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Beneficiaries Mission AchievementMission Budget/Costs Buy-In/Support Aggregate db Lessons Learned H4Dip Stanford 2016

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Mission AchievementMission Budget/Costs
Value PropositionKey Activities
Key Resources
Key Partners
Santiago - Writing report about Boko Haram
Tyler - Analyzing relationship between known
members of BH and unclassified actors
Will Meeker - Travels to Nigeria for 2 years to
generate contacts for CSO, get Santiago data
Embassy Staff:
LES: Locally engaged staff
Caroline: Economic/ Political Officer at small
Embassy in stable country
James/Steve: Economic/ Political Officer at large
Embassy in an unstable country
Nick: Public Diplomacy Officer at busy Embassy
S/ES& Special Projects
Kapil Gupta: Commitment to show off our
demonstrate prototype
John Janek:Will send our prototype to
Mauritania Embassy friends w/DCM
Foreign Nationals:(OMS): Office
Management Specialists and LES
To implement and upkeep
program at each embassy with
updated information about
contacts from events/meetings
Individual FSO buy-in
DCM to okay program at 1
embassy as test case and
delegate time for FSO’s and LES
to test/use
Kapil Gupta: Commitment to
show off our demonstrate
CSO Sponsor: Santiago Stocker
IDEO team leader for QDDR
A Dev Garden Consulting: TAP,
SBIR, Accelerator/Combinator
and Angel Funding consulting,
connections, proposal writing
Beta starts in Nigeria
Embassy, with Vanguard
newspaper(English) and
twitter hexagon of Abuja
Target 8 Countries in MENA-
Saudi, Israel, Qatar... when
NLP+AI perfected, final
contract from DOS when
product 3.0 ready for
world-wide deployment
Need CSO to continue
connecting us upstream w/
former clients and
downstream with data
sources in field
DCM initial support, for 1 or
more POL/ECON sections
FSO to implement first 10
names that come to mind,
LES long term key holders
Gives organizations the ability to
identify most important actors in
rapidly evolving situations using
data mined from a breadth of
people from all backgrounds can
analyze and filter relevant data
depending on their needs.
Suggestion: Perform
natural language processing
on news articles, twitter and
etc to extract categories and
information for informal
leaders. Suggest novel
contacts for each FSO based
on known network.
Improve CSO’s ability to write relevant reports by giving them tools for
passive “granular” data collection w/o Embassy involvement
Provide long-term contact management, node mapping software,
hierarchical ranking software, news feed of recent activity of known contacts
new contacts discovery
Contact suggestion that cuts reliable informant acquisition time in half
Current contact
management and
information collection
New contact discovery
and understanding
Previously published unclassified
reports commissioned by DOS
Nigerian news papers
gurdian, sahara Times, Punch,
Business day, Vanguard
Polis Backbone
SV companies /DOS projects who
are working in a similar space
aka SalesForce and Transparency
Immediate: MVP--> Prototype that integrates w/ DOS Blackberry
Classic and Windows XP... sweat equity
FY1: Deployment to 1 Embassy: Travel to Target Embassy, Legal
Fees for DOS Cloud Review, 200 contract hours with AI & UIXUX
FY2-4: NLP Non-Latin Script- LinguaSys GlobalNLP, Full Time AI
expert to perfect contact suggestion, travel for sales/lobbying
Value Proposition
Perform natural language processing on
twitter and RSS feeds to extract categories
and information for informal leaders.
Suggest novel contacts for each FSO based
on known network.

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