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China to upgrade the cold provocation of the philippines

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China to upgrade the cold provocation of the philippines

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China to upgrade the cold provocation of the philippines

  1. 1. China to upgrade the cold provocation of the PhilippinesAll by : http://annis.louisvuittonorient.com/With the means to counter the Philippines trouble, how to make rapid cooling of the South ChinaSeaEarly September, with billions of dollars in economic and trade contracts to go home happy, butshortly after the South China Sea issues often provoke China, and the scale is growing. Over thepast two months, the Philippines, China policy of the "face", so come unexpected, but buried hint.Recently, the Philippines and give birth in the South China Sea incident, arbitrarily detained 25 isthe Philippines known as the "intruder" Chinese fishing boats, and then put forward the "thirdparty intervention," requirement. October 26 to 28, Philippine President Corazon Aquino III hasinvited the Vietnamese President Jin-invasive access to the Philippines, took the opportunity todiscuss the South China Sea issue.China has just signed with Vietnam in the South China Sea agreement, the Philippines, playingtricks to win over Vietnam, and China appears to be bent to play a "edge of the game." However,experts warned that this "game" not fun, the Philippines also "play well." I will not speak oncethe Philippine Navy misfires, the Philippines may be almost no chance of winning, the cards maybe out of the hands of China is also to be more than the Philippines. Once Chinas decision topunish the Philippines in the economy, not only has negotiated bilateral economic cooperationmay be wasted, President Aquino IIIs political career will be directly affected.Create trouble pulling "third party" interventionOctober 18, a sailing boat is dragging 25 Chinese fishing boats near the beach in the South ChinaSea ritual Philippine military gunboat was hit. Philippines subsequently explained gunboats nearthe Chinese fishing boats in the attempt to check the time, steering malfunction, runawaycollision, is of a little accident. " Subsequently, the injured tow boats quickly cut away, theremaining 25 Philippine military unmanned boat was seized. Although the Chinese governmenthas repeatedly demanded that the Philippine side the unconditional return of fishing boats, butthe Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman Raul Hernandez, 25, allegedly for not immediatelyreturn a Chinese fishing boat, the disposal of these ships need to "proceedings" in order todetermine .http://aoife.louisvuittonpeak.com/
  2. 2. http://arionna.louisvuittonpromo.com/According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reports, the Philippine Department ofDefense spokesman Paredes had 19 that, in order to avoid creating tension in the South ChinaSea, the Chinese embassy in Manila has apologized. But then, the Philippines Foreign MinisterRosario issued a statement, denied this, saying that "China does not need to apologize," "do nothave to apologize." Rosario said, we hope to invite "third party" to mediate this event.Philippines contradictory to say really surprising. In fact, with the arrest occurred in China thanthe Philippines, a countrys turmoil. South Korea, Japan, have had, no doubt the most intenseconflict in September last year Japans seizure of the Chinese master event. But then intensebilateral solution is to require "third party" mediation, the Philippines, described as "pioneering."Committee of Experts on Marine Information Director, Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo that accidentalcollision course, then the operation is intended and for. Philippines to take advantage of this toachieve a political effect of the collision, which is to establish a "third party" interferenceprecedent. Opportunity to establish his state intervention model, something later on can do thesame.South China Institute of Contemporary International Relations of the Philippines in SoutheastAsia expert Chen Qinghong told "World News" reporter, next month, the East Asia Summit will beheld in Indonesia, then the U.S. will be the first participants. Aquino III in late September visit toJapan, the two sides on the issue of the East Asian Seas held in the so-called "multilateral talks"to reach a consensus and decided to write a proposal for the East Asia Summit to discuss, itsessence is to take the South China Sea multilateral. "The Philippines in the South China Sea, theignition time and the purpose is to maintain an appropriate tension to make the South China Sea,the East Asia Summit to be the focus of the proposal to create public opinion."Completely turned to the United States Philippine ForeignWay back in August last year, when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the ASEAN RegionalForum Foreign Ministers Meeting on the South China Sea to China again launched an attack,when he was Philippine Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo who is the only stand out, said publiclythat the United States do not need to solve the South China Sea territorial disputes and any"third party" involved. But a year later, the Philippines has become the protagonist Jiaore SouthChina Sea.http://arline.louisvuittonvivid.com/
  3. 3. http://arvel.nikedeluxe.com/The end of September, Aquino IIIs visit to Japan. After the meeting, the two leaders issued a jointstatement, not only confirmed the two countries in the South China Sea has a "common strategicinterests" and said it would close bilateral cooperation, including military cooperation.The end of August, to China Aquino III, the first state visit since taking office, with the Chineseside a few hundred billion dollars in trade agreements and commitment to a peaceful dialogue toresolve the South China Sea issue, the end of an instant Aquino IIIs visit to China, the Philippinesfrom the United States immediately announced buy "Hamilton class" patrol boats deployed theSouth China Sea, in order to enhance the Philippine Navy patrol capability. In late July, held in Bali,the ASEAN Regional Forum and the Foreign Ministers Meeting, ASEAN countries act early on theSouth China Sea agreed new guidelines, only the Philippines Foreign Minister from the membersto a series of audibles China.China Institute of Contemporary International Relations of the South China Sea, Southeast Asia,South Asia expert Chu Hao told "World News" reporter, last June, to pursue a friendly policytowards China after leaving office President Arroyo, the Philippines, by the balance of powergradually shifted to pro-US strategic strategy. August last year, "Hong Kong hostage incident", inthe two countries will always be some misunderstanding and discord.In March, Chinas lawful execution by injection of three drug trafficking Filipinos. Rosario, thePhilippine foreign ministers was revealed to the media, to "rescue" three drug traffickers, thePhilippine government has resorted to every means, to send two envoys. Previously, thePhilippines has not executed committed a similar offense, said Chinese citizens hope for China tothe Philippines drug tolerance. Chu Hao analysis, think about the matter so that Aquino III noface, so double retaliation elsewhere in China, but "China according to law, there is no way tocompromise."How move the economy to counter ChinaObscure in todays global financial crisis, Chinas economic and trade cooperation with manycountries, are equivalent to each other into the economic shot in the arm. Aquino III, in fact, wellversed in this, especially the Philippines largest trading partner, who the United States, stillfocused response to the debt crisis. Aquino III, after he took office, vigorously promotepublic-private partnership scheme (PPP) development of national economy and the urgent needof foreign capital into China is the focus for the investor.In April, the Philippines, led by Finance Minister Cesar Preece horse more than access tohigh-ranking officials to visit Beijing and Shanghai, and vigorously promote the PPP program. InAugust, Aquino IIIs visit to China, the Philippines signed a five-year economic and tradecooperation development plan for 2016 the bilateral trade volume exceeded 600 billion U.S.dollars.http://ashleigh.nikegrand.com/
  4. 4. http://aubree.nikeorient.com/"You could say, Aquino III, the performance and support for Chinas economic and trade areclosely linked." Chu Hao said. He further said that for the Philippines in the South China Sea issueof provocation, to counter Chinas most practical means is the economy. "Just last month the twosides signed a series of trade agreements, but the signing is one thing, the Executive does notperform is one thing, the intensity of implementation is another matter. In addition, some ofChinas low-interest loans for the Philippines and interest-free loans can be suspended ordeferred delivery? "It is understood that the Philippines is China providing preferential exportbuyers credit than any other country, in the Philippines has committed to provide nearly $ 2billion of such credit, a considerable portion used to improve Philippine infrastructure.Asia-Pacific Academy of Social Sciences, Deputy Director Ye Hailin politics of "World News" that isnow a kind of Filipino domestic point of view, that while the Philippines and China can be great todo business, while in the South China Sea to China tough on the issue. If the Philippine side soplaying two hands, then, China has every reason to separate the economic and political, nolonger adhere to the original "appeasement policy." "Economic and trade cooperation with thePhilippines should be purely from an economic point of view to consider the interests, if this salewe can do to make money, but do not expect to use trade and investment and cooperation inexchange for the Philippines in the South China Sea to soften stance on the issue. Each otherabout pragmatism We also talk about pragmatism. "Philippines Modan provoke a warAlthough China literally holds the license to counter the Philippines, but the Chinese still chooseto use diplomatic means to solve the problem, and always maintain a big country demeanor.Chen Qinghong said, "this time, the Philippines, the purpose is to liven up the South China Seaissue, and we just put down the problem, try to make the problem through diplomatic means tobe handled properly and if such a small issue further fermentation, may be the middle of thePhilippines wants. "He also pointed out that" the Philippines is estimated to avoid the situationwas too optimistic, go farther and farther, as it may lead to miscarriage of justice occurs in theSouth China Sea issue. you know, China is not afraid of war. "Yin Zhuo also told reporters: "The Philippines did not dare provoke a war, once war is bound toprovoke provoke beat the Philippines naval strength and defense strength is the weakest of theASEAN countries, and the current economic situation is very bad in the Philippines in order todevelop, China and ASEAN countries must do a good job and unity. "http://audrea.nikepeak.com/