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II SSPI Day - Integrasys

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  1. 1. www.integrasys-sa-com
  2. 2. Integrasys Products VSAT Deployment: Satmotion Pocket Network Maintenance Alusat: «Always-up Satellite» Carrier Monitoring and SLA compliance Controlsat
  3. 3. Integrasys Products VSAT Deployment: Satmotion Pocket
  4. 4. How can we install a VSAT? VSAT: • It is a very difficult task • Very remote • Satellite phones are required • Installers sometimes are not well trained • There are language barriers between Installers and NOC.
  5. 5. Installation Step 1 Maps • The installer visualizes the satellite footprint and the site location • The installer is guided where to point in a simple way
  6. 6. Installation Step 1 Point the VSAT Antenna SNR • The installer Locks in Rx with the SNR bar • The installer maximizes the pointing in RX with the SNR
  7. 7. Installation Step 2 & 3 Null the Cross Pol and ASI • The installer by Rotating the Orthomode reduce the CrossPol in seconds • The installer by can minimize the Adjacent Satellite Interference in seconds if it is measured in Satmotion
  8. 8. Installation Step 4 & 5 Saturation of the BUC & Report • The system automatically set the thresholds and provides a result to the installer and updates the IDU with the required configuration.
  9. 9. Integrasys Products Maintenance Alusat: «Always-up Satellite»
  10. 10. The «virtual» Satmotion: • Virtually Visit every site in the network from the Hub • Recover terminals out of service (Line-Up and power adjust, NMS values update) • P1dB on every remote when needed (NMS value updated) • Satmotion Logfiles integration (NMS related values updated) Alusat http://www.integrasys-sa.com/datasheets/alusat.pdf
  11. 11. SATMOTION & ALUSAT Spectrum Analyzer Satmotion Server RF Inputs IP HUB Features: • Line up and CW Power adjust • CrossPol and ASI Adjust. • P1dB test • Networks calibration • Logfiles integration (NMS update) Benefits: • Uses Satmotion Server HW (server, specan) • Uses Satmotion SW (Multicast, VLANs, etc) • Optimal network maintenance from the hub System Installation:
  12. 12. Integrasys Products Carrier Monitoring and SLA compliance Controlsat
  13. 13. Manual Mode: • Allows to monitor the spectrum as in spectrum analyzer and more efficient and easy. • Perform automatic measurements • See the spectrum over the time • Analize possible temporary interferences • Detect temporary service degradation • Record and playback Controlsat
  14. 14. Auto Mode: • Allows to monitor fully automated the spectrum selected on the Manual Mode • Large number of carriers can be monitored. • To levels of alarms (warnings and alarms) • Visually and via Email report • Record and Playback • Individual Manual Mode • Parameters configuration Controlsat
  15. 15. BackPlayer: • All recordings can be accessed on the BackPlayer • Manual Mode available after recording • Email generation • Effective customer report Controlsat
  16. 16. Email Report: • All recordings can be accessed by the explorer with java plugin • Manual Mode available after recording • Customer can measure the spectrum its own in that event • Most Effective customer report Controlsat
  17. 17. Conclusion: • ControlSat Carrier Monitoring System allows to quickly identify service degradation automatically, report, record and solve service failures and interferences. Controlsat
  18. 18. Customers  Satellite & Telecom customers such as:
  19. 19. Technology Awards  Innovative awards on 2014, 2015, and 2017; Shortlisted in awards in 2018. http://www.worldteleport.org/news/news.asp?id=389241