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  2. Annisa Nasywa Eka Ummi J Desty Asri N Ghaida Hanna S Nur A-Syiefa P Nuralam Rifai Nimaz Putri W Teks paragraf Anda Kelompok 1 Text Dialogue Reservation inRestaurant 6 9 10 11 23 21 20
  3. • Receptionist : Nur A-Syiefa P • Waiter : Eka Ummi J • Caller : Ghaida Hanna S • Guest : Nuralam R, Nimaz Putri, Desty Asri, Annisa Nasywa
  4. Syiefa : Hamoed FoodyRestaurant Ghaida : Hi, i would like to make a dinner reservation for family Syiefa : Of course, what evening will you be joining us on ? Ghaida : We will need the reservation for Saturday night Handling Reservation
  5. Syiefa : What time would you like the reservation for ? Ghaida : We would prefer 07:10 or 07:30 Syiefa : How many people will you need the reservation for ? Ghaida : There will be four of us
  6. Syiefa : Fine, I can seat you at 07:00 on Saturday, if you would kindly give me your name Ghaida : Thank you, the last name is Ghaida Syiefa : See you at 7:00 this Saturday Ghaida :Thank you so much, i appreciate your help
  7. N uralam :Good evening, where is the table in the name of Ghaida? Syiefa : Oh yes mrs, please come this way Nuralam : Alright, thankyou Syiefa : Please be seated mrs. Here is the menu i will return in a moment to take your order Nuralam : Okay, thank you Welcome
  8. Eka : Are you ready to order ? Nimaz : Yes sure Eka : What would you like to have mrs ? Nimaz :I would like to have spring rolls and chicken steak with mushroom sauce Nawa :I would like to pasta with mushroom sauce Taking Order
  9. Desty : I want to order steak blackpaper with barbeque sauce Nuralam : I would like to Mac n Cheese Eka : Yes, and what would you like for the drink ? Nuralam : Two orange juice, One mango juice, and one ice lemon tea
  10. After 20 minutes Eka : Surely, mrs. Please wait a moment Nawa : Okay Eka : Here are your food, mrs. Enjoy your dinner Nimaz : Sure, thank you
  11. AfterTheGuestHas Finishedtoeat Desty : Excuse me Waiter Eka : Yes, mrs? Desty : May i have the bill ? Eka : Here is your bill mrs. Desty : Okay thank you Eka : You are welcome, mrs. And thank you for visiting our restaurant