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Social Media for B2B Companies - Updated, 2012

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Updated slides show 2012 research on social media network usage as a marketing tool among North American small to medium-sized business and industrial companies.

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Social Media for B2B Companies - Updated, 2012

  1. 1. Social Media for B2B Companies Should you be tweeting, blogging and podcasting toSarah SturtevantPresident, reach more customers?Integrated Website Solutions Inc.
  2. 2. AgendaThe socially connected industrial companySocial Media: What, Why & How?Latest Stats, Facts & Figures on SocialMedia for B2B Companies & IndustriesSocial Media Tools
  3. 3. Outbound “Push Marketing” is Inefficient Traditional “Push Marketing”: You are in control of the message you push out along with how or when it is received by prospects. But those prospects may not NEED what you sell at that moment.Some “Pushy” Tactics: direct mail print catalogues cold calling trade shows print magazine ads static brochure-ware sites
  4. 4. It’s 2012 – times have changed! Digital “Pull Marketing”: Your customers are in control. They search for your products or services online at that exact moment they HAVE a need. If they find your site, they decide how and when to act.Some “Pull” Tactics: search engine optimization detailed online catalogues interactive websites social media networks Pull marketing is also know as “inbound marketing”
  5. 5. Where are your customers? 97 % of industrial buyers use the internet to research buying decisions Are you spending the majority of your marketing dollars online – where you can brand more effectively when buyers have a need? Source, ThomasNet Industrial Marketer
  6. 6. Social Media 101“The social media train has already left the station.Are you on it?” Web 1.0: company-centric, one-directional communication from a website to its audience. It shouts: “Buy our stuff … we’re the best!” Social Media Communication: customer-centric, interactive information sharing, collaboration and community-building online. It asks: “How can we serve you better? We want to get to know you.” Social Media Sites Influence Customers & Help Drive Customer Retention Flickr Photo: ragtops2000
  7. 7. “End users who previously couldn’t vote forcontent via links from web pages are now able tovote for content via their clicks, bookmarks, tagsand ratings. These are very strong signals tosearch engines, and best of all, they don’t relyon the elitism of one website owner linking toanother or the often mediocre crawl of a dumbbot.” -- Mike Grehan, “New Signals to Search Engines”
  8. 8. Today, social media sites allow ordinarypeople to go beyond simply consuminginformation; they can now produce andpublish it on multiple channels. They canalso share brand recommendations withtheir social media followers using “like”buttons or by re-tweeting (sharing) abrand’s post.
  9. 9. … but ignoring social media networks doesn’tprevent your customers from talking about yourcompany on these sites.
  10. 10. So doesn’t it make sense to find out whatsocial sites your customers use, listen tothem and then join the conversations soyou can influence them?
  11. 11. Reasons Why B2B CompaniesDon’t Participate in Social Media “it’s a passing fad” “only kids are on these social sites” “we don’t have time” “we’re not sure how to get started” “if we do get started, we don’t know how to maintain our social sites” “it might be a time-waster with no ROI”
  12. 12. How do growing companies market? 1950 - 2000 2000 - 2050 Source: Hubspot @rickburnes
  13. 13. Other companies have successfullyused social media to: drive more traffic to their company websites acquire new customers build customer loyalty and retention gain valuable market research for innovation develop a community of virtual “brand advocates” increase search engine exposure from multiple social sites maximize the positive public relations “buzz” for their brands -- one conversation at a time
  14. 14. Why Is Social Media Vital toIndustrial B2B Companies? Social Media networked customers are connected and have great influence.“Connected consumers are only growing in size, magnitude and influence. Ignoring them is a step towards digital Darwinism.” -- Brian Solis
  15. 15. Social Media & Business 65% of the world’s top companies have a an active Twitter profile 90% of marketers use social channels for business 43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social media participation 91% of experienced social marketers see improved website traffic due to social media campaigns and 79% are generating more quality leads LinkedIn is 4X better for B2B lead generation than Facebook and Twitter Only 10% of marketers are actively monitoring social media ROI Source: 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012, @carapring
  16. 16. Social Media & Small Business 53% of small businesses are using social media 88% believe exposure is the biggest benefit 19% use Facebook, 15% LinkedIn and 4% Twitter 12% think it’s a must, 24% do it when they have the time and 14% say they don’t know enough about it Source: 99 New Social Media Stats for 2012, @carapring
  17. 17. Social Media & Industrial B2B More than 63% of industrial buyers use social media at least once a week to research and source suppliers 7 out of 10 of small and mid-size suppliers (68%) are already engaging with prospects through social media 68% of industrial buyers want to read about new product or service innovations To reach new customers, overseas and at home, nearly 9 out of 10 product and custom manufacturers (86%) are investing in online marketing this year and more than half are increasing these investments 56% of industrial buyers recommend that suppliers who are interested in doing business with them establish a social media presence Source: Thomas Industrial Purchasing Barometer @ThomasNet
  18. 18. Don’t Jump in Without a Plan Before you engage in social media, you need to figure out a strategy which has benchmarks and measurable objectives.
  19. 19. Social Media Sites Are Just Tools … Not Silver Bullets Once you define your objectives, some tools will be more appropriate than others
  20. 20. Here are a few social media sitesworth checking out…
  21. 21. Being Social Online:It’s not just a fad for kids anymore 2/3 of US online adults use social networking sites Percent of internet users by age using social sites: 92 % of young adults aged between 18-29, 73% of 30 - 49 year olds, 57% of those aged 50 – 64 Since 2009, social media use by 50- 64 year has doubled Source: Aaron Smith, Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project, 2012
  22. 22. Google + Since its launch in June 2011, Google + crossed the 90 million users mark by January 2012 – its rival Facebook took 4 years to reach this point. By September 2012, it attracted 200 million active users worldwide. Google + content is featured on Google’s new search results page called “Search Plus Your World” introduced in January 2012. Google features social data from Google + and Twitter updates. It excludes Facebook due to privacy issues and its inability to deeply crawl this social site. Search Plus Your World includes personal content from those in your social circles which can be turned off
  23. 23. LinkedIn A network linking over 150 million professionals world- wide - LinkedIn counts executives from all Fortune 500 companies as members - More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages - LinkedIn members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than 1 million LinkedIn Groups
  24. 24. Some LinkedIn Tips Personal branding pages should highlight professional achievements Include references and work-related content you publish (i.e. blogs, presentations etc.) Company branding pages should include a logo, pictures, videos and a link to your company website.
  25. 25. Twitter A micro-blogging site that is not just for announcing to the world what you had for lunch! Definition: A “Tweet” is a post on Twitter of 140 characters or less Goal: Don’t just collect followers, engage them by creating valuable, share-worthy content!
  26. 26. “Tweets from the Chiefs”:Some CEO’s on TwitterRob Howard, Telligent CEOTwitter helps Telligent with customer feedback (positive and negative),keeping a pulse on the industry, and its a great way to get some buzz goingquickly. Source: BusinessWeek
  27. 27. Jeff Booth, BuildDirect President and CEO“Twitter helps me start relationships.Many of those relationships that would have never started withoutTwitter have already become meaningful for our business.I have found that the best way to create relationships is to give toothers. This is the same for Twitter.I try to engage with users rather than to sell to them. I try to add value.” Source: BusinessWeek
  28. 28. Facebook Company Page As of 2012 Facebook has over 900 million active users The 35 + demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base There are 206.2 million internet users in the US. That means 71.2% of the US web audience is on Facebook 70% of the Facebook user base resides outside the US Facebook has become one of the most trusted companies in America, and people spend three times more time there than on Google! So, should your company have a Facebook page?
  29. 29. Corporate Blogs:Indium Corp. Case Study 75-year electronics assembler in Clinton, NY Began with one corporate blog in 2005 Now has 10 blogs on their site written by 15 staff members ROI includes more engaged customers, increased leads, reduced costs
  30. 30. Since publication, this blog hashad over 1,200 views.
  31. 31. Some Social Media Do’s andDon’ts Listen - don’t pitch Entertain – make people laugh Educate - Share helpful information Listen some more Ask questions - solicit feedback/market research Link people to your company blog/website for special offers or more information Above all, be a transparent and trustworthy community member
  32. 32. Thomas Industrial Network:Managed Social Media CampaignsThomasNet.com will partner with you to position yourbusiness as a thought-leader in your industry on key socialmedia channels, optimize your search engine exposure,increase your site traffic and protect your corporate brand:- Account set-up, monthly interviews, content creation and up to 2weekly posts per site on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedInsocial media networks- Set-up of Blog service with one monthly post- Set-up of YouTube account with provided video
  33. 33. For more information, contact:Sarah SturtevantPresidentIntegrated Website Solutions Inc.Phone: (519) 342-8551Twitter: @sarahsturtevantGoogle + : www.gplus.to/sarahsturtevantFacebook: www.facebook.com/IntegratedWebsiteSolutionsLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/industryonlineEmail: thomasnet@sympatico.ca