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Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles

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Community-Based Watershed Forum, March 2012, Juneau Alaska. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

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Watershed Education and Outreach by Pam Randles

  1. 1. Takshanuk Watershed Council
  2. 2. Starting from your mission: The mission of Takshanuk Watershed Council is to provide stewardship for the Chilkat, Chilkoot and Ferebee River systems.  Through restoration, education, research, and community involvement we will benefit the natural ecology, economy and quality of life valued by all residents.
  3. 3. Identify Levels of Conserve involvemen t Mitigate Restore+ stewardship, educate, community = Goals for program
  4. 4. A FrameworkFrom Promoting Powerful People, Peace Corps Information Collection and Exchange T0104
  5. 5. Starvin’ Marvin and Marvin’s GardenListen and ObserveDiscuss & DecideTry Something
  6. 6. Teacher Support
  7. 7. Living in the Forest Presents LFP&CS & Citizen Science
  8. 8. Website
  9. 9. More informationWatershed WeeklyVideoBrochuresPublic ServiceAnnouncements
  10. 10. ChilkatForest EcoProductionsInvestigations
  11. 11. Beach and River Clean Up
  12. 12. Film Festivals
  13. 13. Collaborations
  14. 14. Tips•Listen and observe •Who is the audience? •It’s about relationships •You are a facilitator •Choose your battles •Develop temporary advisory groups •Keep track of participation•Start small and give programs time to grow •Persevere •Make it fun…or at least enjoyable •Remember what you enjoy •Publicize•You are not perfect; forgive yourself and learnfrom mistakes•Grant Project or program
  15. 15. TWC ProgramsSchool-BasedStarvin MarvinCFI CommunityEcoPro Living in the ForestTeacher Support Presents Beach and River Clean Up Website/Facebook Film Festivals Watershed Weekly Citizen Science Video GLOBE Informational Brochures Eagle Migration Collaborations Eagle Nest Fish Distribution Bird Observatory
  16. 16. Resources•GLOBE www.globe.gov•Journey North www.learner.org/jnorth•ADFG eLibrary www.adfg.alaska.gov•Invasive Plants aknhp.uaa.alaska.edu/botany/akepic/•Promoting Powerful People Peace Corps InformationCollection and Exchange T0104multimedia.peacecorps.gov/multimedia/pdf/library/T0104_promotingpower.pdf•AK Grade Level Expectationswww.eed.state.ak.us/tls/assessment/GLEHome.html•Coop Ext www.uaf.edu/ces/
  17. 17. Thank you