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  2. NEPEAN is Australia’s leading privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. Our vision is to deliver high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading mining, construction and transport companies. We employ over 1100 people across 8 countries, with sales of over $450 million .
  3. Over the last 40 years, hard work, technical credibility and a willingness to tackle very difficult projects has earned NEPEAN an enviable reputation. Continuous investment in equipment, facilities, people and research & development irrespective of market conditions has greatly strengthened our capabilities. Our businesses have the experience, facilities and resources to deliver superior stream specialist outcomes and when combined, seamlessly deliver large-scale fully integrated solutions. We are committed to ongoing investment in people, facilities and innovation providing a platform for sustainable long-term growth.
  5. Business Locations
  6. Design, Manufacture and Life Cycle Management of customised Electrical and Electronic solutions. Goaf methane extraction disposal systems. Longwall system package supplier complete life cycle suite of services and support. Complete Materials Handling Systems Solutions. Onsite technical expert labour, for maintenance and installation.
  7. Our Priorities Lasting Customer Relationships Superior Project Management Better Business Integration (Systems, Behaviour, Frameworks) Passionate People Innovation “New Products & Services” Automation “Technology Advantage” Engineering Excellence Strong Margins Funding Ongoing Reinvestment Global Partnerships Globally Competitive Manufacturing and Sourcing
  8.   Customers Our customers achieve success by delivering quality products and services to meet market needs. Nepean feeds business success by creating the most innovative and best quality engineering solutions for customers.   Employees NEPEAN employees are the key driver for our business success. Our people are respected and nurtured as part of the NEPEAN community to create the best possible work environment.   Communities Local and national communities connected to NEPEAN are supported through the ongoing commitment of management and staff to grow community outcomes.   Current and Potential Partners NEPEAN is a relationship-based business. We create opportunities for our partners through forward thinking, innovative products and services, and strategic connections. Our Stakeholders
  9. Suppliers Our suppliers benefit from our success. They have the opportunity to be a valued part of the most innovative engineering supply chain in Australia.   Engineers & Specifiers NEPEAN is a centre of design excellence and creativity for engineers and specifiers, providing an opportunity to develop best of breed skills and knowledge.   Investors NEPEAN stakeholders grow when we are successful. We are mutual contributors to each other’s future potential.   Media Our success is a valuable story for the media, helping to position the role of innovation and engineering in driving business success in Australia. Our individual stories are personable, and engaging for the public. We are open and transparent with our communications.
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  1. Nepean is Australia’s leading privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. We have unique capabilities to deliver high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading mining, construction and transport companies. Today our organization employs over 1100 people across 8 countries.
  2. With sales of over $450 million, NEPEAN’s accelerated expansion and confidence in the future has resulted in the rebranding of our extensive portfolio of companies into 4 divisions;
  3. NEPEAN is an innovation leader in design, manufacture, service, and support of specialized product and service solutions. Over the last 40 years, hard work, technical credibility and a willingness to tackle very difficult projects has earned Nepean an enviable reputation. Continuous investment in equipment, facilities, people and Research & Development irrespective of market conditions has greatly strengthened our capabilities.
  4. NEPEAN operates in Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and South America, and we have restructured our businesses to leverage our capability on a global scale.
  5. Pictures Left to right Top Pic One: Automated Coating Line Pic Two: Goro Nickel Thickener Pic Three: Vacuum Chamber for ANSTO Scientific Research Left to right Bottom Pic One: North Quay Ferry Terminal for Brisbane City Council Pic Two: Remote Control Underwater Recovery Unit for ATSA Defence Services Pic Three: Mining Conveyor Brake Nepean Engineering & Innovation provides a full engineering service to the mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, scientific, defence, automotive and agricultural sectors. At Engineering & Innovation we are proud of our longstanding reputation for technical excellence and innovation, gained over 40 years in business. Engineering operations include custom design and construction of special purpose machinery, complex machining & precision tool making, laser cutting, heavy and light metal fabrication, sheet metal, shot blasting, painting and powder coat finishing. Operations are supported by extensive design facilities with state-of-the-art machinery, with products manufactured under a quality assurance system complying with ISO 9001.   We have one of the largest and most comprehensive engineering facilities in Australia with over 50,000 square metres at our Narellan site in South West Sydney and a further 10,000 square metres at our Narangba facility in QLD. Our workforce of around 200 employees can deliver nearly three quarters of a million productive hours per annum. With 40 years of on the job training and skills development at Engineering and Innovation, our employees contribution has always been highly valued and we have a long and proud history of training apprentices. This has resulted in loyal, highly committed and passionate people; a workforce that has been a key to our success. Nepean Engineering and Innovation has the depth, diversity, capability and experience to successfully deliver on the largest and most complex engineering projects.
  6. At Nepean Mining our vision is to be the chosen partner for high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s leading mining companies. Through our specialist mining companies, we have the capability to supply fully integrated turn-key mining systems. Nepean is Australian’s largest privately owned supplier of mining solutions delivering equipment and services globally for over 30 years. Capabilities include design, manufacture, installation, service, operational optimization and life cycle management of underground and overland equipment and infrastructure. Our expertise includes conveyor systems, complete longwall mining systems, electrical and control systems and surface based methane plants for the extraction and utilization of gas. Nepean’s dedication to innovation, integration, automation, and continuous investment in leading technology, provides customers with improved safety and lower production cost per tonne. Nepean has a long-term commitment to the industry and a passion to build lasting relationships with customers based on performance. From the pick point to the stockpile, Nepean Mining is fully committed to delivering a totally integrated mining package designed to ensure Safety, Productivity, Reliability and Operational Excellence.
  7. NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure originally founded as Graham Group is one of Australia’s largest fully-integrated manufacturers of large steel structures and associated metal products. We service the construction, infrastructure and mining segments. With over 300 people employed across 5 locations in Australia, NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure has a strong portfolio of iconic brands such as The high quality “Weldlok” forgebar grating, Weldlok Balltube handrail system, Weldlok drainage grating, Weldlok fibreglass walkway grating and a wide range of perforated and expanded Steel and Aluminium products Weldlok “Smart Drains” and Class rated drainage and fibreglass walkway grating “ Mastermesh” perforated and expanded metal products “ NoiseMaster” absorptive highway noise-walls “ GALINTEL®” hot rolled, galvanised proprietary lintel bars. The specialised steel building material includes flatbar, angles, ‘T’ Bar and “Rendabar” “ Galvanising Services”, a full service hot dip galvanising and surface treatment solution for the Building, Construction, Infrastructure and Mining segments “ Rolling Mills” specialise in producing custom designed hot rolled steel sections “ DecoWood” provide a durable alternative to timber used in many applications such as windows, doors, louvres, slats, screens, shutters and outdoor furniture. “Decowood” offers the low maintenance and high durability of aluminium, in addition to the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber “ Nepean Structures” offer structural steel documentation, fabrication and erection for high rise, retail, industrial and public buildings and mining and infrastructure projects. Recent projects include the Deutche Bank building in Sydney, the Attorney General’s Department in Canberra, Westfield’s new Sydney CBD development and many mining infrastructure projects like Queensland’s Abbot Point port facilities Our Mastermesh & Weldlok product offering includes an extended range of value added products & services formed through extensive international partnerships and supply agreements. These are custom designed to suit a wide array of customer & project specific needs. We can design, manufacture, and install products and offer complete building solutions with a globally competitive price. We partner with the world’s largest and most cost competitive producers of building products in Asia and Europe to deliver large scale, innovative, high quality outcomes for our customers. Pictures Left to right Top Pic One: Attorney Generals HQ, Canberra Pic Two: Civil Constructions – Bronte Boardwalk. Fibreglass grating on boardwalk. Pic Three: Mon Komo Appartments on the beach at Redcliff, Brisbane, Australia. Left to right Bottom Pic One: Katoomba Waste Management Facility in the Blue Mountains Pic Two: Mangoola Mine. Raised deck steel Grating & Handrailing Pic Three: John Holland Water - Sandgate Sewerage Treatment Plant. Aluminum Grating & Handrail to walkway.
  8. At Nepean Transport we pride ourselves in the solutions we offer our global customers through our three specialised businesses, Bliss-Fox Ground Support Equipment, Nepean Nightowl lighting towers and VIS Service Automation for the heavy vehicle industry.   Bliss-Fox® Ground Support Equipment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aircraft push-back and tow tractors. The range includes baggage tractors right up to the flagship, industry benchmark 70-tonne F1-500, A380 capable tractor. Sold worldwide for over 40 years, Bliss-Fox has a well-established global network of service partners, maintaining an international reputation for reliability, innovative design and premium quality.   Our Bliss-Fox GSE equipment and service offer includes: World class reputation for the design and manufacture of aircraft pushback tractors Complete range of aircraft tractors up to A380 capable After sales maintenance programmes Maintenance of other OEM equipment; and International on-the-ground support   Bliss-Fox tractors provide extended life and lower overall operating and total life-cycle cost, being purpose-designed and easily customised to provide clients with a tailored and specific solution via: Drop-in ballast design No obstruction to operator line-of-sight Ergonomic designs Full-width enclosed cabins; and Variable power pack options that provide power to spare in each model category   As part of Bliss-Fox’s commitment to innovation and continual product development we recently launched the new F1-150 and F1-400 tractors to provide a complete range of tow tractor options.   Bliss-Fox tractors: simple, effective, robust, with power to spare!   -------------------- NEPEAN NIGHTOWL manufacture 4 head and 6 head self-powered portable lighting towers, purpose built for the toughest conditions. The NIGHTOWL towers have a fully extendable, push button hydraulic mast, retractable draw-bars for economical transport, an engine shutdown protection system and are BMA and are MDG 15 compliant. In addition, they come with an optional 24/7 fully remote programmable function. More recently, NIGHTOWL has launched the innovative balloon light that produces 360 degrees of diffused, glare-free light.   NEPEAN NIGHTOWL: innovators in light tower technology ---------------------- VIS Service Automation is the innovative supplier of the VIS-Check range of automated undercarriage diagnostic systems for the accurate testing of brakes, steering and suspension. Utilising safe, fast and reliable testing methods, VIS-Check is used by fleet owners, truck service workshops and enforcement agencies in the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.   A good example of Nepean’s innovation capability and genuine commitment to solving customer problems is the VIS Polish patented fully robotic aluminium wheel polish machine that restores aluminium truck and bus rims to a mirror finish with the press of a button. The six axis robot is controlled by 180,000 lines of programming code, and a force compliance system. It uses learned intelligence that automatically adapts to the wheel position, size, condition and infinite wheel patterns.   VIS-Polish is the first aftermarket solution to restore aluminium wheels in the world. VIS-Polish has improved fleet safety, and lowered the life cycle cost of aluminium wheels for the heavy vehicle industry in North America, and has been sold throughout the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. Pictures Left to right Top Pic One: Bliss-Fox F1-500, 70 Tonne Tractor Pic Two: NEPEAN NightOwl, HTI Balloon Light Pic Three: Vehicle Inspection Systems – Brake, Steering and Suspension testing equipment Left to right Bottom Pic One: Agrowplow Seed Drill Pic Two: VIS - Automatic Aluminium wheel polish machine Pic Three: MHSA Heavy Mining Vehicle mobile brake tester.
  9. Our facility and engineering team in China provide Nepean with globally competitive manufacturing combined with expert project management and procurement.
  10. Innovation - We are committed to ongoing investment in facilities and innovation providing a platform for sustainable long-term growth. We have spent over $50 million in the last two years on capital expenditure and research and development initiatives to provide our customers superior product and service solutions. Specialisation – Nepean comprises businesses run by technical experts in their field. We operate as an aligned large company but deliver superior outcomes to customer via our stream specialist management & businesses. Dedication – Nepean is built on passion and dedication to our industry, customers, employees and businesses