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II SSPI Day - NovelSat

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  1. 1. Breaking Barriers Freeing C-Band Fábio Fregonesi Satellite Division Manager | UCAN
  2. 2. • There is an increasing pressure to free C-Band for 5G use. • C- Band (3.4Ghz-4.2Ghz = 800 Mhz) in use mostly for Video Contribution & Distribution • C-Band becoming of a high economic value. • C- Band services broadcast use eldering technologies: – MPEG4/MPEG2 encoding – DVB-S2/DVB-S for satellite transmission C-Band conflict - I 2
  3. 3. • Current solution is to free C-Band by moving broadcast to Ku band, is very expensive as it requires: – New Ku satellite. – New antennas installation. – New power amplifier. • Novelsat, field proven technology allows freeing over 65% of C-Band (500Mhz) at the fraction of the cost, without affecting the service, just by replacing current IRDs with Novelsat ones. C-Band conflict - II 3
  4. 4. • Novelsat NS4™ provides over 50% higher data rate than DVB-S2 (up to 32% over DVB-S2x), as demonstrated in thousands of sites worldwide. • Due to 2% ROF, NS4™ efficiency can be further increased by additional 8%, accomplished by scarifying guard band: – Power considerations are not an issue, as most BW will be freed for 5G • HEVC provides 50% saving compared to MPEG4. • The accumulated saving compared to current install base, is: Saving = NS4(33% to 42%) * HEVC(50%) = 65% to 70% Novelsat proposed solution I 4
  5. 5. • Novelsat NS4™ SDR demodulator PCIE board, plugs into a server. • HEVC decoder runs as a SW package on the server, providing an IRD, combining both NS4™ and HEVC in one server unit • Server based solution is most cost effective as it allows for: – Multiple SW decoders per server – Multiple RF inputs per site • This solution allows having one unit per site, regardless of it size, thus further contributing to savings. • Novelsat Field proven NMS, can serve to control the NS IRDs network Novelsat proposed solution II 5
  6. 6. Technology slides
  7. 7. 7 64Kbps to 2x425Mbps Enhanced IP Processing Features (QoS, NovelSat IP Encapsulation, TCP Acc & Optimization) DUETTM CeC- Carrier Echo Cancelation Dual Channel - (Combined IP + ASI OR ASI1 + ASI2 ) NS3000 Modulator Demodulator Modem NS2000 NSR9100 NSR9800 • Up to 0.1- 80Msps Symbol rate • ACM, TSoIP NS1000 N+1 Redundancy Switch PCIe OEM Cards NS10C - PCIe OEM Modulator Card NS20C - PCIe OEM Demodulator Card •Easy Integration to any PC based Satellite Broadcast platform •Now Integrated into ATEME TITAN Software-Based Live Video Compression for Distribution applications NS-HUB4000 - NovelSat Multi Rx IP Demodulator Platform Up to 32 Rx - Demodulators on a single 1U platform !!!
  8. 8. 8 NMS - Network Management System  Carrier-Grade Open NMS Platform  Redundancy  Deployment Modes  Centralized: All-in-one  VM Environment  Linux CentOS  Dashboard  Maps  Campaign Management  Dynamic BW Allocation  Fault Management  Configuration Management  Performance Management  Northbound Interface (NBI)
  9. 9. 9 ProtCASTER Content Protection for Satellite Broadcast  AES-256 Bit Encryption  Content Security and Protection (DRM)  Content Protection Option per TV channel (PID)  Scheduler & Booking interface - DSNG optimized  Secured OTA channel for exchanging AES keys  NMS-DRM end-to-end orchestration  Compatible with all NovelSat products
  10. 10. Thank You fabiof@ucan.com.br 55 11 9 8106-3146 55 11 3059-0111