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شرح الترم الاول للقصة بالاشكال التوضيحية مستر هانى

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شرح الترم الاول للقصة بالاشكال التوضيحية مستر هانى

  1. 1. Mr . Hany Ahmed Chapter 1 Lemuel Gulliver early life.  He was born in a large farm in the middle of England.  After finishing school, he studied in Cambridge for 3 years.  became an apprentice to a surgeon in London. Mr Bates  but he always wanted to travel. So in his free time he learned how to sail so that one day he could leave England and explore the world. Mr Bates helped him to get work as a surgeon on a ship called the 1 Swallow for 3 and a half years it travelled round the eastern seas. Captain Abraham Pannel  His wife Mary Burton. - In 1699 he got a new job on a ship called the Antelope. - They left England in May they were at sea for 2 months. - His life changed : when the Antelope was hit by a violent storm. - The ship was soon blown far away from the chosen route. - They did not know where they were. - The ship was suddenly blown onto a rock. so they lost some of the crew. Before the ship sank , he climbed into a lifeboat with 5 other sailors A huge wave hit them and they were all thrown into the sea. HE swam for some time in the rough sea. He did not know what had happened to the other sailors. Perhaps they were all dead. The wind and the waves decided the direction he went in. He reached land. cold  - When he walked up the beach he was wet exhausted. - There were no houses or people that he could see. - He found some soft grass, lay down and fell into a long sleep. WHEN he woke up, He tried to stand up, but He found that this was impossible. Because his arms, legs and his hair were all fastened to the ground. Thin ropes were tied around his body and neck. A human climbed on his body : He was 15 c tall. He was carrying a bow and arrow. WHEN HE tried to stand up : - The little men shouted in a strange language - hundreds of arrows hit his left hand. - The arrows were tiny, but there were so many of them that it hurt. He did not like this, - so He decided not to move and lay quietly on the ground.
  2. 2. Mr . Hany Ahmed  They stopped because : they could see that he was not trying to escape.  He saw a man standing on a wooden platform.  The man was wearing : important-looking clothes,  and a servant stood on each side of him.  He talked to Guilliver, but he could not understand anything he said. Guilliver tried to talk to him in English. but he couldn't understand him either. So he pointed to his mouth to : show that he was ( hungry and thirsty. ) THEY BROUGHT many baskets of food and little containers of water. They put ladders against his shoulder and carried the baskets and containers up to his mouth. They couldn't believe how much he drank and ate, But they seemed pleased: because they realised that they could trust Guilliver. and , he felt he could trust them, too. with food in his stomach. Another important man arrived. - the other men bowed to him. Guilliver underdtood that he was their king because : and 2 - from his clothes. - He spoke to him from the wooden platform. - They communicated with each other using: ( signs with hands.) - Guilliver asked him to ( set him free ), he refused , but he said that he didn't need to worry. - He pointed and said something about moving Gulliver somewhere.  They were clever doctors because : - They poured some medicine on the cuts where the arrows had hit his hand. - The cuts immediately felt much better. - Hundreds of tiny people stood around Guilliver. - They picked him up slowly and put him on a strange machine that had many wheels. - This machine had been designed to carry heavy trees and was pulled by a team of horses, each horse about 11 cm tall.  - They wanted to take him to the capital city " Lilliput ". - The city was perhaps 1 km. away. - but it took all that night for the machine to carry me there. - he slept for most of the journey( because they had put some medicine in his food that made him sleepy )  When did Guilliver wake up ? - When one of the soldiers decided to put a pole up his nose to see what would happen. - He quickly ran away when Gulliver woke up and sneezed.  The machine carried him to an area close to the city gates.  The horses stopped outside a building : - it was the largest in the land. - it had a small garden which had 2 gates, a little more than a metre high. - No one lived in it now, so the King decided that he should stay there. - The King asked to fasten his legs to the gates using metal chains so as not to escape. -Opposite the home there was a tower which was about 2 m high. The King and his men went to the top of this tower to watch him, although he couldn't see them.
  3. 3. Mr . Hany Ahmed 3  The land around the city. - there were lots of little fields and woods, It was a pretty scene. - the fields : the size of small gardens and - the trees : a little more than ( 2 ) metres tall. How did they feed Guilliver : - they get little vehicles which carried food and drink, - the men left the vehicles at the point he could walk to before the chains stopped him. - he emptied ( 20 ) of these vehicles for his breakfast. - he didn't know the food, but it tasted nice. THE KING  HE was about ( 28 ) years old,  He was ( tall ) compared to the other people,  with strong arms and a handsome face.  His clothes were the same as a king would wear in a European country,  He held up a sword to protect himself. It was 7 cm long.  - He spoke to Gulliver again in a very high voice. - He tried to answer in all the languages he knew: ( French - Spanish - Chinese - Arabic ) but he understood nothing.  Some men decided to shoot arrows at Gulliver , and one arrow nearly hit his eye. - The guards arrested the ( 6 ) people who did this. - They tied their hands together and pushed them towards him, perhaps thinking that he could punish them.  THE ( 6 ) little people looked very worried.  - He picked them up and put ( 5 ) of them in his pocket. - He held the other one in his hand. he looked at him with interest and picked up a knife. - They thought he was going to eat him. - He took the knife and moved it towards the man. He looked very frightened. But his fright turned to surprise when he used the knife to cut the strings that had tied his hands together. - He put him down on the ground. Quotations Guilliver : 1- " Who are you? Can you tell me where I am? " to the little man who climbed onto his body. 2- " What do you want ? " to the little men of Lilliput. 3- " My name is Lemuel Gulliver and I comefrom England. " - The man in important-looking clothes. 4- " My ship was lost in a storm and I swam to this beach. " - Gulliver, to the man in important-looking clothes.
  4. 4. Mr . Hany Ahmed Chapter 2  The result of his kindness : - the guards told the King about his kindness to the people who had tried to hurt him, and - this helped his situation. - The King decided to make him a bed. 4  How did they make the bed : - workmen fit together 600 of their beds to make one which I could sleep on , The result : His nights became more comfortable.  The kings worries about Gulliver :  people came from all over the land to see him. The result : The King became worried because some of the villages were so empty that : there were not enough people to work in the fields. So he made a new law saying that no one could see Gulliver without a licence , which people had to pay for.  What would happen if Gulliver escaped.  Gulliver needed so much food and drink and they were not sure if they could afford to keep him.  He had many meetings with his advisers to ask them As a result, it was decided that all the people living near the city should supply : - ( 60 ) cows, - ( 40 ) sheep, every morning to help feed him. - bread and fruit. - ( 600 ) would be paid to look after him and they could live in tents close to the home. - ( 300 ) would be employed to make his clothes. - ( 6 ) of the King's best advisers became his teachers, helping him to learn their language. He learned it within ( 3 )weeks because He has always been good with languages.  The first thing gulliver do when he learned the language : - He asked the king to set him free. - The king said this will take time and he need to be patient. The King wanted to be sure that Gulliver wasn't dangerous to his people : 1- He asked 2 soldiers to search his clothes for any weapons that could be a danger to them. 2- The king promised that they will return the things to Gulliver when he leaves the country. or they will pay for the things they don't return.  How did they search Gulliver :  He picked them up and put them first in his coat pockets and then in his other pockets. - The soldiers noted down everything they saw:  a handkerchief,  a letter to his wife,   a comb,  a watch,   a wallet,   two guns and his sword. -These were ordinary things that any traveller could carry, - but to these little men they seemed amazing.
  5. 5. Mr . Hany Ahmed - a pair of glasses.  Gulliver kept things in a secret pocket : - some other things.  the king asked him to show the sword to him. - as soon as he picked up his sword, the King's men were - shocked by its size 5 - and cried out in surprise. - He showed the ( 2 ) guns and fired into the air. his soldiers fall onto the ground in fear,  The noise made the brave King looked very nervous. - The King asked his soldiers to take these things back to his palace where his experts could examine them.  The result of the search : - The King's people now understood that he was not a dangerous person. and those who came to see him were no longer afraid of him. - Gulliver wanted to be set free to do everything he could to please the King. so the King invited him to some important events.  First, He was invited to watch some of the country's best athletes.( high jump )  Two men held the ends of a long pole and the athletes took turns to jump over the pole.  After each successful jump, the pole was raised higher and higher.  The person who jumped the highest was given a blue coloured ribbon by the King, the person who was second got a red ribbon, the person who was third got a green ribbon. - The winners were very proud of these ribbons and they wore them pinned to their ordinary clothes as they walked around the city. When Gulliver stood up, the King said His legs were taller than the highest gate in the city.  The king Made a military parade :  So on another day, he ordered ( 3000 ) of his soldiers to ride their horses in a line between his legs while he stood without moving, to show him how big his army was.  Then the King wanted his soldiers to show Gulliver what expert riders they were, too. - He asked Gulliver to hold out his arm a few centimetres from the ground, and the soldiers jump over it. The people watching loved this and everyone clapped.  An Adviser opposed freeing Gulliver : - the King had one adviser called : Skyresh Bolgolam who neither liked nor trusted Gulliver and did all he could to stop me from being free.
  6. 6. Mr . Hany Ahmed  Skyresh Bolgolam only agreed if Gulliver made a number of promises.  not to enter the city unless he is asked.  not to step on any of the people of Lilliput and pick them up.  walk along roads and not lie down in any fields.  not to leave the country without a licence.  to fight for the King if there is a war with Blefuscu. 6  Gullivers's answer : - He agreed to all of this happily and the chains around his legs were finally unlocked.  When he next saw the King he asked him if he Can visit the great capital city, Mildendo : - the King agreed but he warned Gulliver to be careful not to damage any of the buildings or hurt any of the people." How they warned people about the visit :  the King asked his men to put up a notice warning the people and told them to stay indoors.  The visit : - He stepped over the western gate into the city and walked slowly down the main city street.  The city : 1- houses, had ( 4 ) or ( 5 ) floors. 2- It was a busy crowded city with many shops & little markets 3- In the centre of the city stood one of its largest buildings,  the King's palace. 2 metres high. - The King wanted him to see inside - He saw the beautiful furniture. - The King's servants at work. - The Queen was also there and she waved at him with a smile.  The visit of Reldresal to Gulliver : Reldresal an important official who worked for the King.  He said : - "We are all pleased that you are now free, but you must understand that this is only because of the difficult situation in Lilliput " . " there are two problems in our country at this time.  The 1st problem is inside the country :  - There has been a great argument between the 2 main political groups :  The Tramecksan , believe that people should wear high heels on their shoes because this is the country's tradition.  The Slamecksan , believe that People should wear low heels because this is more modern. - The King wants to wear low heels and has told all his men to do the same. - although his son the Prince likes to wear high heels."
  7. 7. Mr . Hany Ahmed 7 The result : - The ( 2 ) political groups refuse to talk to each other. - There are more people in the Tramecksan group. - but the King's group, the Slamecksan, is more powerful.  "The other problem's outside the country " - The King is worried that Lilliput will be attacked by their enemies from ( Blefuscu ) . - This island was nearly as large and as powerful as Lilliput. Reldresal : explained how the war began. - The traditional way to break an egg in Lilliput is to break it at the larger end. - the King's grandfather, cut his finger when opening an egg in this way. So he introduced a law that everyone should break their eggs at the smaller end. - This law is not popular and there were many rebellions because of it. - The rebellions were never successful, and the people who took part in them always ran away to Blefuscu, where they were welcomed as friends. Because of this , a war began between the two countries.  Gullicer's opinion of this war : this sounded ridiculous.  Their loses in the war : - Lilliput lost ( 40 ) ships and around ( 30 000 ) soldiers. - Although Blefuscu has lost a similar number of people, it seems that they are planning to attack Lilliput any day soon." Gulliver's promise : " he is ready to help to defend their country from any coming attack." Reldresal was happy. " I'm very pleased to hear this. I'll inform the King at once. " Quotations  Gulliver to the little man who shot arrows at him. 1- "Off you go," "Your King wants to keep me tied up, but I don't mind if you're free."  Gulliver to the little men who shot arrows at him : 2- "You can all go, too,"  Gulliver to the king : 3- "Your Highness, you know that I won't hurt your people, so please, can you set me free?" 4- "I'm happy to be searched," 5- "Please put it down on the ground." 6- "I'll show you, but please, don't be worried," "They'll make a very loud noise."
  8. 8. Mr . Hany Ahmed 7- "Here are my guns, but please be very careful with them." 8- "Your Highness, I want to thank you for removing my chains," 9- "I promise I will do my best to please you," 10-"but perhaps you can also do something for me. Can I visit your great capital city,Mildendo?" 8  The king to Gulliver : 1- "I can see that you're not a violent man, but this will take time and you need to be patient. First of all, you must allow two of my soldiers to search your clothes for any weapons that could be a danger to us." 2- "Whatever we find in your pockets, we'll keep, but I promise we'll return your things to you when you leave our country, or we'll pay for whatever we do not return." 3- "Your sword looks extremely dangerous " 4- "What are these strange things?" 5- "What's this strange machine for," "and why does it make that continuous noise?" 6- "You're welcome," "I'm sure you'll be a useful servant to me and prove that I've been right to feed you and give you clothes." 7- "Yes, I can allow this," "but you must be very careful not to damage any of the buildings or hurt any of the people."  Skyresh Bolgolam to Gulliver : 1- "You must promise not to enter the city unless you are asked, and if you do enter, we must warn the people that you are coming for their safety.  Reldresal to Gulliver : 1- "I have something important to tell you," 2- "Perhaps it would be easier if I stand in your hand instead?" 3- "We are all pleased that you are now free, but you must understand that this is only because of the difficult situation in Lilliput," 4- " there are two problems in our country at this time. The first problem is inside the country " 5- "There has been a great argument between the two main political groups. 6- Well, now the two political groups refuse to talk to each other," "There are more people in the Tramecksan group, but the King's group, the Slamecksan, is more powerful." 7- "The other problem's outside the country," 8- "The King is worried that Lilliput will be attacked by our enemies from Blefuscu. 9- "The traditional way to break an egg before you eat it in Lilliput is to break it at the larger end. 10- "This law is not at all popular," "and there were many rebellions because of it. 11- "For this reason, the King asked me to tell you about our problem, because he wants you to help us," 12- "I'm very pleased to hear this. I'll inform the King at once."  Gulliver to Reldresal : 1- "Very well," "Would you like me to lie down so you can speak to me easily?" 2- "That's not good news," 3- "I understand," "Well, I'm certainly ready to help to defend your country from any coming attack."
  9. 9. Mr . Hany Ahmed Chapter 3  Blefuscu an island about ( 800 ) m to the northeast of Lilliput.  Why Gulliver decided not to go to this side of the island :  After Reldresal had told Gulliver about a possible attack , - he decided not to go to that side of the island in case he was seen by the enemies of Lilliput. -There was no communication between the 2 countries, so they didn't know anything about him.  Gulliver's plan to end the war : He could easily take all of Blefuscu's fleet of ships.  Carrying out the plan : - Gulliver asked a sailor about the depth of water between the 2 islands & it was about 2 m deep. - That afternoon, He walked to the northeast of Lilliput - and lay down on some fields next to the coast so that he could not be seen from Blefuscu. - He used his pocket telescope to look at the island. - He could see about ( 50 ) ships, and some smaller boats, in a small harbour.  What he asked for to carry the ships : 1- He asked for some strong chains & ( 50 ) metal poles. 2- He shaped the poles into large hooks and fastened them onto the chains. 3- He took off his shoes and socks and walked into the cold sea. 4- He could walk for most of the way but He had to swim a little where it was deepest. 9 - He arrived in about half an hour.  What was the feeling of the peple of Blefusco :  When the people of Blefuscu saw him, they were terrified.  Sailors jumped from the ships and swam as fast as they could to the shore.  Gulliver arrived in Blefuscu :  He fastened the metal hooks onto each ship and tied the chains together.  When he began to pull the chains, the ships didn't move and he realised that they were tied to the harbour wall.  So he took a knife and cut all the ropes.  He was able to pull all 50 boats away from the harbour.  What the soldiers were doing :  While he was doing this, Blefuscu's soldiers started to shoot arrows at him from the shore.  The arrows hit his arms and hands, but his main worry was for his eyes, so he put on the glasses which were hidden in his pocket. The soldiers suddenly stopped shooting and watched in great surprise when they realised what was happening. they could do nothing.  Gulliver returned to Lilliput :  When Gulliver reached Lilliput he said , " Long live the king of Lilliput ! "  The King saw him and laughed.  Gulliver's reward :  Gulliver was welcomed back like a hero.  The King gave him the most important medal in the land.
  10. 10. Mr . Hany Ahmed 10  The king's ambitions to Gulliver :  The King, with Gulliver's help, could easily take control of all of BIcfuscu. and  put all of his enemies in prison, including the people from Lilliput who still wanted to open their eggs at the larger end.  Gulliver's opposition : Gulliver said " Your Majesty, I do not want the free people of Blefuscu to become prisoners. I cannot help you with your ambitions "  The king's response :  The king did not look pleased.  Gulliver was surprised how quickly the King's opinion of him changed.  Gulliver was beginning to get many enemies.  Despite his brave visit to Blefuscu, his situation in Lilliput had become more dangerous.  A visit from Blefuscu :  A group of ( 6 ) officials from Blefuscu came to meet the King.  They asked what they could do to end the war peacefully  They asked to meet the enormous man who had taken their ships.  What they did when they saw Gulliver :  They thanked him for not hurting any of their people  They told him how strong and brave he had been.  They asked him to meet their King & invited him to their country.  Gulliver accepted the invitation :  He told them that he would be happy to do this.  He did not realise that his promise would create many problems for him.  The problems : - An adviser to the King visited Gulliver without warning with some important news. - He told him what the King's advisers were suggesting, and it did not sound very promising.  Flimnap , the treasurer, told the King that Gulliver was costing too much money. and it would be better if they removed him from the land.  A top person in the navy was angry with him because, now that Blefuscu did not have a fleet of ships, his job was no longer important. .  Skyresh Bolgolam , said that Gulliver hadn't kept many of the promises he had agreed to when they set him free.  The biggest problem many of the King's advisers told him : Gulliver was planning to work with the King of Blefuscu against Lilliput.  Because of this , they wanted to punish Gulliver : - He should be shot with poisonous arrows - or set fire to his house while he is inside.  What saved Gulliver : - The King didn't want to kill Gulliver so it was agreed that he would be made blind.
  11. 11. Mr . Hany Ahmed  What is the benefit of making Gulliver blind : - He would still be strong enough to help the King if necessary but he would not be a danger. 11  Who opposed this suggestion : - The treasurer, Flimnap , said that if he was blind, he would still need to be given ( food & clothes ) and this would cost too much.  The last suggestion : - It was finally agreed that he shouldn't be given any food, as this would save the King's money.  Gulliver's opinion of this suggestion :  If he isn't given any food, he will soon die of hunger.  Gulliver's thoughts to be ready : - He could easily fight the King and his men : If he threw a few stones at the city, he could easily destroy it.  What made him rethink : - He remembered the ordinary people who lived there. - and the fact that the King had been kind to him when he arrived. So he made a different plan.  He sat down and wrote a letter to the King.  He walked to the other side of the island before it got light.  He took one of the largest ships , took off his clothes and put them inside the ship.  He swam across to Blefuscu, pulling the ship behind him.  When he arrived at Blefuscu, he put on the dry clothes.  The guards called the king : - The king with his family and advisers welcomed him. - Gulliver was surprised that none of them seemed frightened of him.  Gulliver to the king : " Your Majesty, I am very pleased to meet you and will happily help you in any way I can " - His night was uncomfortable because of the hard ground because there was no building as large as the one that was his home in Lilliput. - He explored the small island, which was not very different from Lilliput.  While he was walking along the northeast coast of the island , he saw something in the sea. - He suddenly felt excited : it was a real boat, big enough for him to go in !  A storm had turned the boat over and it was floating off the coast.  What he did to pull the boat :  He hurried back to the city and asked the King to borrow some of his ships. The king offered ( 20 ) ships, and his best sailors agreed to sail around the coast.  The King's ships sailed close to the boat ,  He swam into the water and carried ropes from the ships to the front of the boat.  He tied the ropes to the boat and called for the ships to pull the boat towards the coast. he helped by pushing the boat in the water as he swam. - The wind helped them, and soon the boat was pushed to the beach. - With the help of 1000 men and many ropes, they turned the boat over and he examined it . - He could see there was little damage. - He repaired the boat and made new oars from the biggest trees.
  12. 12. Mr . Hany Ahmed  The next day the King of Blefuscu was uncertain about what to do with Gulliver. Because :  He received a letter from the King of Lilliput : - He said that gulliver escaped punishment and should be sent back to Lilliput. - If he wasn't tied up and returned to Lilliput at once, the war would begin again. What was the response of the king : The King of Blefuscu spoke for some time with his advisers. He wrote a letter to the King of Lilliput saying it was impossible to send Gulliver back. Why : because  He had helped to stop the fighting between the 2 countries.  He had hurt no one.  He also explained that Gulliver had found a boat, he would soon be gone and wouldn't be a problem for either country. The ambitions of Blefuscu's king to Gulliver :  After he had sent this letter,he promised to protect Gulliver if he would continue to help him. Gulliver's answer : - He no longer felt sure it was a good idea to help either of the kings. - and he asked to be allowed to leave. 12 The king's answer : - The King agreed to this and he even asked his men to help Gulliver to prepare his boat. - ( 500 ) of them were employed to make new sails using hundreds of sheets, - and after about ( a month ) , the boat was ready. The king sees Gulliver off : - One morning, the King came down to the beach with his family to say goodbye to him. - He gave Gulliver  a painting of himself, (he put inside his glove to stop it from getting wet.)  some tiny cows and sheep to supply him with food and drink at sea. Gulliver leaves : He left Blefuscu on ( 24 September 1701 ) at 6 in the morning.  The wind took him north and he passed a small island.   The first night : was clear and he slept well before another day's sailing in the same direction.  The next day he saw no land at all, the day after that he saw another boat not far from him : - He tried to catch up with the boat and after many hours, it finally saw his sails. - As he got closer, he was happy to see  the boat had an English flag.  it was not a tiny ship but the correct size.  he was safe.  The boat : - The boat belonged to a trader called John Biddel , who was " travelling from Japan to London. - He had around ( 50 ) sailors, and they were very kind to Gulliver when he got onto their boat. - John Biddel asked Gulliver where he had been, so he told him about his adventures. - He thought he was completely mad, so he showed him - the tiny cows and sheep - and the painting.
  13. 13. Mr . Hany Ahmed - He was amazed. Gulliver offered him the sheep to give to his children. - He was very pleased by this, and he fed the sheep on his best sea biscuits.  In April 1702 They finally arrived back in England and Gulliver was very happy to see :  his wife and family again.  How tall his children had become ! - He sold his small animals for a lot of money and soon he was able to help his family to move to a larger house in an expensive part of the town. - His family were comfortable and happy, but he found life in the city difficult and work was hard to find. So after just 2 and a half months back in England, he was offered a new job on a ship called ( the Adventure ) . - He accepted the job and prepared for another journey. Quotations 1- " Long live the king of Lilliput! " Gulliver to the king of Lilliput 2- " Your Majesty, I do not want the free people of Blefuscu to become prisoners. I cannot help you with your ambitions " 13 Gulliver to the king of Lilliput 3- " But if I am not given any food, 1 will soon die of hunger " Gulliver to an adviser 4- Yes, you are right," he answered, "and I am very sorry. But I have done what I can to tell you of what is planned for you. You can now be prepared for what is to come" An adviser to Gulliver 5- "Your Majesty, I am very pleased to meet you and will happily help you in any way I can " Gulliver to the king of Blefuscu 6- "This boat is exactly what I need to return to the country where I was born, Gulliver to the king of Blefuscu 7- If you can help me find some materials, 1 will soon be able to leave." Gulliver to the king of Blefuscu
  14. 14. Mr . Hany Ahmed Chapter 4  The journey on the " Adventure " : The start : On 20 June 1702 The Captain : John Nicholas The destination : From England to India. The weather : at first; the winds were kind The first stop :They easily reached the south of Africa, where they stopped for ( fresh water ) The problem :  There they discovered that ( the ship had a hole ) in its side which had to be repaired  The captain fell ill . so they stayed in the south of Africa for most of the winter until the captain had recovered and the ship was ready for the seas once more. The next start :  In March, they set off again, headed east, passing the island of ( Madagascar ).  They continued to the north of the island The Weather : the wind was ( stronger ) , so it was a difficult journey. For ( 20 ) days they sailed against the winds, moving slowly until finally the wind and the sea became calm. - Gulliver was glad but the captain asked him not to be too glad. because his experience told him that there would be a storm. - 2 days later they were hit by a great wind from the south. - They took down some of the sails and did all they could to control the ship, - but the storm drove the ship east, even their most experienced sailors didn't know where they were. Luckily,  the ship was strong after its repairs.  they had good supplies of food. The problem they did not have much fresh water. Their decision : They decided to continue in the direction the wind had taken them. 14 They reached land : - On 16 June 1703 , a sailor could see land some distance away. - A day later, they could all see a great island or continent in the distance . - They saw a bay, but the captain did not think it was deep enough to take our ship, so they put down the anchor near the coast. - The captain ordered 12 men to go ashore in a small boat with containers to try to get some fresh water to be ready to continue on their journey. - Gulliver asked for permission to go with the men because he liked to visit different countries.
  15. 15. Mr . Hany Ahmed 15  What they saw on the beach, - They couldn't see any ( people nor fresh water ). - So the sailors decided to walk along the beach to look for a ( stream or a spring ). - While they did this, he walked alone for about ( 1 km ) away from the beach. This side of the land did not look very interesting: - It had ( no trees ) and was mostly ( dry and full of rocks ). - Because there was not very much to see, he decided to return to the beach As he got near to the beach again, - he realised the sailors were already in the small boat, rowing back towards the ship. - Could they have forgotten him ? - He was going to call out to them, when suddenly he saw something that he couldn't believe. A huge giant was walking into the sea towards the small boat as fast as he could. What Gulliver did :  He didn't wait to see what happened to them, he turned and ran away from the beach.  He climbed a small hill and when he reached the top, he sat down and looked to see what he could find. What he saw :  He saw many fields, but the grass in the fields was very long, 6 m high.  He walked down to ( a wide, rough road ) which went through fields filled with wheat which was about ( 12 m high ). - After ( an hour ) ! he reached the end of this enormous field. - It ended with a wall : - it was at least 40 m tall. - with trees behind it that were even taller. - there were steps over the wall but it was impossible for him to use them because every step was 2 m high.  The second giant : - He saw another giant, of the same size as the person on the beach. - This person was quickly walking up the road towards the place where he stood. - he was terrified and ran into the field of corn to hide. - The giant easily climbed the steps onto the top of the wall, where he stopped. he said something in a voice which was as loud as thunder, - ( 7 ) more giants appeared each carrying enormous scythes. - Their clothes were less well made than the first giant's, - and Gulliver understood that the men were his workers. - The first giant gave them an order and The order : they began to cut the wheat in the field where HE was hiding.  He tried to get away from them through the field, but it was difficult to walk quickly or far, as the plants were very close together.  Eventually, he reached a part of the field where the wind or rain had pushed the plants flat.  He realised there was nowhere for him to go without being seen,  He lay down with exhaustion and thought about his poor family who would soon be without a father and husband.
  16. 16. Mr . Hany Ahmed  What he thought : - Why had he come on this voyage? his friends had told him not to go. - he remembered Lilliput, a place where he was so strong and important. And now he would be food for enormous giants. - He realised that nothing is big or small unless you compare it with something else. Perhaps there is another land where even these giants may feel small and unimportant.  Suddenly he saw that one of the giants was walking towards him. - he was worried that he had not seen him and would surely stand on him at any moment , so he called out as loudly as he could. - The giant stopped and looked around in surprise, before he saw him. - he decided to carefully pick Gulliver up with his fingers to look at him closely. - Gulliver thought quickly and decided not to move, although his fingers hurt his back and he realised he was ( 20 m ) above the ground. - He looked up at the sun and began to pray, worried that he would throw him onto the ground. - Luckily he seemed pleased and also surprised that Gulliver was talking, although he clearly didn't understand what he was saying. " I'm very sorry, but you are hurting me " I then said and pointed to my back. - The giant seemed to understand. - He put Gulliver in his pocket and ran off to find his master.  What Gulliver made with the farmer :  He took off his hat and bowed to the farmer  He offered him a bag of gold coins . - He looked at the tiny coins in his hand, but didn't seem interested. Finally, - the farmer told his workers to go back to work - He put Gulliver inside his enormous handkerchief to show his wife.  The wife : - She screamed like a child who has seen a big spider. - He showed her that Gulliver could stand up and talk and was nothing to be frightened of, - slowly the wife looked at Gulliver with interest. Later that day , a servant arrived with plates of food to feed the giant and his family : 16 ( wife, 3 children & grandmother ) . - The farmer put Gulliver next to him on the table, - He was very worried he would fall because the table was at least 10 m high. - The wife put some bread and meat on a plate for him. - he had his own knife and fork. - They gave him some water in a cup , which was so big that he found it difficult to lift it.  "Thank you very much for your kindness " he said to them in English. - When they heard him talking, they laughed so loudly that it hurt his ears.
  17. 17. Mr . Hany Ahmed The farmer's son - was about 10 years old and seemed very interested in Gulliver. - He picked him up and held him by his legs so high in the air that he was terrified he would fall. - His father quickly took him from his son and put him back on the table, saying something angrily to the boy. - He was worried that the son wouldn't like Gulliver after this, so through signs he tried to tell the farmer not to punish him but to be kind . - The farmer seemed to understand and smiled at his son. 17 The cat :  Suddenly a cat appeared, which was 3 times the size of a cow. - Gulliver understood that animals don't usually attack you if you show you aren't afraid of them, - So Gulliver watched it carefully and then walked up and down in front of it. - He was right. It didn't seem interested in him at all and soon walked away.  A giant baby girl : Gulliver was more worried when he saw a young woman carry a baby girl into the room: - As soon as the baby saw him, she pointed at him and clearly wanted to play with him , - perhaps thinking he was a small toy. - The mother picked him up and held him near the baby, who quickly took him in her hand. - The baby giant filled him with fear. because the baby was about to put him in her mouth.  What he did : - "No, stop !" he cried out loudly, but this was not a very good idea. - The baby was so surprised to hear him shout that she dropped him as if he were a hot rock. - He was at ( 10 m ) from the ground and he began to fall fast towards the hard floor of their house. ************************************************************************************* Quotations " I'm glad the winds have stopped " Gulliver to the captain "Don't be too glad " he replied. "My experience tells me a great storm is coming. Prepare yourself." The captain to Gulliver " I liked to visit different countries and I asked for permission to go with the men. Gulliver to the captain " Could they have forgotten me ? " Gulliver to himself " Why had I come on this voyage ? My friends had told me not to go ". Gulliver to himself " I'm very sorry, but you are hurting me " Gulliver to the giant worker " Thank you very much for your kindness " Gulliver to the giant farmer "No, stop ! " Gulliver to the baby girl.