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Can you make sales reps actually care about your strategic partnership? (Michele Albanese, Drift)

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SaaS Connect 2019 (San Francisco, CA).

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Can you make sales reps actually care about your strategic partnership?
by Michele Albanese, Partner Program Manager, Drift

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Can you make sales reps actually care about your strategic partnership? (Michele Albanese, Drift)

  1. 1. Finding the Black Swan between companies.
  2. 2. I’m Michele. Partner Success,
  3. 3. Drift is the .new way. businesses buy from businesses. 150,000+ companies have turned to Drift to convert more website visitors & create a faster path to revenue.
  4. 4. Drift is Conversational Marketing..
  5. 5. .Conversational Marketing. enables companies to shorten their sales cycle, understand their customers, and create a more human buying experience on your website.
  6. 6. INSTANTLY RESPOND 24 x 7 x 365 1
  9. 9. BONUS We believe in an open future. 4
  10. 10. We want to partner with the company’s our customers are already using.
  11. 11. What’s in it for me?
  12. 12. BLACK SWAN: A small or large piece of information that has a high impact on the implementation of a negotiated agreement. Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference
  13. 13. The thing that neither party is aware of when we start conversation, but if we’re able to uncover it brings the other party to our side of the table.
  14. 14. 1
  15. 15. Who is Marketo?
  16. 16. Why was Drift looking to partner?
  17. 17. Marketo has the largest immediate Ideal Customer Fits for Drift. For Drift, it’s the fastest path to revenue.
  18. 18. Conflict: Marketo thought we were trying to be competitive. In late 2017 we started to create an email product.
  19. 19. Resolution: We found the Black Swan.
  20. 20. Customers aside, Drift drives contacts into the Marketo Database. More Contacts = Expansion & Adoption of Marketo .
  21. 21. 2
  22. 22. Who is LinkedIn Sales Nav?
  23. 23. Why is Drift looking to partner?
  24. 24. The CDR. (Conversational Development Rep)
  25. 25. The Conversation Development Rep → Goal of a CDR: More qualified meetings, faster.
  26. 26. Bring tools that CDRs are already using using to our platform.
  27. 27. Conflict: LinkedIn not interested in chat, interested in our customers.
  28. 28. Resolution: Found the Black Swan.
  29. 29. People using LinkedIn Sales Nav drives InMail credits .
  30. 30. 3
  31. 31. Ability to personalize a web page, ABM and more.
  32. 32. Why Drift was looking to partner?
  33. 33. We believe in an open future. We want to meet our buyers with the tools they’re already using.
  35. 35. Conflict: What’s in it for Demandbase? We already had a partnership with Clearbit.
  36. 36. Resolution: Found the Black Swan.
  37. 37. We gave their product the first opportunity to be tied to revenue directly.
  38. 38. Conversational Advertising.
  39. 39. Conversational ABM.
  40. 40. We became Demandbase’s most innovative integration in 2018.
  41. 41. CTA: Take your interests aside, through conversations, find the unique thing that brings the company to your side of the table.
  42. 42. Always look for the Black Swan.
  43. 43. THANK YOU! malbanese@drift.com @mish_albanese