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SXSW15 Brain food

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A round up of transformative technology from SXSW 15. Enjoy the brain food

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SXSW15 Brain food

  1. 1. SARAH MAY 2015 @jaded_jasmine tumblr/percolatethis linkedin.com/in/curiouschameleon Sarah.may@ogilvy.com.au
  2. 2. Every year the tech literati descends on SXSW in Austin to geek out on transformative technology. I was lucky enough to be one of the largest 33,000 crowd in history exploring AI, VR, socialbots and the shifting engagement ecosystem. New to the roster were fashion wearables, material cultures, NASA, a few Hollywood faves in Ryan Gosling, Jessica Alba and Hip Hop legends RZA and Snoop Dogg. Here is what I took away from the festival. Do get in touch with me to explore these further and potentially collaborate on some of your business challenges. Sarah May Strategy Planner @Ogilvy Public Relations Sydney ATTENTION IS THE NEW CURRENCY Jason Schlossberg Chief Creative Officer @ Kwitten + Company SARAH MAY 2015
  3. 3. @jaded_jasmine SARAH MAY 2015
  5. 5. Evidence of the want of CONNECTION: 6 billion phones in the world vs. 4.5 billion toilets. FRIENDSHIP is definitely evolving: from 150 friends since the beginning of the civilization to 300 on Facebook today. Brands will replace salaries of sales associates with incentives to INFLUENCERS. Live social CUSTOMER SERVICE will be standard, but via video by 2020. There will be infinite PATHS TO PURCHASE. CONTENT trump profiles, a trend lead by Teens. Move from connection to RELEVANCE-BASED PLATFORMS. SOCIAL LIVE VIDEO everywhere. More Choice. Tailored. Scripted reality will be big in social - users feel connected to the characters. Manish Mehta Chief Product Officer @ Spredfast SARAH MAY 2015 Seeing 20:20
  6. 6. Periscope & Meerkat What’s the fuss all about? Meerkat stole the show at SXSW. Users connect via Twitter to live stream via their mobile devices and see/engage with live comments. Differences: Twitter’s app Periscope has a big advantage letting users automatically tweet live streams to followers. Meerkat streams are public-only and live-only. Periscope lets users limit who can see their broadcasts and offers viewers to send heart icons to streamers akin to FB’s like. Video streams can be saved and replayed later. Meerkat seems to have 9 lives or innovative uses including: 1. Behind the scenes footage 2. Real estate showings 3. CEO up close and personals 4. Reporting live 5. Speaking to fans directly 6. Impromptu performances 7. Competitions 8. Brands offering more access 9. Launching new products live. SARAH MAY 2015 What’s the potential and watch outs? From streaming news to travel adventures and weddings to families overseas, the possibilities are there for people and celebrities. For brands early adopters Spotify posted a behind-the-scenes video of Villager’s front man. Mountain Dew created a “Stop and say what’s up” table of swag. Red Bull published their Red Bull Guest House pushing out to Twitter and Snapchat. DKNY gave users a first look into it fashion closet. The Verge compared the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones bringing in 400 live viewers. Other brands slow coming to live streaming are still working through the legal issues. Key watchouts: 1. Celebrities could sue you 2. Yes, you still need people to sign a release 3. Frame your shot and control the environment 4. Risk assess potential issues with defamation, libel, slander, copyright and trademarks.
  7. 7. Yik Yak What’s the fuss all about? The app allows users to post and view text-only “yaks” within a 10 mile radius, and to do so anonymously. Users also have the option to “peek” into other locations feeds, but can only post to their own location. “Up votes” and “down votes” give the community an opportunity to respond to what they see. Five down votes will get a post removed all together. SARAH MAY 2015 What’s the potential and watch outs? Yik Yak offers the unique advantage of being hyper-local, increasing the odds that yaks will be relevant to its 10,000 monthly active users. Yik Yak Founders defended themselves against criticism over cyberbullying: “95 percent of their users are college students, with “very little” cyberbullying and threats…we have better filters and allowing users to offer more details when reporting potential abuse.” Until the platform opens up, it is a strategic way to tap into students. Current priorities are international growth and keeping up with college users after they graduate. A group of professors at Colgate University recently filled the campus feed with positive messages during finals week. Although the stunt confused some at first, it was well received overall.
  8. 8. SARAH MAY 2015 Scripted reality will be big in social Live social customer service will be standard Influencers will be on brand’s payroll Meerkat has 9 lives / uses
  10. 10. What it means for the future? 1. Commerce provides the opportunity for media companies to not just think about share of attention but also share of wallet 2. The distance between inspiration and the point of purchase has come together 3. The media company of the future will figure out a way to directly monetise its users 4. How? Relevant content: content in the funnel, content for sale, content in a box, content at a venue 5. Examples of turning readers into buyers: Thrillist + Jack Threads + Super Compressor, New York Times + Warby Parker, Into the Gloss, and ESPN + Brooks Brothers SARAH MAY 2015 Ben Lerer CEO & Co Founder @ Thrillist Back to the future of media The reality of media today The world is digital; mobile is the first screen; content distribution tools are available to anyone and publishers are born overnight; audience scale is a commodity; brands are now publishers; social communication continues to evolve; data and research tools are easily accessible, and traditional revenue models are becoming harder and harder to scale. Simultaneously, for the first time ever, users consume media in the same place where they buy things.
  11. 11. Distracted, discerning and demanding audiences expect to do things exactly the way they want. Customization is the name of the game… The real new screen is no screen at all. SARAH MAY 2015 Geoffrey Long Technical Dir Research Fellow @ USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Francesca Marie Smith Research Associate @ USC Annenberg Innovation Lab
  12. 12. SARAH MAY 2015 Storytelling with new screens Geoffrey Long Technical Dir Research Fellow @ USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Francesca Marie Smith Research Associate @ USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Alisa Katz Research Affiliate @ USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Tangible storytelling AR + Wearable storytelling VR + 360 degree storytelling Give customers the ability to make exactly what they want Winklebeans are hand crafted, American made, all natural wooden monsters with interchangeable pieces. When you move elements of the toys, the story changes on screen in real time. Childsown is another example. Collapse the distance between reality and fiction Extend the story into everyday and reward actions for the experience. How do we tell stories with your wearable watch? You need to get around the scale issue e.g. Perry the Platypus at Epcot. Subtitles are coded into digital prints of film with wearables letting you access them. Tell stories around us in real time What if families could also see the Hogwarts Express when they visit platform nine and three quarters? And what if they could be on the Hogwarts Express and see through the eyes of any of the characters? So they are a part of the story themselves.
  13. 13. Lessons from Buzzfeed SARAH MAY 2015 1. Don't force people to use your content based on your business model. Enable their native behaviour. 2. Pay attention to what people say when they share content = ‘share statement’ 3. Buzzfeed’s new model = network integration. We don't care where content lives. 4. Think intention. Our intention is to change minds, not get clicks. 5. The dress. It’s not about finding the trend. Get the process in place that allows you to learn what increases value of content over time so you’re prepared when trending thing happens. John Peretti CEO & Co Founder @ Buzzfeed
  14. 14. Behind the GIF: the future of online visual culture SARAH MAY 2015 WHAT? Gifs capture an emotion and reaction and serve as a vehicle for expressing it. They’re a silent way to understand human emotion TYPES? 80% of GIFs come from movies and TV. Key categories: animals, WTF, really weird, really really weird, Nicolas Cage, Patrick Stewart VIRALITY? Beginning, middle and end like a movie. Capture an emotion that wasn’t captured before. Be authentic BEST? White house, Robert Redford ATTRIBUTION? Giphy finds the source and attributes. They also match Gif artists with brands e.g. H&R Block ‘Make it rain’ Victoria Taylor Dir of comms @ Reddit Alex Chung CEO & Co Founder @ Giphy Tim Hwang Dir of Marketing @ Imgur Selena Larson Journalist @ The Daily Dot
  15. 15. SARAH MAY 2015 Inspiration and the point of purchase are closer together Customisation captures the distracted, discerning and demanding audiences Pay attention to the share statement to propagate like bzfd Tell stories through Gifs by expressing a human emotion that has not been told before
  17. 17. Rothblatt’s perfect track record in making her visions real Cured her daughter’s life threatening disease pulmonary hypertension with the invention of the Orenitram. Bina 48 the humanoid robot of Rothblatt’s second wife is complete with memories, feelings and beliefs. Developing artificial intelligence mind clones where digital copies of our minds coexist with our fleshy selves. Has set about creating an unlimited supply of transplantable organs. While doing all this came out as a transwoman and wrote the book: The Apartheid of Sex: A Manifesto on the freedom of Gender. AI, Immortality and the Future of Selves A MIND CLONE is a cyber consciousness, an identity that transcends our body with mannerisms, feelings, memories and beliefs of our own. It’s not us vs. cyberspace, we are one. Future issues: open sourced mindware technology, divorcing, cyber psychiatry, euthanasia. UNLIMITED ORGANS aimed at eliminating genomic incompatibilities via xenotransplantation (animal-human), GM pig lived 8 days, transforming unusable lung into a transplantable condition and 3D printing organs injected with stem cells. CQ LOVE DO: be curious, question authority, love yourself and do it. Martine Rothblatt CEO & Founder @ United Technologies SARAH MAY 2015
  18. 18. Bina 48 meets Bina Watch this SARAH MAY 2015
  19. 19. The value equation of #socialrobots? The interpersonal side to robots puts a different perspective on AI questions. Now it’s about the SOCIAL AND EMOTIVE SIDE, not just cognitive side which most people are comfortable with. The emotive side is new, disruptive and controversial. Referencing book Decartes Error ’94 cognitive behaviour influences emotion. EMOTION + COGNITION = ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOURS. Emotion + social = intelligence. On the tough issues, social bots are for welfare vs. disingenuous e.g. BigHero6, in partnership vs. replacing people, IMPROVING OUR INTERACTIONS VS. DEHUMANISING us. It’s democratised access humanised service and support. SARAH MAY 2015 Personal side to robots Dr. Cynthia Breazeal Professor @ MIT, CEO & Founder of Jibo If you’re still feeling uncomfortable. Watch this
  20. 20. SARAH MAY 2015 Socialbot examples Autom A personal health coach for weight management. Tests found vs. computer/fitbits: there was more engagement, more trust, teamwork, bonding and results. Kizmit For the Zizmit robot imitation leads to reactive emotion and a primitive form of empathy. It’s through a simple form of learning, social learning of ‘affect’ through tone of voice, word choice, focus of attention that the Kizmit behaves. Learning bot Is a story companion robot that builds vocabulary and curiosity using an interactive app.
  21. 21. Blabdroid A tiny film making robot housed in cardboard that can talk to interview subjects and film content. Robot petting zoo Nikko A mind control monkey drone showing hands free flying. Ozobot Round toy robots that can be programmed to move and dance using different colour codes. Dar-1 A social robot with six legs that is designed to track your face and imitate your movements. SARAH MAY 2015
  22. 22. Drones for good: Journalism and Crowdsourced UAVs Aerosee Testing the use of drones with crowd- sourced help to reduce the time taken to locate and rescue a person in distress. AfricanskyCam Revolutionise frontline reporting by establishing Africa’s first drone journalism team at The Star publications in Kenya, with eventual expansion across Africa. AfricanSkyCam + VICE Exploring the different ways a drone can tell a story, beyond simply taking aerial images and video. The above three-dimensional model demonstrates one such storytelling application of a drone. African SkyCAM’s Ben Kreimer collaborated with VICE News, to do a story about Nairobi’s controversial Dandora dumpsite and the people surviving off its refuse. SARAH MAY 2015
  23. 23. SARAH MAY 2015 Drones for good: Journalism and Crowdsourced UAVs Ambulance drone A flying defibrillator able to reach heart attack victims within precious lifesaving minutes. Developed by Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, it can fly at speeds of up to 100km/h. Air shepherd Drones that have infrared cameras and GPS on them and can send back thermal images of animals and poachers. They’re electric, silent and invisible but provide the information operators use to rapidly vector rangers to the location of the poacher before he kills. The media needs to stop reporting drones in an alarmist way. Dickens Olewe, Fellow at Stanford @ The Star Kenya Privacy laws exist that apply to drones like Google maps. The UK government has taken a risk based approach. There’s a 3 day certification required for commercial use (non-hobbyist) where you need evidence of competence, knowledge of regulations and third party insurance. Darren Ansell, Space and Aeerospace lead@ UCLan
  24. 24. SARAH MAY 2015 It’s not us vs. cyberspace, we are one Socialbots are about partnership not replacement Drones for good, telling three dimensional stories Look out for blabdroids
  26. 26. SARAH MAY 2015 AeroMobil : Bringing the Flying Car Into Reality The rationale Travelling is hard: traffic, medium distance travel and infrastructure are limited. Infrastructure Minimum 200m air strips are needed for landing and refuelling. Key challenges Regulation and funding are still required to turn this from enthusiast to mass market uptake. Competition There are 10+ competitors in the race for commercialisation but AeroMobil is most market ready.
  27. 27. SARAH MAY 2015 AeroMobil 3.0 Watch this
  28. 28. In 2030s humans will be on Mars Small steps and giant leaps You need things to sustain you e.g. from the radiation, harnessing gravity. First we need a proving ground to test if we can be earth dependent. The future? In 2018 we’ll be sending astronauts to do a deep retrograde orbit. Buzz Aldrin has strong views about one way missions which I don’t share. EFT 1 Orion l This is the rocket that will take us to mars SARAH MAY 2015 NASA’s Next Giant Leap: The Journey to Mars Todd May Program Manager @ NASA's Space Launch System
  29. 29. SARAH MAY 2015 Google X: Moonshots and reality Google [x] The semi-secret moonshot factory for new technology. Pipeline projects: cheaper wind turbines, smart contact lens that measures glucose and the nano particle that detects cancer “We take the risk level of research with the maniacal nature of start ups.” Project Lune Has the ambitious goal connecting 4bn people to the internet. “We designed the first balloons to fail. Some failures are unexpected. The fluffiness of the socks mattered.” On failures Their teams have a harnessing failure culture where they simulate with real world data. “Failures are only expensive if you do them at the end. It’s about getting out in the real world as fast as possible.” Self driving car “The assumption that humans can be a reliable back up is a fallacy. That’s why we had to make it without the steering wheel and brake pedals” Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots @ Google [x]
  30. 30. SARAH MAY 2015 Flying cars for sale by 2017 In 2030s humans will be on Mars Failures are only expensive if you do them at the end It’s about getting out in the real world as fast as possible
  32. 32. SARAH MAY 2015 10 Inventions that will revolutionise retail David Roth CEO, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia @ WPP The Store Jon Bird Global Managing Dir @ Y&R Labstore 1. Holostores and AR The enduring success of the Oculus Rift and the launch of Microsoft HoloLens will open new possibilities for retailers: holostores, augmented reality, digital purchases. A good example is the Living History AR app showcasing the history of Kansas City’s Union Station. Meanwhile the viability of holographic technology in next gen Holostores is drawing closer e.g. Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision. 2. Shop Anywhere, Serve Anywhere Think virtual stylists. Retailers will move beyond a room to sell their products, to diverse environments that embody the brand and service all needs of the consumer wherever they are. This will be complemented by the social engagement in physical stores. Examples: Mobilibuy and Awear. 3. Smart Vending The next evolution sees Vending machines connected and built to communicate with customers and other machines. Examples: Sprinkles The World's First Cupcake ATM; Intel’s IT on the Go and Nespresso boutique at Barcelona airport, which looks like a store but is actually a big vending machine with an ATM interface. Watch this
  33. 33. SARAH MAY 2015 Microsoft Productivity Vision Watch this
  34. 34. SARAH MAY 2015 10 Inventions that will revolutionise retail 4. Sentiment Stores The store of the future will not only have a brain it will also sense. The integration of intelligence through sensory feedback will provide deeper engagement. Personlised and accurate store guidance, product information aligned to stock levels, and iBeacons will make marketing targeted and efficient. Examples: eBay Rebecca Minkoff store and Guide Dots for the visually impaired. 5. Intelligent Shelves Shelves won't be just places to display products. They will ultimately recognise the customer, connect and interact with customers/mobile devices to understand his/her needs and wants in that exact moment meanwhile replenishing stock levels. Flexible and foldable displays will allow a tiny item to be transformed into a screen. Examples: The Dove intelligent shelf to detect a shopper’s age and gender offering personalised skincare solutions. 6. On-demand merchandise Personalised products are now being created in relative real time – both online and offline like Converse SF store and Bite Lip Lab for customised lipstick. 3D printing is just the start. Looking to the future: 4D printing adds the element of time. It’s unique because printed parts can still physically or chemically change by responding to the surrounding environment i.e. essentially constructing itself. 5D printing, or voxel manufacturing, is where elements of production can be added, arranged, rearranged, and even deconstructed by a machine. Watch this
  35. 35. SARAH MAY 2015 10 Inventions that will revolutionise retail 7. Off the Grid Retail Customers demand compelling and authentic experiences not just useful products. This trend is about developing technology-for-good and an ultra tailored experience that are real brand differentiators. Examples: Lima’s UTEC billboard that grows pollution-free food and Heineken’s solar powered cooler. 8. NFC and Wearable Payables Soon the whole wristband will become a screen. This last stage of the customer journey is undergoing a fast development thanks to the NFC and the Apple Pay system, that will finally make the wearable revolution the real deal for investors. Examples aside from Pay with Apple watch are: Barclays UK have a NFC wristband that enables “tap and go” payments and Disneyworld’s new iteration of magic wristbands at Be Our Guest restaurant. 9.Vibrant Data Smart machines can communicate without human intervention – in an ecosystem of smartphones, smartwatches, activity trackers, iBeacons, geo-fencing tools, virtual reality headsets etc. data can be gathered and analysed. The evolution of big data is taking these learnings and serving consumers better. Think considered vs. creepy. Examples: Rip Curl Search GPS. 10. Artificial Intelligence & Socialbots Digital avatars, AI and socialbots now convey emotion. In the future they’ll seamlessly move from the physical to digital. Examples: RoZie the Robot - your personal care robot. Refer to ‘Human Technology’ section for more examples.
  36. 36. SARAH MAY 2015 Wearables at the cusp of digital retail eras David Roth CEO, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia @ WPP The Store The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed” – There are already glimpses of the future out there – subject to a slightly slow adoption rate of some technologies. Jon Bird Global Managing Dir @ Y&R Labstore William Gibson ‘Noir prophet’ of cyberpunk sci-fi novels
  37. 37. SARAH MAY 2015 Fashion + wearables Feetz Digital shoe using 3D printing tech to personalise the fit of your shoe. Wristify A bracelet that heats or cools designed by Niccolo Casas. Krovert Designer jewellery with embedded chip technology to provide notifications through vibrations. Solepower A power generating shoe insole that can charge electronics.
  38. 38. SARAH MAY 2015 Fashion + wearables Flare Flare is a wearable navigation drone. The drone guides you through the city by flying several meters ahead until they reach their destination. Breathe Breathe is a wearable drone that protects against air pollution in the city. When levels become too polluted, the drone launches from the shoulder to supply fresh, filtered air. Scout Scout is a wearable drone that facilitates exercise and play. Once thrown into the air, Scout's propellers expand and it quickly becomes a fast-paced rock climbing game. Parasol Parasol is a wearable drone that shields against weather using onboard humidity sensors and a thermometer to signal the exact moment it needs to protect against solar rays, rain or snow.
  39. 39. SARAH MAY 2015 Defining the Next Generation Retail Experience: Fast Fashion Rent the runway provides designer dress and accessory rentals via online and retail stores We need to put UPS and FedEx out of business…We run the largest dry-cleaning business in the country…Data is the most important aspect to personalized, competitive online retail… Rent the Runway has 5 million customers, who are on average 30 years old and make $100,000 a year...They are smart. They are not using Rent the Runway to fill some emptiness today. Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Founder @ Rent the runway Stitchfix is an affordable and accessible personal styling service Delivering personalisation at scale is difficult at the $50 price point…Best in class tools and data science personalise the fix…Surveys have shown that women who use the service are time starved super women who are confident and wise with their money, not focused on impressing others…Adding links to customers Pinterest and Instagram help our stylists… Its one level above curation. Katrina Lake, CEO and Founder @ Stitch Fix Julie Bornstein, CMO @ Sephora With the evolution of social, there is more real, honest user feedback. As they feel protected behind the anonymity of the internet, this will affect positioning in store to combat that.
  40. 40. SARAH MAY 2015 Material Futures: How Designers Grow the Future The 4D Printed Dress Kinematics is the first clothing item to be printed as a single folded piece combining disciplines of design, physics simulation and digital fabric. A Mushroom Fungus tower The creation of living mycelium bricks made from mushroom fungus by start-up Evocative Design. Also used in an experimental tower structure at MoMA last year. Honey bees detect cancer A device that uses the olfactory senses of honey bees to recognise airborne molecules at the parts per trillion scale, to sense conditions such as lung, skin and pancreatic cancer and tuberculosis. A Silkworm Created Pavillion Neri Oxman’s silk pavilion, a structure created using the help of 6,500 silkworms. Some of the most interesting bridges between biology and design are happening now. The design of living entities is actually coming to be. Paola Antonelli Senior Curator of Architecture and Design @ MOMA
  41. 41. Adidas uses augmented reality code printed on their shoes to delight customers SARAH MAY 2015 Adidas: Augmented Reality An enchanting marketing experience can’t just be online or in-store. It must move omni-channel so your customers can live your brand wherever they are. Jon Werner, Innovation Explorer @ Adidas
  42. 42. The challenge Lincoln the premium car manufacturer needed a unique way to bring Lincoln Black Label to millenials, a new range fitted with bespoke luxury materials befitting of its meticulous quality and personalisation. Lincoln let customers choose on their own terms. The experience Lincoln created home environments across key markets e.g. Indulgence,. In different spaces throughout the home, the Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Oasis themes are brought to life through experiential, aesthetic and culinary activations. Lincoln Black Label colours and materials used in the vehicles, such as Venetian leather, Ziricote wood and Alcantara® premium suede, inspired the palette of each room. During their stay, guests can choose which Black Label vehicle and theme to use for transportation. They also accessed bespoke Concierge Services and a curated list of luxurious Black Label-inspired experiences for consumers to enjoy, including access to some of Hollywood’s most sought-after locations. SARAH MAY 2015 Lincoln Black Label: an experiential campaign for the modern world
  43. 43. SARAH MAY 2015 Fashion and wearables are converging fast Fast, convenient and personalised fashion wins Material cultures are the future Always seek more impactful data
  45. 45. Tech transformation Bill Gurley has spent over 10 years as a General Partner at Benchmark. Over his venture career, he has worked with such companies as GrubHub (IPO: GRUB), Nextdoor, OpenTable (IPO: OPEN), Stitch Fix, Uber, and Zillow.com (IPO: Z). SARAH MAY 2015 Wisdom from Bill Gurley and Biz Stone On Uber… The market is now 5x bigger than when Uber started…Defending job impact, 97% of cars are idle and it’s the largest job creator with 300k and growing…In the future I see drivers for specific audiences e.g. elderly, kids and teens. On the tech bubble… We are in a tech bubble and taking more risks than necessary. Having constraints drives creative decision making. Silicon valley is operating in a context completely void of fear. Tech pivoting Biz Stone is co-founder of Twitter and serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Jelly Industries—now Super.me, a service for expressing emphatic statements that become small works of art. On Super… Jelly was only popular for really passionate people. We switched it: we were doing Q&A now we’re doing A&Q. Super is a new form of communication, a new media format type with feel and empathy.
  46. 46. SARAH MAY 2015 Startups: entertainment and content – sensory and video overload 6Six The lyric speaker can enhance your listening experience by visualising lyrics when you plan any type of music. inmobly Mobile video is delivered with no waiting or buffering. Through patented predictive analytics, they proactively catch videos at the right time for the right people. flixfindr A simple way to discover and watch media across most US streaming sources based on your personal taste. Zype Makes it easy to deliver mobile, desktop and web apps via a cloud-based technology service for premium content owners to build, scale and manage streaming to consumers.
  47. 47. SARAH MAY 2015 Startups: social tech – social heightens your experience Vhoto This is an iOS app that allows users to record, create and share amazing video highlights. Vhoto uses machine learning and vision technology to find the best images and clips. Platypus TV A second screen social experience for TV audiences via a smartphone app that plays community conversations time to episodes. Polsie This is a fast way to grow an online store regardless of your size based on an Instagram feed and trigger action ecosystem. Real Savvy Pinterest for real estate. Consumers pin homes to boards to organise their online home search. Agents get a CRM built to simplify client collaboration.
  48. 48. SARAH MAY 2015 Startups: digital health and life sciences – people not pharmas are in control Tinnitracks The solution transforms everyday music into targeted neurocoustic treatment for tinnitus patients via a smartphone app. Biobots 20 years from now patients will be able to receive organs built on 3D bioprinters and constructed out of their own cells. Tute genomics A cloud based software platform that enables predictive, preventative and precision medicine through genomics to go from DNA to diagnosis and discovery. Mobile OCT Uses mobile to detect cervical cancer via the mobile colposcope, a global priority requiring 700m screenings per year.
  49. 49. SARAH MAY 2015 Startups: enterprise and smart data – next gen datafication Partpick An enterprise visual search solution used to identify replacement parts by taking a photo of the part. Trendalytics Provides actionable insights for the fashion industry via synthesising social, search and market data to measure trends. Loopd Provide event ROI, leads, audience profiles and optimised event marketing strategies to enhance engagement via a mobile app, wearable beacons and analytics. Crate New breed of database that allows the user to query mountains of data in real time.
  50. 50. SARAH MAY 2015 We are in a tech bubble and taking more risks than necessary Pivot fast if it’s not getting mass uptake Expect faster, video and live entertainment start ups Start-ups are spreading the health
  52. 52. SARAH MAY 2015 #WinnerGoTWesteros Pedicab Carrying attendees in the iron throne complete with scant period costumes. Immersion The experience is a throwback to Arya’s sword training in season one of the show, allowing you to hack and slash your way to reveal a custom poster for your social sharing pleasure. Tipple Fans of age can also sip on an exclusive sample of the latest “Game of Thrones” beer, Three- Eyed Raven, a Dark Saison Ale that becomes available in the US April 1st. Iron Throne Anyone who sat in the iron chair from Game of Thrones looked like a total boss, and Snoop was no exception.
  53. 53. SARAH MAY 2015 #Winningbrands Batesmotel To promote the upcoming season of Bates Motel, A+E network build an impressive replica of the set where fans could tweet with a chance to stay the night. Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart To mark the 25th anniversary, the show created the kwik-e- mart food truck. Sqril.co Squirrels were roaming the streets as part of activation of an app that delivers users geo- relevant book passages in certain locations so they can read author’s words about that place. Ex Machina Tinder To launch the film premier, Tinder users at the SXSW on Saturday encountered an attractive 25-year-old woman named Ava on the dating app.
  54. 54. SARAH MAY 2015 #Kindawinningbrands Mophie dogs The mobile portable battery pioneer partnered with Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation to rescue dead batteries via tweets. People flocked to meet the puppies anyway. Hootsuite They won over delegates with it’s impossible to miss transportation options. While riders where pedalling, they got free beers. GE Brain on BBQ A 12-foot tall sensor-laden super smoker and a BBQ tasting room allowed, tasters to wear consumer-grade EEG track how their brainwaves change when eating. Google Fibre Google promoted its rapidly expanding high speed internet offering, announced for Austin this year. You could try Google VR’s simulator that let you fly over Austin.
  55. 55. SARAH MAY 2015 #Weirdbrands Dove girls lounge Despite providing a RFID enabled shareable inspiration wall and meet up spot for women, the pampering part didn’t convert tech-driven girls. Malboro Black Tent A safe haven for smokers to get their fix without annoying the smoke free peeps. McDonalds Past efforts to reach millennials haven’t been done well for the brand. The free food truck, decent WIFI and local bands proved a hit for attendees. Toyota Occulus Pretty average driving simulator highlighting issues with distracted drivers.
  56. 56. SARAH MAY 2015 #Winningtech Exoskeletons The development of systems like powered exoskeletons and bionic limbs and eyes are re-defining the future of medicine and human ability. Smartypans It’s the first app-connected frying pan, instantly calculating the calories and nutritional content of the food you’re cooking. 3M’s Luminometer Creating a germ-free future, the Luminomter sanitises equipment like grimy mobile phones.
  57. 57. SARAH MAY 2015 Have a crescendo to your immersive experience Think hyper local for brand experiences Address the attention deficit disorder Challenge conventions to capture imagination
  59. 59. Infinity and beyond. Pixar and 20 years since Toy Story Dreamy inspo A Conversation with Ryan Gosling and Guillermo Del Toro on Lost River 1. Write characters based on your own experiences "As a kid of single mom, old men feel like wolves” 2. Sew in what's naturally real "It's seen through a filter of kids trying to romanticise the situation, an economic fuckstorm" 3. Massage the message "You do more acting as a director than you do as an actor…you're always pretending things are not a problem" 1. At first all the animation was coded on graph paper. 2. With Pixar’s current render farm of 23K processors they would be able to render the original Toy Story movie in real time today. 3. When they started Toy Story, Pixar thought they could animate the film with only 8 animators…they ended up using 33. More than 400 people touch a Pixar film before it’s completed now. 4. Of all the Pixar characters, Pete Docter identifies with Buzz Lightyear the most. 5. All the books in Andy’s room have filmmakers’ names as authors SARAH MAY 2015
  60. 60. SARAH MAY 2015 Genius inspo Artistic expression is a wave. Its all therapy for us. It's like karate you can join a school or get a good teacher. Maybe I cut the line. Take the wisdom, sharpen, prove yourself 3 Ps Persistent (resistance), Persuasion (understanding of both struggles) and Preparedness The only barrier is ourselves. RZA Film keynote Music is the universal language of all people. Pharrell tapped me into a new lane (audience) writing about the women in my life. That’s where Beautiful came from. Bush is a ride through the funkasphere, it’s a different groove. Social media is a bridge to my people. We depend on each other. “Don’t do that dogg.” Check out Trapflix, an urban streaming network for distributing promising movies. Snoop Music keynote
  61. 61. SARAH MAY 2015 Sew in what's naturally real Artistic expression is a wave. Its all therapy for us Persistent, persuasion and preparedness Social media is a bridge to people and works both ways
  62. 62. It’s not us vs. cyberspace, we are one Socialbots are about partnership not replacement Drones for good, telling three dimensional stories Look out for blabdroids Inspiration and the point of purchase are closer together Customisation captures the distracted, discerning and demanding audiences Pay attention to the share statement to propagate like bzfd Tell stories through Gifs by expressing a human emotion that has not been told before Flying cars for sale by 2017 In 2030s humans will be on Mars Failures are only expensive if you do them at the end It’s about getting out in the real world as fast as possible Scripted reality will be big in social Live social customer service will be standard Influencers will be on brand’s payroll Meerkat has 9 lives / uses @jaded_jasmine SARAH MAY 2015
  63. 63. Have a crescendo to your immersive experience Think hyper local for brand experiences Address the attention deficit disorder Challenge conventions to capture imagination We are in a tech bubble and taking more risks than necessary Pivot fast if it’s not getting mass uptake Expect faster, video and live entertainment start ups Start-ups are spreading the health Sew in what's naturally real Artistic expression is a wave. Its all therapy for us Persistent, persuasion and preparedness Social media is a bridge to people and works both ways Fashion and wearables are converging fast Fast, convenient and personalised fashion wins Material cultures are the future Be omni-channel so your customers can live your brand wherever they are @jaded_jasmine SARAH MAY 2015
  64. 64. SARAH MAY 2015 DOCO Man in the machine 4/5 DRAMA He never died 5/5 COMEDY Get Hard 3.5/5 DOCO Rolling Papers 4/5 DOCO Montage of heck 5/5 HIP HOP Run the Jewels SOUL Kali Uchis BAROQUE POP San Fermin DANCE ELECTRO Odesza SCI FI Ex Machina 4.5/5 PSYCHDELIC ROCK Elder
  65. 65. SARAH MAY 2015 @jaded_jasmine tumblr/percolatethis linkedin.com/in/curiouschameleon Sarah.may@ogilvy.com.au