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Email Marketing 101: Strategy

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Email marketing campaign
Email marketing campaign
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Email Marketing 101: Strategy

  1. Email Marketing 101: Strategy
  2. start out by asking yourself…
  3. W h a t i s t h e P U R P O S E O f T H I S e m a i l ?
  4. Or rather, what do you want your recipient to do?
  5. The Purpose of your MARKETING email could be to have your customers… Sign up for an event Follow you on Twitter Make a purchase Check out your new feature Respond with feedback Make an appointment
  6. transactional Email Vs. Marketing Email Reminder
  7. Transactional Email Email automatically generated by an action a user has taken within your app Shipping notifications, Password resets, receipts, Etc.
  8. Marketing Email Email that is promotional in nature Newsletters, special offers, etc.
  9. We have an “email motto” we share with all of our clients
  10. To be a successful sender You need to be sending…
  11. The right Message, to the right Person at the right Time, with the right Frequency.
  12. R i g h t M e s s a g e
  13. make sure you’re Sending the right kind of content Slideshare on Email Marketing content
  14. Personalize your messages with substitution tags
  15. Hey (first name), We’d love to show you how (business) can benefit from our new feature… Substitution Tags
  16. R i g h t P e r s o n
  17. Think about the recipient of your email…
  18. We’re talking about the person behind the email address
  19. Demographics Purchase Behavior Interests What do you know about them?
  20. Different recipients Deserve different content Segmentation Tips
  21. R i g h t T I M E
  22. To make sure you’re sending at the right time, keep an eye on your engagement metrics Engagement Metrics Glossary
  23. OPENS: The recipient opened your email from their inbox Clicks: The recipient clicked on a link in your email Reminder
  24. Lots of opens and clicks often means you’re sending at a time that’s right for your recipients!.
  25. R i g h t F r e q u e n c y
  26. Set the right expectations At the point of sign Up so you and your recipients are on the same page! Expectation Setting Tips
  27. How often you should send mail can depend on your industry
  28. Recipients will expect different frequencies of mail based on your type of business
  29. Some industries require more frequent emails ( LIKE daily deals sites) while others should be more spaced out (LIKE CAR COMPANIES)
  30. to figure out the right frequency, The best thing to do is ask!
  31. Your preference Center is your best defense Against spam Complaints and unsubscribes Preference Center Info
  32. F i n a l T h o u g h t s
  33. Give before you take Share valuable information first to Prove Your value to your recipients
  34. Q u a l i t y > Q u a n t i t y Never send an email “Just Because”
  35. Never stop testing Subject lines, Calls to Action, Images, etc. A/b Testing Guide
  36. Watch Your Metrics They are the window into your Recipient’s inbox
  37. R e m e m b e r O u r M O t t o
  38. The right Message   at the right Time   to the right Person   with the right Frequency   Send…  
  39. For more email Best Practices Visit our blog
  40. For more email Best Practices Visit our blog Happy Sending!Click here to Check out SendGrid