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Getting your professional services to break even (Sandeep Srinivasan, Talkdesk)

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Getting your professional services to break even
by Sandeep Srinivasan, Senior Manager, Partner Enablement, Talkdesk

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Getting your professional services to break even (Sandeep Srinivasan, Talkdesk)

  1. 1. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential The information contained in this document is property of Talkdesk and can only be used by the intended recipients. The reproduction or communication of information in this document without Talkdesk approval is forbidden. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Getting Your Professional Services to Break Even Sandeep Srinivasan Sales Engineer - Strategic Partnerships sandeep@talkdesk.com @sandeep_io
  2. 2. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Background Sandeep Srinivasan 1st Professional Services hire
  3. 3. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Talkdesk is an enterprise cloud contact center service (CCaaS) that empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. Analyst Recognition Youngest company to be placed in Gartner CCaaS MQ (2017, 2018) Youngest company to be placed in Forrester Cloud Contact Center Wave (2018) “Fastest growing player in Contact Center Market”
  4. 4. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Works well for SMB market. But...no predictability.
  5. 5. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential 5 Professional Services : Typical Talkdesk Implementation ADVANCED CONFIGURATION TESTING TRAINING DEPLOYMENT Integrations QA User Adoption Go Live CLIENT EXCELLENCE Continued Dedicated Support DISCOVERY Requirements CONFIGURATION Talkdesk Setup
  6. 6. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential 3 Capacity & Utilization ● Finance alignment ○ Utilization target ● Headcount: forecast and delta Levers for Services Operations 2 Quality of Implementations 1 Sales Alignment & Predictability ● CSAT and customer journey ● Employee satisfaction ○ Time tracking ● Pipeline forecast (Opp stage accuracy) ● Estimation and Pricing ○ Implementation Packages ○ Scoping Process Even better when it makes you $$$$$
  7. 7. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Services Partner Strategy Phase 1 Demonstrated Knowledge Certification Classroom Training on Product and Delivery Field Engagement Shadow ProServ projects Bill + Nonbill tasks Phase 2 Partner-led Deployment Partner sells and implements direct Phase 3 Channel Partners & Value Added Resellers Services Partners ISV Partners Partner Enablement
  8. 8. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential PS Operations Track hours Bill and Non bill tasks, Resource level too Partner Strategy QBR: Review projects and Pipeline Partner Agreements: Partner bill rate and Ramp Sales Strategy Scope and SOW Estimation Bill rate Forecast 03 01 02 Bringing it all together
  9. 9. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential 9 Questions? Sandeep Srinivasan sandeep@talkdesk.com @sandeep_io
  10. 10. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential 10 Appendix
  11. 11. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Implementation Options Measurement Community Standard Growth Licensing $0 - $4K ACV (L) $4.1K - $7K ACV (L) $7.1K - $14K (L) ACV > $14.1K (L) Price $750 PS (fixed fee): 3 hours of effort TD for Sales $1,250 (fixed fee) $1,500 PS (fixed fee): 6 hours of effort TD for Sales $2,000 (fixed fee) $4,875 PS (T&M) TD for Sales $5,850 (T&M) Custom price (T&M) Scoping N/A N/A Growth > $10K Sales Engineer Comm > $12K Sales Engineer MM / ENT Professional Services Sales Engineer SOW Auto Generated Auto Generated Auto Generated Professional Services Project Simple Sales or Support use case One CRM integration (e.g. SFDC, Zendesk, Desk, etc.). Deploy within 1-2 week Simple Sales or Support use case One CRM integration (e.g. SFDC, Zendesk, Desk, etc.). Deploy within 1-2 week Simple Sales or Support use case Multiple integrations (OOB) Deploy within 2-4 weeks Multiple use cases TIVR user stories Multi phase deployment Deliverables • Kickoff/ configuration meeting • Two follow up chalk talks • Pre- Go Live Deployment assistance • Kickoff/ configuration meeting • Two follow up chalk talks • Pre- Go Live Deployment assistance • Kickoff/Configuration Meeting • Discovery Review • Training: Agent, Supervisor , and Admin training • Deployment Assistance • Agile Implementation • Discovery Review and Process Definition • Training / Testing Support • Go Live Support
  12. 12. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential ● Sales Qualification Document ○ Completed by Sales Engineer ○ Provides detail on scope for identified solution Sales/Support Inbound/Outbound Number of phone numbers Agents, locations, and ring group Integrations and expected behavior ○ Gaps: SE to get jira and commitment from product ○ Customizations: Scoped as a user story and included in SOW ○ Process: SE chatters against the opportunity Phillip for Enterprise, Sandeep for Commercial 1-2 days to review SQD Please do not book scoping calls until SQD has been received Sales SOW Scoping
  13. 13. Talkdesk Proprietary & Confidential Discovery Requirements Business Rules Current Setup Advanced Configuration Integrations Automations Workflows Reporting Training User Adoption Super-User Training Receive Feedback Configuration Talkdesk Setup Agents IVR/Greetings Queuing Routing Porting Prep Testing QA Fine-tune configuration Deployment Go Live Agents live on Talkdesk TD Holds Office Hours Client Excellence Continued Dedicated Support 24x7 Issue Resolution Regular Check-ins Strategic Reviews Partnership for Growth Partner Engagement Partner Led Implementation Partner Activity Talkdesk Activity Validate Configuration and Integration Flow Validate Testing Plan Go Live PlanValidate Discovery Report