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Data mining

  1. Data Mining -BY Patil Sneha Thorat Ragini -From Government Polytechnic Mumbai, Bandra (E)
  2. INTRODUCTION  Why Data Mining?  What is Data Mining?  Data Mining – On What Kind of Data?  Data Mining Techniques  Applications Of Data Mining  Advantages & Disadvantages of Data Mining  Conclusion & References
  3. Why Data Mining?  Data Explosion Problem • Automated Data Collection tools & matured database technology lead to tremendous amount of data stored in database, data warehouses & other information repositories  Lots Of Data is Being collected & warehoused • Web Data ,E Commerce • Purchases Of Departments • Bank/Credit Transactions
  4. What is Data Mining?  Data Mining Is Process of analysing data from different perspectives & summarizing into useful information  Exploration & analysis, by automatic or semi automatic means of large quantities of data in order to discover meaningful patterns  Extraction of implicit, previously unknown & potentially useful information of data
  5. Data Mining – On What Kind of Data?  Data Warehouses  Relational database  Transactional database  Advanced DB & information repositories • Object oriented and object relational databases • Spatial Databases • Time Series Data & Temporal data • Text Databases & multimedia databases • WWW(World Wide Web)
  6. Data Mining Techniques  Classification And Prediction  Eg. Focused hiring  Cluster Analysis  Eg. Market Segmentation  Outlier Analysis  Eg. Fraud Detection  Association Analysis  Eg. Market Basket Analysis  Evolution Analysis  Eg. Forecasting Stock market index using Time series analysis
  7. Applications Of Data Mining Industry Applications Finance- Credit card Analysis Insurance- Claims, Fraud Analysis Telecommunication- Call Record Analysis Transport- Logistics Management Consumer Goods- Promotion Analysis Scientific Research- Image, Video, Speech Utilities- Power Usage Analysis
  8. Advantages & Disadvantages of Data Mining  Advantages of Data Mining  Marketing/Retail  Finance/Banking  Manufacturing  Governments  Disadvantages of Data Mining  Privacy Issues  Security Issues  Misuse of Information/Inaccurate Information
  9. Conclusion & References  Conclusion  Data mining brings a lot of benefits to business, society, governments as well as individual.  However privacy, security, and misuse of informa