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Use Trust-Building Emails to Increase Sales

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The foundation of your email campaign should be emails that build trust in you and your brand. Here’s how to position yourself as a trusted expert so you’re able to increase the effectiveness of your sales emails.

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Use Trust-Building Emails to Increase Sales

  1. 1. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Use Trust-Building Emails to Increase Sales
  2. 2. InfoBusinessUniversity.com I discovered this blueprint through hard work - and trial and error. I read a lot of mainstream marketing, persuasion, and sales material. In developing my system, I studied training and programs where they specifically apply to individual parts of a commercial funnel.
  3. 3. InfoBusinessUniversity.com But I have taken this another step further: • I have implemented each one of these pieces to determine not just how that particular piece works, but where it should go: • Before or after another piece? • There’s an order where these things need to happen.
  4. 4. InfoBusinessUniversity.com This process is kind of like the house building illustration I used in the introduction. You cannot put the roof on first, you must build the foundation. You can’t paint until you have the drywall up and before you put the drywall up, you have to put the walls up, and you cannot put the walls up until you have the foundation in place. You cannot put the foundation in until the hole is dug.
  5. 5. InfoBusinessUniversity.com It's just like if you meet somebody. For example, let's say that you’re a runner and you have just moved to a new town and you want to meet some runners to run with at six o'clock in the morning. • So what do you do?
  6. 6. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Through this process you have narrowed it down to three people. • Then you go and meet these three people at different times and do a trial run together to determine if they’re the perfect fit for your type of running. • After you’ve had trial runs you find that two of those people don't work, but you did find one perfect fit for someone that you can run with. • Then you begin your running schedule 3 days a week at 6 o’clock in the morning in the part of your city where you feel comfortable running.
  7. 7. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Notice that this process has a very specific order. You cannot have evaluate or conduct this narrowing down process in any other order. • Even if you change a small part, it would still be extremely similar to the process that I have just described. • There would still be this filtering process. • For example, you cannot meet the people before you ran the notice. You cannot physically run with someone before you had that first phone call.
  8. 8. InfoBusinessUniversity.com In the Internet marketing niche the most widely used example of this is dating: • You would not ask someone to marry you on the first date. • There are a number of things that happen in order for this to naturally take place. There’s a process that occurs.
  9. 9. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Why You Must Build Relationship as You Build Your List
  10. 10. InfoBusinessUniversity.com The process of building a relationship online with your list is almost the exact same in terms of the psychology. • You have to get to know people and they have to trust you. • They have to believe that you're credible, then they have to get to the place where working with you and buying from you “feels right.”
  11. 11. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Let me repeat this: people have to get to the place where things feel right.
  12. 12. InfoBusinessUniversity.com I'm about to make a statement and I'm not sure if anyone has ever said this before:
  13. 13. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Online, the market spend so much time trying to figure out the perfect words - they say: "If you use these words, people will buy. So, if you use these words on your sales page or your email or on any campaign that you’re running, they’ll buy.
  14. 14. InfoBusinessUniversity.com As a result we find these overstuffed sales letters that are full of all of these hyper, hypnotic, NLP persuasive psychobabble that’s supposed to make people buy. I don't know about you, but when I get to a sales letter like that, I skim over all the psychobabble and a look at the modules to find out exactly what I'm going to learn and then I find out how much the product is!
  15. 15. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Think about it: we see so much in marketing about the optimal words to use. People spend so much time on their sales letters, getting their sales letters to convert better and better and better on people who don’t trust them yet. Think about that, people spend so much time optimizing their sales letters for people who don’t trust them.
  16. 16. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Prospects don’t trust them yet, because so many times, people do their marketing to somebody else's list or they’re advertising a sales letter to a cold market.
  17. 17. InfoBusinessUniversity.com If you think about it, whenever you’re trying to sell to that cold market, then yes, the more you optimize those words, the more likely you're going to get a conversion. But keep in mind that you're getting a higher conversion rate to people who don't trust you yet.
  18. 18. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Imagine if you were to take that same sales page, and tone it down a little bit, or even use an un-optimized sales page and just tell people about whatever it's that you have, using the traditional "formula": • Here is the problem • Here is what I have • Here is why I am qualified to teach this • Here is how you purchase
  19. 19. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Or you could have a fully optimized page.
  20. 20. Want Your Emails to Make More Sales? Get my proven system for writing powerful emails that people want to read - and that make more sales here: http://www.infobusiness university.com/email InfoBusinessUniveristy.com/email
  21. 21. InfoBusinessUniversity.com But don't try to push it on people that don't fully trust you yet. Instead, when someone comes onto your list, spend 5-10 days establishing trust and credibility before you hard pitch them something. Now, what is going to happen to your conversion rates? They'll go up. This is true whether we have a fully optimized webpage where you use a traditional formula (just like the one I listed above). Our conversions are going to go up. Why? Because they trust us.
  22. 22. InfoBusinessUniversity.com People buy based on trust and relationship, not based on fancy words on a sales page. (Read that again and again)
  23. 23. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Having said that, obviously there are some standards that you need to have, and there's some basic language that you need to have on your sales page in order to help it to convert for you. You'll never be able to get away from this foundational truth, however.
  24. 24. InfoBusinessUniversity.com When someone sees your sales page and they trust you, you're always in a better position.
  25. 25. InfoBusinessUniversity.com Traditional marketing tries to optimize those pages to people who don't trust yet, which is simply not as effective as this blueprint.
  26. 26. InfoBusinessUniversity.com What I have discovered, and what I use now in my marketing, is this process (which I spent years learning). I developed a 21 day pattern that says: • We want to bring the prospect to a point where they trust us first, and once they trust us we don't have to work so hard in order for them to buy from us. • We're going to build trust via email.
  27. 27. InfoBusinessUniversity.com The reason we're going to do it via email is because it's very easy to systematize.
  28. 28. InfoBusinessUniversity.com When they trust you more than anyone else in your niche, who are they more than likely to buy from? It's the person who they trust the most. • Think about it, when you buy, who do you buy from when you have choices? • You'll more than likely buy from someone that you like and trust; you believe that will be able to help you.
  29. 29. InfoBusinessUniversity.com You must get the people on your email campaign to trust you more than anyone else.
  30. 30. InfoBusinessUniversity.com What are some phases that we are going to have to move people through? I'm going to give these phases, but I'm not going to say that these phases have to occur in this exact order. However, this order works very well and it's a natural order, so it's a proven place to start.
  31. 31. Would you like my personal system for writing a powerful, 90-day email campaign that builds relationship while it makes sales? Use my proven blueprint to write a campaign that churns out "autopilot sales" - and keeps your subscribers asking for more. Click here to get it now. www.infobusinessuniversity.com/ email