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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Deb Nicholson Presentation

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"Sculpting the future of technology is a big responsability" - Deb Nicholson

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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Deb Nicholson Presentation

  1. 1. Deb Nicholson Open Source Lisbon Sept. 27, 2018 Free Software Forever Good for Business & Good for Society
  2. 2. @baconandcoconut @conservancy www.conservancy.org
  3. 3. Free software is better for business
  4. 4. Further and faster
  5. 5. Antique marmalade cutter
  6. 6. People > Tech
  7. 7. More niches
  8. 8. Fosters innovation
  9. 9. Free software is different
  10. 10. Business plan and license strategy must be compatible
  11. 11. Collaboration, with everyone
  12. 12. Community, is important
  13. 13. Free software is better for society
  14. 14. Transparency inspires our best behavior
  15. 15. Efficiency
  16. 16. Interoperability
  17. 17. Sahana Project
  18. 18. Users matter
  19. 19. Tragedy is a powerful motivator
  20. 20. Avoiding harm must be part of our job
  21. 21. We are basically wizards
  22. 22. Picture Credits CC.BY: Blue Angel by Chad, Mymalade by Frankie Roberto, Marmalade by Charlie Dave, Jam by Ruth Hartnup, Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub by Adam Rifkin, Barn Raising by Rebecca Siegel, Come Hell or High Water 1 by Michael Pinsky, 11.Franklins.Hyattsville.MD.12apr06 by Elvert Barnes, L1000888-Edit-2 by Guido van Nispen, Discoveries Monument by Ashley Wilson CC.BY.SA: HI-RES Vintage blue Wood Texture IMG_1340 by decar66, Flickr_- _cyclonebill_-_Bolle_med_appelsinmarmelade, Blurred Backgrounds FREE Downloads by Monika, 1600px-Follows And Bate Marmalade Cutter by Rbirkby on Wikipedia, peppers_01 by Jambeeno, Handshake Man and Woman by Flazingo.com Fair use: Gandalf the White is owned by New Line Cinema, Voldemort is owned by Warner Bros, Nominative use: Volvo Logo, Public Domain: US Army BPL Collections CocoanutGrove 12139926-12139926 Munson Font is available under the SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1
  23. 23. Obrigada!