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DeepFakes H4D Stanford 2019

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DeepFakes H4D Stanford 2019

  1. Team DeepFakes Vishal Sandesara, In-Q-Tel, Problem sponsor Mark Breier, In-Q-Tel, Problem sponsor Todd Basche, Entrepreneurship Mentor Lt. Cl. Jay Garcia, DIUX, Mentor Diego Cervantes, Stanford, TA Support Team Nikita Demir Computer Science Manan Rai Computer Science Samantha Feuer International Relations Valeria Rincon Political Science Original Problem Statement Deepfakes can distort our perception of the truth and we need to develop a strategy to improve their detection Sponsor 102 Interviews Final Problem Statement Commercial fact checkers cannot cope with the volume of images and videos requested and the manual time-intensive labor required. We need to speed this up.
  2. What is a Deepfake? Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks for synthetically manipulating or generating fake videographic content
  3. Weeks 1-2: Our Original Assumptions BENEFICIARIES ● Media organizations ● Intelligence Agencies ● White House and the executive branch ● Everyday person We assumed that: ● Deepfakes are a current problem ● Technology already exists to automatically detect them. ● Our main beneficiary would exist within the Intelligence Community
  4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks We thought we had it figured outMorale ● Jumped straight to the solution without really understanding the problem ● Teaching team told us to take a step back and talk to who we thought our beneficiaries were
  5. Confidentiality causing roadblocks - IC Tech Director - Deepfakes Team No, sorry. Could you walk us through a day in the life? Not really, sorry... Could you give us some info on what you are seeing daily? Is there something that could make your life easier? Automatic detection would be great.
  6. Key Insight 1: Main beneficiaries are not the Intelligence Community Forensic Analysts WE REALISED We need to find a proxy.
  7. Social Media and News organizations as proxies? "We don't want to be social arbiters of truth." - Representative of Facebook News Team "Many small and middle-sized newsrooms do not debunk their own news stories. They work with third- party fact-checkers to do that." - Journalist from CNN
  8. Accurate depiction of team meetings at this point
  9. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks Morale We spent 2-3 weeks in painful customer discovery Didn’t know who has DeepFake problem Jumped to solution
  10. Everything converged towards the fact-checker "A lot of newsrooms don’t debunk their own news stories. They work with fact checkers to do that. " - Journalist from VRT (Belgian Newspaper) "We have partnered with a number of fact-checking organizations globally." - Facebook News Team Representative "We hire contracting agencies to fact-check content our algorithms miss." - Music Operations Manager
  11. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks We found beneficiary proxies: Commercial Fact- Checkers!Morale PIVOT! Jumped to solution Didn’t know who has this problem
  12. Are deepfakes the fact-checker’s problem? "Deepfakes are a really narrow and emergent slice of a long-standing misinformation problem." - Freelance fact-checker "Deepfakes are just one of the problems we will be facing in the next few years. In general it's going to become more difficult to tell what is fake and what isn't across all mediums." - Fact-checker from Storyful
  13. What type of fake content is really a problem? Shallow Fakes Using traditional/simple methods, ex: CGI, Photoshop, iMovie. DeepFakes Any fake content synthetically manipulated or generated using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks
  14. Key Insight 2: Deepfakes are not a current problem for commercial fact- checkers because they are too rare. What is the problem? Shallow Fakes
  15. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks Deepfakes are not the problem today! Morale PIVOT! Focus on Shallow Fakes Jumped to solution Didn’t know who has this problem Focus on commercial fact-checkers
  16. Key Insight 3: Fact-checkers have three pain points: “You have to know I just devoted 4 hours of my life to this and I have to move on.” - Fact Checker and Journalist, Storyful 1. There is too much content to fact-check
  17. Key Insight 3: Fact-checkers have three pain points: “Stories are getting shorter so they can push more content out, and my deadlines for fact-checking are getting tighter and tighter." - Fact Checker and Journalist, Storyful 2. The timelines are getting shorter
  18. Key Insight 3: Fact-checkers have three pain points: “Everyone has their own tricks and methodologies for fact- checking.” - Fact Checker and Journalist, Storyful 3. There is no standard method for fact-checking
  19. ~20 mins ~1 hour ~4 hours - days The Fact-Checker workflow is long and manual Input Looking at online proliferation Looking at content Researching source Output
  20. So, what can we do to speed this up?
  21. MVP for Fact-Checkers: “A Forensic Tools Platform” Pros: ● All in one place ● Automatically run ● We have the experts Turn Fact-Checkers Into Superheros!
  22. Fact-checkers loved our MVP! International Workshop on Misinformation
  23. Talked to industry fact-checkers and journalists And many more....
  24. Key Insight 4: Our MVP will be very useful to commercial fact-checkers “We’d definitely use that!” - General Manager of Newsguard, a Source-of-Truth Verification Platform “This looks great! Journalists don't need lists, they need a product that puts fact-checking tools all in one place.” - Former Jerusalem Bureau Chief for Washington Post
  25. "I have trouble keeping track of what I’ve worked on and how much time I’ve spent fact-checking a piece" - Freelance fact-checker From continuously talking to fact-checkers we identified areas for improvement
  26. Users made our MVP better
  27. “There are hardly a 100 full-time fact-checkers in the United States.” - Former Interactive Technology Director at the Associated Press Key Insight 5: We need to look for money in other places “I hope you’re not doing this for money because the majority of fact-checking organizations have no money.” - Founder of PolitiFact
  28. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks But, how would we make money?Morale Jumped to solution Didn’t know who has this problem Focus on commercial fact-checkers Focus on Shallow Fakes
  29. Key Insight 6: There are potential funders
  30. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks Found other potential funding avenues!Morale Focus on commercial fact-checkers How would we make money?Didn’t know who has this problem Jumped to solution Focus on Shallow Fakes Funding opportunities identified
  31. “If you can help big organizations save money by protecting brand reputation, they will take this product out of your hands.” - Ziff-Davis "We have companies concerned about brand reputation that pay us to disrupt manipulative online campaigns and maintain brand integrity." - Fact-checker at New Knowledge Key Insight 6: Brand Protection is another vertical we can influence
  32. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Weeks GOING FORWARD...Morale We have a dual- use product! Jumped to solution Didn’t know who has this problem Focus on commercial fact-checkers How would we make money? Focus on Shallow Fakes Funding opportunities identified
  33. Next Steps: We have a Dual-Use Product with Product-Market Fit ● IC Analysts and Commercial Fact-checkers have similar workflows ● Brand Reputation is a new vertical for us to intervene in ● Perfect time to intervene, with growing awareness and more tools
  34. Introducing De Facto Labs Transitioning from Fake to Real Manan Rai Samantha Feuer Valeria Rincon De Facto Labs provides the public and private sectors with innovative technologies to tackle the misinformation problem by leveraging our aggressive market research and top expert knowledge to efficiently automate manual workflows.
  35. Thank You! @defactolabs defacto.labs De Facto Labs info@defactolabs.co Want to know more?
  36. Acknowledgements Teaching Team Col. Pete Newell, Ret Steve Blank Steve Weinstein Tom Bedecarré Jeff Decker Nate Simon Mackenzie Burnett Diego Solorzano Aidan McCarty Sponsor Vishal Sandesara Mark Breier Zigfried Hampel-Arias Nina Lopatina Mentors Lt. Col. Jay Garcia Todd Basche