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Aileen Heinberg & Leah Cabrera: Amplifying SD through behavioural sciences

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Using case studies from our experience at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, we will highlight how embedding behavioural scientists within service design teams can bolster the impact and scalability of design solutions. We have found that adding scientific methodologies and evidence-based findings to the service design toolbox amplifies designer's ability to improve the patient experience. This combined approach helps to identify, test and measure promising low-touch design approaches in ways that correspond with the mental models of diverse stakeholders, facilitating smoother implementation and scaling of successful design solutions.

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Aileen Heinberg & Leah Cabrera: Amplifying SD through behavioural sciences

  1. 1. www.service-design-network.org/sdgc#SDGC17 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Amplifying Service Design with Behavioral Science Leah Cabrera Fischer | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Aileen Heinberg, PhD | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  2. 2. Design Innovation Group
  3. 3. Would you rather...? finger hands finger faces
  4. 4. 75% lean 25% fat Would you rather...?
  5. 5. Details that shouldn’t matter... do
  6. 6. A DESIGN CHALLENGE People are complicated
  7. 7. Transdisciplinary Collaboration How might we design services for these complicated people?
  8. 8. BehaviorsExperience A Collaborative Challenge Focus on different levels of experience
  9. 9. ExperienceBehaviors A Collaborative Challenge Focus on different levels of experience
  10. 10. Service Design A holistic perspective
  11. 11. Maria signs up to MyMSK, where she can access information to prepare her for her first appointment Small details can make or break the experience
  12. 12. Behavioral Science A recent focus on the impact of small details
  13. 13. Choice Architecture Details matter. There is no neutral.
  14. 14. Choice Architecture Focuses in on specific behaviors
  15. 15. In healthcare, we have an ethical responsibility to design details thoughtfully.
  16. 16. Challenge It‘s impossible to focus on everything!
  17. 17. TAKEAWAY 1 Considering behavioral barriers and drivers helps us iterate on touchpoints more efficiently.
  18. 18. Enter Engage Exit + Extend Digital Screening Education Connect to education and resources Test Connection to proper resoruces Digital tool handoff Entice A new service model and new tools to screen those most likely to develop cancer.
  19. 19. Behavior Capability Motivation Opportunity Behavioral science helps us zoom in on experience elements and design details likely to matter most. Michie et al (2011) Implementation ScienceBehavioural Insights Team COM-BEAST Easy Social TimelyAttractive
  20. 20. Information Avoidance BARRIER
  21. 21. BARRIER Procrastination
  22. 22. Considering behaviors early in the design process helps us decide which design principles to prioritize. TAKEAWAY 2
  23. 23. A new service model to help chemo patients and their loved ones better manage symptoms at home.PATIENT FACING Generalist FIRST RESPONDERS Specialists 2ND RESPONDERS Specialists FINAL AUTHORITY Algorithmic AUTOMATED RESPONSE Patient Primary Oncologist Caregivers Other MSK Services 24/7 Call Center Patient History Patient-facing Mobile Interface Clinician-facing Desktop Interface Automated Messages Predictive Analytics Office Practice Nurse Advance Practice Provider lowHIGHVolume of Inquiries:
  24. 24. Knowledge Behavior(?)
  25. 25. Self-Efficacy DRIVER
  26. 26. WHAT WE’VE LEARNED Zooming in on key details and behaviors helps us design a robust service more quickly
  27. 27. Service Design is a team sport WHAT WE’VE LEARNED
  28. 28. www.service-design-network.org/sdgc#SDGC17 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Leah Cabrera Fischer Service Designer Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Aileen Heinberg, PhD Service Designer Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Leah | cabrerl2@mskcc.org Aileen | heinbera@mskcc.org