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II SSPI Day - Hughes

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  1. 1. JUPITER System II SSPI Day 2018 Sidnei Pereira Pre-Sales Manager
  2. 2. HUGHES PROPRIETARY2 H00000 11/29/2018 JUPITER System Overview
  3. 3. HUGHES PROPRIETARY3 H00000 11/29/2018 JUPITER System Is Versatile C-Band Ku-Band Ka-Band JUPITER System HTS Conventional Satellite Small Networks Large networks Consumer Schools LTE Backhaul Enterprise Dedicated network HNO/VNO network VoIP
  4. 4. HUGHES PROPRIETARY4 H00000 11/29/2018 Network Topology
  5. 5. HUGHES PROPRIETARY5 H00000 11/29/2018 • Backbone of HughesNet Broadband operations in North & South America serving over 1.2 million subscribers • Versatile VSAT Gateway System ・Standard & Customized scalability features ・Addresses Mobility, Enterprise, Consumer, Carrier and Government applications on a powerful, single multi-service platform • JUPITER NMS simplifies complex system integration with existing Telecom/IT ecosystem, thus simplifying Network Maintenance & Operations JUPITER System Highlights
  6. 6. HUGHES PROPRIETARY6 H00000 11/29/2018 JUPITER System Gateway Variants HG220 • Pre-Configured, Compact System for rapid deployment • Limited customization • Designed for simple networks, yet supports Enterprise QoS • Features HNO & VNO Capabilities HG240 • Powerful Gateway System for complex Networks • Fully customizable System • Designed for large-scale, complex Networks • Supports virtually Unlimited Capacity
  7. 7. HUGHES PROPRIETARY7 H00000 11/29/2018 JUPITER System Gateways HG220 Compact Gateway System (CGS) HG240 HTS Gateway System
  8. 8. HUGHES PROPRIETARY8 H00000 11/29/2018 System Architecture
  9. 9. HUGHES PROPRIETARY9 H00000 11/29/2018 • DVB-S2X • 5% Roll-Off • Adaptive Coding Modulation • Maximum outroute bandwidth efficiency • Forward Channel Air Interface – Forward Channel
  10. 10. HUGHES PROPRIETARY10 H00000 11/29/2018 • MF-TDMA ・Adaptive Inroute Selection ・Up to 16APSK modulation • TDM Return Channels ・DVB-S2X Return channels with 5% Roll-Off ・Better efficiency compared to “nailed-up” carriers Air Interface – Return Channels
  11. 11. HUGHES PROPRIETARY11 H00000 11/29/2018 Dedicated Return Bandwidth at VSAT Designed for cellular backhaul and trunking applications TDM Return Channel • Dynamic TDM • Symbol rates from 5 to 50 Msps per carrier • Q/8/16/32/64PSK • 5% carrier roll-off factor with ACM
  12. 12. HUGHES PROPRIETARY12 H00000 11/29/2018 • 1:1 hot-swappable hardware • Designed for Remote Lights-out operation • System also allows for Geographic redundancy & disaster recovery ・ Fast recovery time for remotes after Gateway swap • Centralized and dedicated architectures available Network Management System JUPITER NMS Real time Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics On-site Verification Tool Reporting & Analytics Alarm & Threshold Management Virtualization and High- Availability Shared Storage Dedicated Firewall and Networking
  13. 13. HUGHES PROPRIETARY13 H00000 11/29/2018 Remote Terminals
  14. 14. HUGHES PROPRIETARY14 H00000 11/29/2018 • Up to 300 Mbps throughput and 65,000 PPS • Built on the latest SoC-2 technologies • Supports OTA Firmware updates JUPITER Remote Terminals
  15. 15. HUGHES PROPRIETARY15 H00000 11/29/2018 • Ideal for Consumer Broadband Applications • Variant available with In-Built Wi-Fi: HT2000W • Utilizes Hughes Radio with single IF interface • Available in Ku & Ka Band HT2000
  16. 16. HUGHES PROPRIETARY16 H00000 11/29/2018 LTE Integrated With HTS JUPITER HT2000L Integrated LTE Modem
  17. 17. HUGHES PROPRIETARY17 H00000 11/29/2018 • Ideal for SME Broadband applications • Desktop form-factor • Industry standard L-band interface • Compatible with most RF Electronics & Antenna • Higher memory than HT2000 variants to support more number of active simultaneous sessions HT2300
  18. 18. HUGHES PROPRIETARY18 H00000 11/29/2018 • Large Enterprise router • Standard Rack Mountable Unit • Cellular Backhaul, features include GPS, +24V & -48V DC Power Supplies & TDM Return channels • Maritime Variant • Supports Trunking & Cellular Backhaul Applications HT2500
  19. 19. HUGHES PROPRIETARY19 H00000 11/29/2018 • Outdoor Trunking & Cellular Backhaul terminal • IP-67 ruggedized enclosure • High environmental durability • Available in different variants with PTP Chip and TDM Return Channels • Available in +24V DC & -48V DC Only HT2600
  20. 20. HUGHES PROPRIETARY20 H00000 11/29/2018 Some Features
  21. 21. HUGHES PROPRIETARY21 H00000 11/29/2018 IP Networking Application Layer • Powerful TCP PEP spoofing • DHCP IPv4 server and relay • DHCP IPv6 • DNS caching • SIP Call Proxy • Access Control List (ACL) at VSAT • Advanced Web Acceleration Network Layer Protocols & Services • Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 • RIPv2, RIPNG, BGP & VRRP support • Multicast support • VLAN • Layer 2 Support • IPSec
  22. 22. HUGHES PROPRIETARY22 H00000 11/29/2018 • Outbound And Inbound Service Profiles Can Be Configured Independently • One Return Channel Group can Support any or all of the Various Service Profiles Versatile Bandwidth Management BW Assignment Jitter Characteristics Constant Bit Rate (CBR) Voice, VTC Low Guaranteed Bit Rate Adaptive CBR Cell Backhaul Low Guaranteed Minimum Bit Rate Enforced Maximum Bit Rate Predefined Steps between min and max Committed Information Rate (CIR) Video Streaming Medium Guaranteed Minimum Bit Rate = CIR Enforced Maximum Bit Rate Backlog allocation between CIR and max Backlog Allocation Web Browsing, FTP No Guarantee No Data Rate Guarantee = Best Efforts BW Allocation based on transmit backlog
  23. 23. HUGHES PROPRIETARY23 H00000 11/29/2018 Dedicated VNO • MHz (spectrum)-based model • Dedicated spectrum per VNO Shared VNO • Mbps-based model • Satellite usage optimization Multi Beam VNO support VNO Features
  24. 24. HUGHES PROPRIETARY24 H00000 11/29/2018 • VLAN Tags are carried TRANSPARENTLY over the satellite from the remote LAN to the Enterprise LAN • VLAN ID of packet at the VSAT can be different at the Gateway using manual mapping End-End VLAN Tagging
  25. 25. HUGHES PROPRIETARY25 H00000 11/29/2018 • 600 ms round trip latency, 10 msec jitterIndustry-leading latency and jitter • 300 Mbps UDP, 200 Mbps TCP throughputsHigh-throughput remote terminals • External 2G/3G optimization and native 4G GTP acceleration reduces satellite bandwidthAcceleration • QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK on up to 12 Msps TDMA inroute; up to 50 Mbps TDM inrouteInroute efficiency • Built-in GPS receiver with IEEE1588 (PTP), NTPBase station/NodeB synchronization • AES-256-encoded OR and IRSecurity • Installation tools tied to NMS, lightweight remote terminalsEase of installation • Provides ease of managing every network entityFull network management system JUPITER Gateway Forward channel: DVB-S2X Return channels: MF-TDMA, TDM Mobile Core Network Cloud Small Cell/ NodeB or eNodeB Small Cell/ NodeB or eNodeB Network Cloud Best Satellite Bandwidth Utilization Cellular Backhaul
  26. 26. HUGHES PROPRIETARY26 H00000 11/29/2018 Thank You!