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O3b Networks - Solução de Uso Ocasional

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O3b Networks - Solução de Uso Ocasional

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O3b Networks - Solução de Uso Ocasional

  1. 1. O3b Occasional Use Solution Paulo Berlinsky Sales Director SSPI – 31/06/2016
  2. 2. Status Update • First deals closed in Brazil to be announced in future Press release; • Several Trials running in Parallel (Energy, Trunk and Backhaul); • Key costumers successful Homologation; • Flexibility with New commercial models, adjusting O3b to the Market needs; O3b Corporate Presentation 2
  3. 3. O3b Occasional Use Solution 3 ( • Ability to provide in less than 2 Hours Installation, Hundreds of Mbps with Low Latency • StrategicalApplication for Data Hot Spots (Wi-Fi / 3G/ 4G) in Big Events • Primary, Backup, Interim or Disater Recovery Links implementation
  4. 4. O3b – 0.85 m Antenna Transportable Solution 4 =150$ms!$ • Up to 450 Mbps aggregated Throughput • 250 to 350 Mbps Foward Channel • 50 to 100 Mbps Return Channel • Latency (Round Trip Delay) < =150 ms • Assembled by trained 2 person crew in less than 2 hours
  5. 5. O3b 0.85m FlyAway System Weights and Dimensions • Positioner Case – Positioner • Cone Drive • Motor – Speed Wrench – Roto-mold Case • Reflector Case – Reflector – Feed Boom – Ka Feed – Ka BUC – Roto-mold Case Weight: 154lbs [69.9kg] Dimensions: 53.1in x 43.1in x 19.2in [1348.7mm] x [1094.7mm] x [487.7mm] Weight: 160lbs [72.6kg] Dimensions:42.9in x 27.3in x 20.7in [1089.7mm] x [693.4mm] x [525.8mm]
  6. 6. Olympic Games – Rio 2016 • O3b Transportable System forecast to be available in Rio by end of June 2016 • Beam already allocated to the Region • Possibility to offer services to Claro in the Olympic Games in exchange of Joint Marketing Cooperation O3b Corporate Presentation 6
  7. 7. O3b OU at Internet Governance Forum (IGF) – João Pessoa • To support the delegates, O3b partnered with Google to provide a delegate Cyber Café with free Wi Fi access connected using O3b terminals located just outside the tent. A comfortable space for private meeting and to catch up with life and work outside the conference, the Cyber tent was also the site of several executive sessions, including HD video conferences that brought Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt and O3b Networks’ CEO Steve Collar to the conference over the O3b ‘fiber in the sky’ service. O3b Corporate Presentation 7