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Teaser trailer

  1. TEASER TRAILER For our teaser trailer we started off by filming our individual scenes using the house located in our college, by using this house allowed us to give us a natural setting for our teaser trailer by giving us access to different rooms. After that we imported the different scenes we recorded into final cut pro on the mac’s, from there we spent an hour as a group going through the each individual clips and favouriting the ones we were going to use, or the ones we would use as protentional back-ups for our edit. - Final Cut Pro
  2. TEASER TRAILER After favouriting each clips we were going use we then placed the favourited ones in the timeline in chronological order, where it’d then be ready to edit and be altered. Once we placed it in the timeline we then realised it was much longer than a normal teaser trailer. We then decided to go through with just editing it, and when it got to the parts which we didn’t like or were fairly too long we cut then down or cut them out of the edit.
  3. TEASER TRAILER At this point we were looking into different sounds we could use for our edit, being diegetic or non-diegetic. We looked through our edit and noted down the different sounds we would need in our teaser trailer and we decided that that we want purely non-diegetic sounds with a small amount of diegetic sounds to emphasis being there with the character, and to do so we used various websites such as Youtube and Freesound.
  4. TEASER TRAILER We got our list together and searched through YouTube and Freesound, to find particular sounds such as a door handle rattle, white noise, a non-diegetic chase music, alarm ticking, etc.
  5. TEASER TRAILER After finding and downloading the individual sounds for each scene we implemented it into our edit to the correct area that it needed to be in.
  6. IDENT For our ident Ross created two short idents, and as a group we had to decide between “Echo Productions” and “Paradox Productions”, we didn’t choose Echo as we all thought that it was very fitting as it had happy colours such as pink and purple, paradox was much more eerie and it fit well.