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  2. Scatterlight Studios
  3. • Visual effects are the various processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. • Visual effects involve the integration of live- action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic which is impossible to capture on film. • Visual effects using computer generated imagery has recently become accessible to the independent filmmaker with the introduction of affordable and user friendly animation and compositing software. • VFX can be categorize into : Compositing, Matte Painting, Animation, Lighting, Texture, Rigging.
  4. • It is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television programs, commercials, and simulators. • The visual scenes may be dynamic or static, and may be two-dimensional (2D), though the term "CGI" is most commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used for creating scenes or special effects in films and television. • Computer graphics software is used to make computer- generated imagery for films, professional-grade films, games, and fine art from their home computers.
  5. • Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement, frame by frame, for use in animated films. • Originally, pre-recorded live-action film images were projected onto a frosted glass panel and re-drawn by an animator. • This projection equipment is called a rotoscope, although this device has been replaced by computers in recent years. In the visual effects industry, the term rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background.
  6. • It is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single image, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene • Compositing is taking real-life elements with Computer Generated (CG) Element and putting them together - so they seem like they were shot together. • Live-action shooting for compositing is variously called "chroma key", "blue screen", "green screen" and other names. Today, most, though not all, compositing is achieved through digital image manipulation.
  7. • A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is nonexistent in real life or would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. • Historically, matte painters and film technicians have used various techniques to combine a matte-painted image with live-action footage. At its best, depending on the skill levels of the artists and technicians, the effect is "seamless" and creates environments that would otherwise be impossible to film. • In the scenes the painting part is static and movements are integrated on it.
  8. • Skeletal animation is a technique in computer animation in which a character is represented in two parts: a surface representation used to draw the character (called skin or mesh) and a hierarchical set of interconnected bones (called the skeleton or rig) used to animate the mesh. While this technique is often used to animate humans or more generally for organic modeling. • This technique is used in virtually all animation systems where simplified user interfaces allows animators to control often complex algorithms .However, the intention of the technique is never to imitate real anatomy or physical processes, but only to control the deformation of the mesh data.
  9. • Motion capture (MOCAP) is an effective 3D animation tool for realistically capturing human motion . • In cinematography, match moving is a cinematic technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage with correct position, scale, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed objects in the shot. • The term is used loosely to describe several different methods of extracting camera motion information from a motion picture. Sometimes referred to as motion tracking or camera solving, match moving is related to rotoscoping and photogrammetry.
  10. • Autodesk max • Autodesk maya • After effects • Nuke • Blender • Mocha • Cinema 4D • Cloud • City Engine • Dx Studio • Gelato • Light wave 3D • Micro station • Real Flow • V-Ray • Wings 3D • Yafray • Etc…………..
  11. • Autodesk Maya commonly shortened to Maya, is a 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows and OS X, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation and currently owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc. It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, TV series, or visual effects. • It is written in C++,MEL,PYTHON.
  12. • Adobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics, visual effects and compositing app deve loped by Adobe Systems used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production. After Effects can also be used as a basic non-linear editor and a media transcoder. • It includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe photo elements and all. • It is written in C++ only.
  13. • Stan Lee is an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. • he co-created Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, and many other fictional characters, introducing complex, naturalistic characters and a thoroughly shared universe into superhero comic books. • His Net Worth is $50m • Age 91
  14. • Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is an American Academy Award-winning motion picture visual effects company that was founded in May 1975 by George Lucas. • His net worth is $4.9b • Age 70