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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Luís da Costa Presentation

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“Freedom is not a choice but an obligation” - Luís da Costa

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Open Source Lisbon 2018 - Luís da Costa Presentation

  1. 1. HellO world … Again ...
  2. 2. “One of the first computers totally oriented to Free Software” “The Librebox […] it’s all about incorporating only completely free and open source components.” “[The] announcement today can be commended as another advancement for [Ubuntu MATE] and another push for Linux hardware.“
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE (quick overview)
  4. 4. branding
  5. 5. The NEW Librebox
  6. 6. what’s inside? Processor Intel® i7 3.1Ghz Memory DDR4 32GB Connectivity WiFi & BT (no blobs) Storage SSD 6TB But also... ● 4x USB Ports ● 1000Mbp/s Ethernet ● HDMI & VGA + Lots of internal connectors to expand the LT100 as much as necessary
  7. 7. Powered by With the help of the people at (Licensed provider for coreboot consulting services)
  8. 8. It play tetris (no… really)
  9. 9. Security for everyone TPM (Trusted platform module) 2FA (TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION)
  10. 10. connectivity program
  11. 11. Available now!
  12. 12. Thank you (See you at the tech speed dating)