the Philippines, close, far away from HainanAlthough the strength of the Philippine Navy, incompetent, but the Philippines from theNansha sea area from the recent controversies, such as the existence of the disputedareas of China from the Philippines ritual Beach only 85 nautical miles.The introduction of the new Philippine Army Hamilton-class patrol ship of 3000 tonsdisplacement, can carry helicopters, nearly fireproof gun systems, and advancedcommunications systems. Low cost can be a long cruise in the disputed waters. HainanIsland, China Beach ritual foot distance from the nearly 600 nautical miles.http://alf.burberrystorm.com/
  7. 7. The distance for most of Chinas maritime rights of vessels (such as fisheries), but it isdifficult to complete the task is beyond the limit to reach the sea area, it is difficult againstthe Hamilton-class patrol boats. If China dispatched warships and supply ships large andvery easy to make the situation and the rapid escalation of conflict, which in turn with thenational strategy in the South China Sea does not match - "From a strategic and overallperspective and stick to friendly consultation to properly handle and solve problems at sea,will the South China Sea of peace, friendship and cooperation of the sea. "China needs to establish a "Coast Guard"In todays complex situation in the South China Sea, due to the outbreak of large-scaleconflict or war is extremely unlikely, the South China Sea countries are in the form oftough maritime law enforcement to carry out maintenance of maritime rights andinterests. In this respect, China is not only most of the small displacement of the vesselmaritime rights, but there are still long condominium (Coast Guard, maritime surveillance,fisheries, marine police), the power scattered status quo, which has seriously weakenedthe rights of China in the ocean capacity, which is not only reflected in the South ChinaSea, in waters of the East China Sea dispute with Japan is the same.China is not only large like Japan Coast Guard ship, also need to have a uniform similar tothe Coast Guard paramilitary organization (the Coast Guard, maritime surveillance,fisheries, marine police in the four departments responsible for maritime lawenforcement unified force) to carry out practical maintenance of maritime rights andinterests.http://aline.burberrytop.com/Philippine military is now 1 year 14 billion U.S. dollars, later to grow to 20 billiondollars. But these 11 million people by the military for a career soldiers of the army, for anannual anti-government guerrillas in the mountains fighting with the army just drop in thebucket. In the foreseeable future, the modernization of the Philippine military combatcapability, it would not be changed.Compete for the Philippines and the United States views the Spratly Islands, U.S.Ambassador Harry Thomas said in the Philippines, we will responsive, but that does notmean that the U.S. will defend the Philippine armed conflict with China. The consumptionof two wars, coupled with sluggish domestic economy so that Americans really do notwant the back of another heavy burden.Strength of the Philippine armed forces are weak and do not rush for the South China Seaand China go to war, but the complexity of the situation in the South China Sea to thePhilippines will continue to adhere to the occupation that is in the possession of theNansha policy. Should the delay in China to establish their own "Coast Guard" to be moreactive ocean activism, it may be the future of the situation facing the South China Sea willbecome more passive.