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  1. 1. WilliamFaulknerBy: Sara Self
  2. 2. William Faulkner• Born September 25, 1897• Died July 6, 1962• American Writer and Noble Prize winner• Wrote novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and more• One of the most important writers in southern literature
  3. 3. William Faulkner He had a circular writing style unlike any other. He would talk around the point of his stories but never directly acknowledge them. He always seemed to give hints or clues in his stories of what was to come or what was important in the story.
  4. 4. “A Rose for Emily” This story is filled with hints and clues of what was to come in the story. Many hints and details pointed to Miss Emily murdering Homer because he was planning on leaving her. Although in the story it never states that she did murder him the reader knows she did.
  5. 5. Examples of hints in“A Rose for Emily” Miss Emily went to the store to buy arsenic No one saw Homer leave Miss Emily’s house There was a terrible smell coming from Miss Emily’s house There was a dead body of a man found in the bed after Miss Emily’s death
  6. 6. “Barn Burning” The main character constantly goes back and forth between loyalty and honesty There is a questions that constantly lingers  How terrible is Sarty’s father and what is he truly capable of? Theending does not give the reader a direct answer of what happens. The reader is left to come up with their own conclusion.
  7. 7. Conclusion William unique style of writing is what sets him apart from other American Literary writers. His use of circular writing keeps the readers attention while letting their imagination run wild the entire time they are reading his stories He will always be one of America’s most famous writers