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Supercharge your SaaS with AI from Google (Naresh Venkat)

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SaaS Connect 2019 (San Francisco, CA).

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Supercharge your SaaS with AI from Google
by Naresh Venkat, Head of Machine Learning Partnerships, Google

Publicada em: Marketing
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Supercharge your SaaS with AI from Google (Naresh Venkat)

  1. 1. Taking AI into enterprises with SaaS Partners
  2. 2. Hype? or Real? Or is it?
  3. 3. The world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of - Mark Cuban Machine learning will drive every successful huge IPO win in the next 5 years - Eric Schmidt Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we’re doing everything. - Sundar Pichai “ ”
  4. 4. Used across products: Uniqueprojectdirectories Time Google is an AI company
  5. 5. Google Translation
  6. 6. [glacier] Google Photos
  7. 7. 12% of all responses sent on mobile Gmail Smart Reply
  8. 8. AlphaGo Go has 1.74 x 10172 possible moves, larger than the number of atoms in universe.
  9. 9. Saved data center cooling energy for 40% Improved power usage effectiveness (PUE) for 15%
  10. 10. will democratize AI APIs
  11. 11. Should AI be only for esoteric applications? In reality, every application will become a learning application
  12. 12. 12 Who can actually use AI today? 10K DL researchers 2M ML experts +23M Developers +100M business users Our goal: empower more users to help enterprises put AI into production Very few people can create custom ML models today
  13. 13. Google Cloud AI Paying customers Products launched (plus dozens of additional features) Members in the Kaggle community Cloud AI partners 15K 20+ 2M 100+26 Industry verticals served
  14. 14. PlatformBuilding blocks Solutions Google AI Portfolio
  15. 15. Conversation Cloud Speech-to-Text Dialogflow Enterprise Edition Cloud Text-to-Speech Sight Cloud Vision Cloud Video Intelligence Language Cloud Translation Cloud Natural Language AutoML Natural Language AutoML TranslationAutoML Vision Cloud AI building blocks
  16. 16. Build your own models on GCP Managed Cloud Services Dataproc Dataflow ML Engine Datalab Applications
  17. 17. Enterprise data and workflow Google AI expertise Powerful, custom AI solutions + = Cloud AI solutions Google fills the skill gap for enterprises to ease adoption of AI solutions Confidential; Googlers only
  18. 18. Contact center software Google AI technology Improved customer experience & efficiency+ =Contact Center AI The Contact Center AI solution helps enterprises use AI to augment and improve their existing contact centers without the need for deep AI expertise. Confidential; Googlers only Telephony Partners SI Partners
  19. 19. Retail Financial Services Manufacturing Healthcare & Life Sciences Government Media & Entertainment Technology Energy Gaming Marketing Focused AI in Google’s key verticals
  20. 20. 20 Sensor Inputs Modeling Engine Actionable InsightsData Refinery Your Data Cloud Platform Refine data to build & power digital twins of our Planet
  21. 21. Vonage + Google Cloud Contact Center AI
  22. 22. Time to market Accelerate d by 2 months Offers Fast performance and scalability Saves both CapEx and OpEx Turning customer feedback into a competitive advantage Industry: Technology; Region: North America “Google Cloud Natural Language accelerated the ability of our machine learning algorithms to extract sentiment and themes from hundreds of thousands of customer feedback comments and deliver near real-time insights to our customers.” Prabhat Jha, Chief Technology Officer, Wootric Improves customer satisfaction and support
  23. 23. Let’s work together!