open access journals scires literature depression gynecology reproductive medicine vision scires literature llc. open access journals. science vision research ophthalmology hepatology risk factors prevalence clinical endocrinology orthopedics pregnancy surgery gastroenterology antioxidant srl dentistry cancer oxidative stress water open access journal publishers proteomics ophthamology classifi cation diabetes mellitus falls diabetes musculoskeletal disorders cbt anxiety disorders mood disorders executive function breast cancer dental care dentistry srl cancer cellular biology stem cell hereditary cancer juvenile polyposis syndrome cardiovascular pharmacology hypertension laparoscopy endourology fmtvdm subspecies mycobacterium avium high resolution melting analysis duck clinical cardiology & research mmse intra ocular pressure selective laser trabeculoplasty outcome treatment availability rapid diagnostic tests psychotic vagrant hiv malnourished nicotine toxicity nanocurcumin isotonic drink semi-marathon running swimming-test fatigue c-fos protein global positioning system (gps) running demands epidemiological burn photodynamic therapy sonodynamic therapy nano-gallium-porphyrin heavy metals uveitis immunocompetent malignant syphilis pulmonary embolism pharmaceutical stroke neurosurgery neurology adolescent critical illness pediatrics protiens literature molecular docking stem cells journals preeclampsia insulin resistance ultrasound foetal prognosis maternal eclampsia pre-eclampsia result prognosis fistula hypothyroidism social networks alzheimer’s disease rehabilitation open source ischemia liver epidemiology gestational diabetes mellitus atopic dermatitis reba rula staff oil refi nery muscle magnetic resonance imaging (mri) sex relationships love money scl-90 psychiatric disorders postpartum ham-d moderator effects mediator anxiety attachment spirituality and religion modeling parenting behaviors side-effects psychotropic drugs intrapsychic factors personality periodontal tissue enucleation matrix metalloproteinases orthodontic treatment tooth exposure surgical impacted canines diagnosis cancer cells brain scleroderma antioxidant activity epigenetics cytokines hepatic regeneration liver fi brosis genetic disease histopathology blood vessel formation venous thrombosis vascular medicine neurouro dietary supplements dermoscopy warts open access journals sciresliterature training minimal invasive surgery training surgical resident education questionnaire survey cerebral palsy ectopic ossifi cation myositis ossifi cans heterotopic ossifi cation food hygiene practices food safety street foods plantaris polyuria hyperglycaemia diabetic ketoacidosis coxsackie virus fulminant diabetes water snails schleswig-holstein cercariae sudan rt-pcr meningitis enterovirus 71 tapp repair incarcerated hernia femoral hernia ethiopia bacteria : bovine mastitis medical emergency teams (mets) documentation critical care outreach services (ccos) assessment nitric oxide synthase gene allele micro vascular disease coronary artery disease cardiac imaging : systemic hypertension igg igm ns-1 antigen dengue infection hematologic markers serologic markers dengue fever ai dense breasts mammography bangui central african republic young subject : stroke epidemiology homicidal ideation and psychosis. the work up show background: this report describes a unique case of adjuvant chemotherapy elderly patients stage ii and iii gastric cancer lowcarb diets diets infl ammation statins big pharma ct scan abdomen : trauma hemoperitoneum cyst minimally invasive arthroscopic synovectomy cppd calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease pseudogout pvns pigmented villonodular synovitis temporomandibular joint tmj arthroscopy proprioception laxity skin diplopy smile ehlers danlos mona lisa lipopolysaccharide blood-brain barrier intracerebral hemorrhage angong niuhuang pill young athletes physiological performances intra cellular water body cell mass bio-electrical impedance oestriol β-hcg predictors toe print tented arch arch purdah in-stent restenosis drug eluting stent bare-metal stent colchicine reproductive age myomectomy ovarian reserve results total knee arhtroplasty high tibial osteotomy cardiac tumour papillary fibroelastoma (pfe) left atrial ridge rhodotorula mucilaginosa polyphenols folin-ciocalteu method copper ions carotenoid pigments asclepias syriaca palestinian type-2 diabetic cardiovascular disease furin corin football monitoring football intensity intensity in football gps-data external load contamination quarry physicochemical culture multi drug resistant hospital care associated hospital acquired community acquired : spontaneous bacterial peritonitis skin o157:h7 lake hawassa fish e.coli competition gps elite heart-rate hematocrit hemoglobin hypoxic training : erythropoietin brazzaville impact migraine burkina faso epilepsy cognitive disorders sankale faris peasant association calves bovine ascariasis occupational exposure biochemical parameters fertilizers pesticides urine 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine surgical treatment conservative treatment sonk spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee gastrointestinal surgery adverse event deep venous thrombosis central venous catheter thrombosis central venous access peripherally inserted central catheter central venous catheterization meta-analysis anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (acdf) traditional cage and plate zero-profi le spacer adjective based personality five factor personality extreme athletes fms core stability prevent injury : suspension training surgical approach total joint replacement hip joint pressure hip suspension hip joint reliability regression analysis percutaneous nephrolithotomy nomogram croes neonatal intensive care unit apgar spinal anesthesia general anesthesia cesarean retirement multifunctional health and wellness community long-term care health and wellness village continuous care multiple organ failure sepsis mechanical ventilation polyneuromyopathy critical illness polyneuropathy and myopathy jamshoro urban area daily intake essential minerals milk lagoons itraq maldi-tof-ms 2-d electrophoresis : chrysichthys nigrodigitatus chi-square test degree of randomness chakrabarty rand corporation kendall & smith fisher & yates tippet : random numbers table supervised classifi cation artifi cial neural networks (ann) explosions earthquakes discrimination anesthesia & clinical research tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases. hyperhomocysteinemia abdominal aortic aneurysm urology research resource- limited settings ultrasonography inter-observer variability computed tomography : appendicitis neoadjuvant therapy rectal cancer transanal total mesorectal excision additional abdominal approach transanal one-stage endorectal pull-through hirschsprung’s disease early recurrence liver resection colorectal liver metastasis esophageal duplication esophageal cyst sleep disorders polysomnography topical fl uorescein endoscopic sinus surgery cerebrospinal fl uid leaks metástase paranasal cavities nasal cavities papillary thyroid carcinoma lipoma neck brown fat cell tumor benign : hibernoma vehicle mobile phone : hematology pathological bacteria food science & nutrition food insecurity food security social capital social isolation primary care family caregivers dementia electrolytes im balance valvular heart disease myocardial infarction cardiac diseases transesophageal echocardiography balloon mitral valvotomy iatrogenic atrial septal defect access journals case reports & short reviews hypokalemia metabolic alkalosis : bartter’s syndrome delivery low income countries mozambique rectovaginal fi stula vescicovaginal fi stula obstetric fi stula cardiac arrest kidney transplantation : fabry disease antibacterial activity silver nanoparticles biosynthesis acanthus ilicifolius surface water sewage treatment microorganism microbial diversity artifi cial wetland biochemical recurrence gleason score : prostate adenocarcinoma motor skill learning teaching method : racket sport pediatrics & neonatal care coverage yield entry point hiv testing children pediatric hiv testing propofol adverse effects pain on propofol injection : pain with propofol sports science & medicine dehydration biological activity of human body free radicals exercise and keep fi t chromium raphe nuclei rugby union referee pain assessment scale pain sensation scale pain severity : primary dysmenorrhea siraro woreda working animals equine welfare equine owners mekelle university undergraduate students suicidal ideation mental distress varicocele spermogram couple : hypofertility chronic complications diabete : erectile dysfunction glycation cognitive impairment : d-ribose pd activity tracker jawbone : fitbit maternal health homeless women child bearing nonmem imi direct hba1c dried blood spot cards correction method analysis delay carbon monoxide red cell indices white cell differential haematological parameters relapsed first line rituximab cladribine hairy cell leukemia (variant) jamshidi needle bone marrow biopsy bone marrow aspiration pancytopenia ischemic heart disease end stage renal disease po4: phosphate sc: sevelamer carbonate lanthanum carbonate choledocholithiasis oldest ercp endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography left circumfl ex artery absence congenital anomaly anomalous coronary artery protein s100 neurofi bromatosis malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (mpnst) social interest communication visual attention prerequisites for communication : multidimensional classifi cation system ardabil multiple sclerosis : seizure substituent group third-order nlo property : azo benzothiazole polyhydramnios cystic mass fetal anterior neck teratoma genetic testing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis oculocutaneous albinism type 1 spectral domain optical coherence tomography angio macular pigment idiopathic macular telangiectasia type 2 sequence analysis motif legume lectin hemagglutinins : chickpea child psychology child behavior pediatric dentistry zero x ray ablation irrigated tip catheter 3d mapping system avnrt african-americans race/ethnicity heart failure clinical outcomes cardiac resynchronisation therapy mesenteric cystic lymphangioma selection management genetic control environment : breeding program : prevalence : dehydration : raphe nuclei : rugby union referee dyslipidemia type 2 diabetes diabetic maculopathy clinical endorcrinology articles malignancy lymphadenopathy (lap) fine needle aspiration cytology(fnac) linalool in silico coriandrum sativum pesticide residue honey gas chromatography-mass spectrometry flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry publishing figure of merit electricity heat thermoelectric nanoribbon microgenerator prevention complications total knee arthroplasty anterior cage dislodgement posterior lumbar interbody fusion knee arthroplasty bone primary hydatid cyst research and therapy advance glycation products punjab university lahore pakistani population serum albumi microalbuminuria diabetogen high blood sugar pancreas insulin hyperglycemia metabolic syndrome myocardium alcohol insulin signaling metabilism nifl umic acid 8-hydroxiquinoleine tyrosine sulfadiazine butaperazine calcein blue solubility measurements pka sediments emerging pollutants confi dence ellipse recovery assays acuracy validation analytica acta soybean oil oxidative stability olive cake extract amide atp hydrolysis protein bio-energy living system form depression and anxiety pain neuropathic phenytoin amitriptyline analgesia transdermal topical motor cortex homolateral extremity synkinesia seasonal affective disorder phototherapy melatonin melatonergic drugs circadian bipolar disorder gross total removal suboccipital retrosigmoid approach meningioma cerebellopontine angle pre-dilution post-dilution mid-dilution hemodiafiltration β2 microglobulin removal troponin renal score proteinuria glomerular filtration rate cardiovascular mortality usa glomerular disease ckd esrf diet c - reactive protein child health outcomes adolescent mothers and their child health expenditures health resources needs assessment pediatric intensive care unit chronic disease child hospitalized father nursing premature birth infant efficacy upper respiratory infection children soy alice heat particles apoptosis angiogenesis bioinformatics genomics spontaneous abortions homology model consurf analysis translocator protein ysa-ysp t3ss tropocollagen neptune proteins collagen type 1 collagen chromosome analysis in vitro propagation deciduous tooth telomere cancer therapy mesenchymal stem cells regenerative medicine fetal cells induced pluripotent stem cells mammary erbb2 clones shoulder dislocation poly-trauma long bone fracture storey building chemotherapy pathological fracture primary non-hodgkin’s lymphoma of bone osteoporosis osteosynthesis proximal femoral fracture dubrovnik-neretva county dislocations shoulder open asscess journlas amblyopia marfan syndrome ectopia lentis social media neonatal outcome cerebrouterine ratio cerebroplacental ratio mtese tese testicular sperm extraction male infertility azoospermia klinefelter syndrome recurrent pregnancy loss infections traditional birth attendants fertility preservation education oncofertility operative hysteroscopy offi ce hysteroscopy retained products of conception laparoscopic hysterectomy laparoscopic myomectomy etiology of fi broids assisted reproduction endometrial polyps fibroids uterus treatment screening endometriosis infertility thyroid autoimmunity myoma with atypical features sarcoma power morcellation clinic community development switzerland transnational elderly migrants progressively lowered stress threshold caregiving appraisal work capacity sustainable working life managerial attitudes aging workforce age management treatment interventions older adults fear of falling recreational therapy yoga longevity oldest old elderly anemia sofosbuvir-based treatment chronic hepatitis c non-invasive fi brosis assessment liver stiffness fibrosis scores morbidity resection giant liver hemangioma sleeve gastrectomy nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (nash) nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (nafld) incisional hernia sternotomy left lobe liver reperfusión heparin molecular weight coeliac disease united states colorectal cancer spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (sbp) hepatic encephalopathy foreign accent syndrome (fas) cirrhosis acute kidney injury hepatorenal syndrome medical therapy endoscopic therapy adherent clot gastrointestinal bleed jejunum lipid peroxidation yohimbine malva sylvestris loperamide fap: familial adenomatous polyposis jps: pregnant women educational intervention viral hepatitis necrosis colon graft esophageal reconstruction pan creatoenteric c-kit stomach neoplasm laparoscopic resection gastrectomy imatinib gist inflammatory bowel disease emerging economies aggregate health performance population health gastrointestinal postpartum depression pregnant mother maternal knowledge care practices breastfeeding neonatal dental school endothelium-dependent flow-mediated dilation central aortic pressure organ damage dipping pattern disease supplementation selenium dass21 ligand denosumab chronic kidney disease bone mineral density diastolic adrenal production aldosterone skin diseases dermatomyositis oral isotretinoin recurrences acute phase maintenance phase relapses acne dematology labia minora ige antibodies to sea and seb disinfectant superantigen staphylococcus aureus dermatology vegf pten hif-1α nasolabial folds hyaluronic acid hair alopecia areata hair loss diseases hair loss tumor response survival electro-hyperthermia relapsed malignant glioma brain tumors neurooncology musculoskeleta call center industry transmission electron microscopy neuronal and glial apoptosis zn-superoxide dismutase mutation amyotrophic lateral sclerosis neuroimaging multiple sclerosis (ms) mental illness mental health reconstruction benign neoplasia antralpseudocyst tooth erosion shear strength dentin-bonding agents chlorhexidine cbct pathologies orthodontic treatments intra-aortic balloon pump multiple organ embolism rivaroxaban acute myocardial infarction aortic dissection aging case study healthcare family cancers tumor cells passive avoidance memory rats nitric oxide crocin oxidative response emotional behavior rat neck atrophy parry-romberg syndrome hemifacial atrophy typhoid fever enantia chlorantha polysulfi des organosulfurs hydrogen sulfi de donor pollution heavy metal clinical applications differentiation classifi cations release profi le drug release antifungal antibacterial x-ray diffraction nano medicine nano technology fluorescence lifetime white-light ti4+ ion glass luminescent lymphatic diseases blood vessel pathology blockage of blood vessels high blood pressure blood and hypertension vasospastic disorders vascular imaging heart attack vasoconstriction cardiopulmonary chronic venous insufficiency vasculitides venous diseases angiology urogenital neoplasms urogenital abnormal urogenital surgical procedures 0kidney stones kidney diseases bladder cancer cystitis development bladder stones kidney stones medical specialty kidney cancer kidney transplant oncology urologic misdiagnosis clinical manifestation toxicology bromfenacoum bromadiolone critical care medicine medicine physicians calculous cholecystitis chronic calculous cholecystitis triple fistula ovarian carcinoma paraneoplastic pseudoachalasia
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