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Too enough

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Too enough

  1. 1. too and enough• Look at these sentences and then complete the rules below with too or enough.• 1 a) This food is too hot. b) Weve got too much food.• 2 a) This food isnt hot enough. b) We haven’t got enough food.• A ___________ goes before adjectives too (adverbs) and quantifiers. enough• B ___________ goes after an adjective (adverb) and before a noun.
  2. 2. There is a mistake in four of these sentences. Underline the mistakes and correct them.0 Have you got time enough to cook dinner? enough time1 I thought the film was too long.2 These shoes are small enough. They hurt my feet. too small3 I dont like reading newspapers. Theres too much bad news.4 My brothers not enough old to drive a car. old enough5 Lets invite some friends round. Theres too much food here for us.6 I cant move this cupboard. Its heavy enough. too heavy
  3. 3. Complete the second sentence so that it means thesame as the first.0 It isnt warm enough to have a picnic. Its _____________________to have a picnic. too cold1 Our flat is too small for everyone to eat here. Our flat isnt _________________for everyone to eat here. big enough2 The road isnt wide enough for us to drive down. The road is too _______________for us to drive down. narrow3 The music isnt loud enough for me to hear it properly. too The music is __________soft for me to hear it properly.4 The bridge is too weak for lorries to go across. The bridge isnt strong enough _____________for lorries to go across.5 The cupboard is too tall for me to reach the top shelf. tall enough Im not _________________to reach the top shelf in the cupboard.