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Learners Don't Color Within the Lines

Presentation given at mLearnCon 2014, this session challenged the notion that mobile learning is a separate strategy and looked at mobile as a single piece in a greater puzzle.

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Learners Don't Color Within the Lines

  1. learners don’t color within the lines @seanbengry #trainingMag Copyright © 2015 Accenture. All rights reserved.
  2. About Today’s Learner, What’s So Special?
  3. Learning is Messy
  4. What’s the Capital of Georgia? Who is the Mayor? What is the population? What is the forecast?
  5. “If we were sent back with a time machine, even 20 years, and reported to people what we have right now and describe what we were going to get in this device in our pocket …You would simply be declared insane,”
  6. What, Where, Who, When? How? Need more? Want to be an expert?
  7. Distracted Generation?
  8. We are living in a Learner Centric World
  9. Why a Mobile Learning Strategy May Not Work
  10. "The trend has been mobile was winning. It's now won."
  11. We need to be clear on what we mean by “mLearning”.
  12. Mobile first may work for website design, but it doesn’t work for instructional design
  13. A Learning Strategy
  14. Mobile learning should be part of your overall strategy. “You complete me”
  15. “railways”
  16. “automobile”
  17. “micro-processor”
  18. “software”
  19. Performance Support Talent Management Knowledge Management Structured Learning Access to Experts Social Networking And Collaboration
  20. Talent Management
  21. Structured Learning
  22. Knowledge Management
  23. Social Networking And Collaboration
  24. Mobile learning is becoming no longer “mobile” learning, it’s just “learning”
  25. People Do Not Learn Like This
  26. it’s more like this
  27. learners don’t color within the lines @seanbengry seanbengry@gmail.com