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Leveraging Emotion Insights To Drive Experiential Return

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Emotions drive our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors across environments and cultures, so it should be no surprise that they impact brand experiences too. Emotions drive resonance in brand messaging, brand loyalty, and buying behavior.

Yet many marketers still hesitate to use emotion insights.

With the rise of more sophisticated emotion insights methodologies over the last several years, however, marketers have the opportunity to give voice to the emotional drivers of customer decisions. Marketers can take a more balanced approach to data with research programs that are inclusive of both rational and emotional marketing drivers. Most important, they can leverage emotion insights to demonstrate the success of marketing outcomes too – thereby giving them a richer and more holistic story to tell about marketing performance.

Check out the companion infographic above for some snackable tidbits from the report that you can share and then download the full PDF for free at sapientnitro.com/insights.

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Leveraging Emotion Insights To Drive Experiential Return

  1. 1. To Drive Experiential Return LEVERAGING EMOTION INSIGHTS Brands can leverage emotion insights to demonstrate the success of marketing outcomes and help marketers figure out and influence the emotional drivers of customer decisions.  Researchers in emotion insights use cognitive and neural science techniques to assess the type, magnitude, and timing of real emotions in response to brand experiences. By using these techniques, marketers can maximize brand engagement, minimize pain points, drive creativity, and quantify success. THE SCIENCE OF EMOTION INSIGHTS Coca-Cola leveraged biometric measurements to determine which of a dozen Super Bowl commercial variations were the most emotionally resonant. Stanford researchers built an Xbox console that senses players’ emotions. The sensors were placed on the back of the Xbox controller to detect heart rate, blood flow, breathing rate, and depth of breathing. Other brands have leveraged emotion insights to more deeply assess marketing assets and drive tactical optimizations such as changes in asset length, creative look and feel, music choice, and narration. In the automotive industry, several teams of researchers have worked in conjunction with car manufacturers to concept cars that detect mood. HOW HAVE VARIOUS BRANDS LEVERAGED EMOTION INSIGHTS? GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE Galvanic skin response (GSR) allows marketers to assess basic emotional arousal at key points in the marketing experience by measuring sweat glands. FACIAL CODING Facial coding provides detailed, up-to the-second readouts about specific emotions, so marketers can see the flow of emotion over the duration of the brand experience. ELECTRO ENCEPHALOGRAPHY Using Electroencephalography (EEG), marketers can capture brain waves to measure positive and negative arousal in response to experiences. 1 2 3 4 A financial services brand used facial coding to determine which of three digital brand videos (each with variations in script, music, and voiceover) elicited the most positive consumer response and engagement. 5 CAPTURING AND CREATING AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES Emotion insights allow us to tap into authentic, unconscious responses to brand environments, thereby unpacking the complexity of emotion. DRIVING UP TO THE SECOND OUTCOMES Emotion insights techniques allow us to detect changes in emotional response to marketing experiences, up to the second. OPTIMIZING MARKETING PERFORMANCE For some brands, emotion insights can be leveraged to understand opportunities in the design of their brand experiences. DRIVING EXPERIENCE IN RESPONSIVE ENVIRONMENTS Brands can leverage emotion insights such as happiness, sadness, boredom, and excitement as inputs to brand experiences. WHY DO EMOTION INSIGHTS MATTER? The returns on using emotion insights are clear, touching various ROI metrics including views, engagement, click-through, and conversion. 20X social action conversion 3X quicker in attracting views 3X more likely to watch to the end 8X higher click-through rate LOOKING TO THE FUTURE We are starting to see vendors emerge that are able to offer group assessment of emotion insights. Group emotion calibration has incredible applications in driving responsive group experiences in retail and entertainment environments, among others. As brands continue to invest in responsive environments, the demand for more precise and holistic emotion insights will only increase. APPLYING EMOTION INSIGHTS TO YOUR BUSINESS When thinking about how emotion insights can apply to your business, here are some considerations: MAKE THE GREATEST INVESTMENT IN YOUR TEAM, NOT YOUR TOOLS Build a team of strong insights professionals that can develop the capability quickly to find the strong- est tools for your evolving field and needs. GAIN THE GREATEST VALUE BY TAKING A HOLISTIC APPROACH Complement emotion insights methods with methods that allow your target audience to share their conscious perspec- tives, too. UNCOVER INSIGHTS THAT DRIVE REAL IMPACT When using emotion insights techniques, make sure that your research program is sound and targeted at questions whose results directly inform your strategy. For more details, recommendations, and examples of strategic emotion insights, download our report on the same topic at sapientnitro.com/insights