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100915 action plan short-term

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Short-term action plan for endemic tortoises protection in the Ala Maiky ecoregion

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100915 action plan short-term

  1. 1. WWF Madagascar/ West Indian Ocean Programme Office B.P. 738 (101) Antananarivo Madagascar Tel: +261 20 22 348 85 +261 20 22 304 20 +261 33 02 888 05/06 +261 32 07 888 05/06 Fax: +261 20 22 348 88 wwfrep@wanadoo.mg www.panda.org WWF– World Wide Fund For Nature (also known as World Wildlife Fund) Short-term action plan for endemic tortoises protection in the Ala Maiky ecoregion September 2010 Intervention sites Harvesting areas : 1. Mahafaly plateau coastal area: Itampolo (especially the southern part of it) and Androka - 2. Coastal area of Androy (Tsihombe, Cap Sainte-Marie) and inland Androy Consumption areas: East of Mahafaly plateau : Fotadrevo (via Gogogogo) - Toliara ( Vezo quartier) - Antananarivo Actions Details Lead Partners When? Cost (USD) 1. Integrate villages with significant tortoises population in existing communication network Tap in the active communication network established on marine resources management among fisher communities and integrate tortoises protection in its mandate. This network will be reinforced with the implication of civil society members (e.g; Voahary Gasy association) as well as through its extension to inland villages with significant tortoises populations (Ambalatsimiviky, Ankilibory etc). WWF (Nosy, Vola) Comité National Anti-Acridien, Brigades de Gendarmerie, Association Voahary Gasy 2010- 2011 12,000 2. Integrate tortoises protection in the contract of CBNRM 1 within Many of the CBNRM within Mahafaly Plateau will go through their renewal phase of their contracts and this constitutes an opportunity WWF (Olivier, Nosy), MNP DREF, TGRN 2010- 2011 COGESFOR 1 Community-Based Natural Resources Management
  2. 2. harvesting and transit zones to integrate clauses on communities’ role on tortoises conservation, tools and equipment they need to be equipped with to fulfill their mission. 3. Develop the ToR of the joint Commission with clauses stipulating the role of each actor and outcomes Instill a culture of transparency within the Joint commission by clear mandates and procedures for actions among stakeholders. Alignment with the Joint commission dedicated for stemming the deforestation in PK32 Ranobe and Amoron’i Onilahy protected areas need to be established. WWF (Bernardin) , DREF Gendarmes, justice, OPCI 2010 2,100 4. Lobby for the establishment of success in the fight against tortoises trafficking as a criteria for carrier promotion among gendarmes working in Ala Maiky Work closely with the national command of the gendarmerie to ensure that arrests and seizures linked to tortoises trafficking are among criteria for carrier promotion. (The fact that the minister of environment is a gendarme might facilitate this move) WWF (Nanie, Ndranto) Commandement Gendarmerie, minister MEF 2010 -- 5. Support the intervention of the marine brigade in undercover and unexpected actions against tortoises trafficking Though expensive, the intervention of this unit will stimulate the local brigades. It will conduct sudden raid and thanks to its independence from local authorities, it is shielded from any local influence. It is proposed the marine brigade intervenes once a year. WWF(Tiana, Nanie), commandement gendarmerie, MEF Commandement Gendarmerie, Ministre MEF 2010- 2011- 2012 2,400 2 6. Motivate local communities to get involved in monitoring tortoises trafficking Establish a contest between villages on their effectiveness (i) to detect and stop tortoises threats within the areas they are managing, (ii) to inform the joint commission on the harvesting or any transit, (iii) to maintain healthy populations of tortoises. One way to do this would be to establish a formal contract (Contrat de conservation) where the mission of the communities, the equipment to conduct it and the prize for getting the mission done are clearly stipulated. Baseline data on the tortoises populations in each community’s territory will be collected as a reference. Initiatives with communities on tortoises can be enhanced by using social marketing approaches already tested in other countries on highly threatened species. The Rare Pride (www.rareconservation.org) concept will be applied using mascots, theatrical tours, stickers etc. It is also proposed to inspire from the WWF (Bernardin, Nosy) Villages Verts, RARE 2010- 2011- 2012 14,100 2 3 interventions a year
  3. 3. existing Green Villages that were set up across the Mahafaly Plateau. For these, prizes like water pumps, water transportation system etc are used to encourage communities to manage their territories with environmentally-sound measures. 7. Update and finalize WWF’s strategy on endemic tortoises This document along with the present priority action plan were presented to national and regional authorities on September 10 in Toliary (during the official hand over of the 300 tortoises seized in Singapore to the Village of Tortue at Ifaty). We consider that they constitute background document for the drafting of future national strategy on endemic tortoises. WWF (Tiana) 2010 -- 8. Publish an article on WWF’s decade experience to combat tortoises harvesting and poaching in the southern and southwestern regions of Madagascar: successes, failure and lessons learned. During the last 8 th Symposium on Turtle and tortoises in Orlando, the IUCN committed to relase a book focused on tortoises in Madagascar. This is a unique opportunity for WWF and its partners to show what has been done on tortoises since the establishment of Ala Maiky ecoregion and what WWF is planning for the next 5 year from now to stem the decline of tortoises populations in its intervention zones. WWF (Tiana) MNP 2010 -- 9. Develop a partnership document with TSA This document will outline WWF’s strategy and priority action for the next 5 years and highlight areas where partnership is recommended. WWF (Tiana) 2010 -- 10. Establish a linkage with Omaha Zoo projects and see how WWF can test and scale up what is done in Lavavolo area in terms of development actions Omaha Zoo’ development initiatives in Lavavolo (Itampolo commune) are worth to be tested in villages and CBNRM established in the southwest especially in Androka region. These initiatives consist of promoting fuel-economic stoves, testing of briquette made with Opuntia stricta (invasive), handy water transportation device and desalination system. WWF (Malika, Bernardin) Omaha zoo, GTZ and others to be identified 2010 -- 11. Support MEF in prosecuting tortoises traffickers and following up legal cases on tortoises at the tribunal Environmental and low officers, representatives from communities, NGOs will be trained by a lawyer on legal procedures (development of statement of offence, judicial circuits etc.) and informed on the mechanism of the judicial system. Meeting with justice officers will be organized to ensure that all stakeholders have the same understanding of the laws and an agreed monitoring system established WWF (Bernardin) Justice 2010 6,100
  4. 4. 12. Reinforce and accelerate development initiatives in collaboration with development specialists Development activities should bring tangible benefits to gain communities’ heart for conservation. Alternatives to tortoises meat (e.g. short-cycle farming) need to be promoted quickly. Nonetheless these actions have to be based on sound understanding of social, cultural and economical drivers behind tortoises harvesting to ensure the initiatives are appropriate to stem the trafficking. Linkages with development specialists will be sought and partnership established whenever and wherever possible WWF (Malika, Bernardin) CARE, UNDP, WFP, Ministère agriculture etc 2010- 2011- 2012 6,500 13. Reinforce the role of the Research Group of Ala Maiky (GRAM) as the coordinator of research initiatives within the ecoregion by using tortoises as a test case The GRAM was established in March 2010 and is led by the University of Toliary. The GRAM will play a key role in maintaining a database on tortoises, coordinating and facilitating field research and ensuring fluid communication among research community working in the ecoregion. GRAM GRAM, Université Toliary, TSA 2010 2,600