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Future Prospects of Robots and Social-Economical Problems

Future Prospects and Social-Economical Problems Of Robotization

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Future Prospects of Robots and Social-Economical Problems

  1. 1. A Presentation On Future Prospects and Social- Economical Problems of Robotization BY SANJAY B DOLARE(162110006) ANKITA R BHAVSAR (162111015) UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF PROF.JAYA SINGH
  2. 2. CONTENTS • INTRODUCTION • FUTURE OF ROBOT IN • Transportation • Health Care • Defense • Education • Home • Artificial Intelligence • SOCIAL-ECONOMICAL PROBLEMS
  3. 3. Introduction • Robotics • Basic Configurations • Importance • Future Prospects-Possibilities • Effect of Robotization
  4. 4. Transportation: Autonomous cars are coming fast • Google, Apple, Tesla, Uber….. • Google's self-driving cars have driven far more than 1.5 million miles, safely and fully autonomously. • It has LIDAR sensor (laser imaging radar) that, combined with cameras, sonar and GPS, is collecting and analyzing 750 Mb of data per second • By 2035 there will be more than 50 million autonomous cars on the road
  5. 5. Health Care • ROBOT • as DOCTOR that check symptom , test reports and gives medicine(learning and expert system) • Surgeons • FULLY AUTOMATED SURGERY • Micro robots • Nano robots
  6. 6. Defense • Humanoid Military ROBOT Ie Terminator, universal Soldier.. • May used for surgical strike • Rescue operation •Patrolling On Borders I.e. DRONE ROBOT
  7. 7. Education • ROBOT Teacher • Imagine, you have a personal tutor who has knowledge of almost all field • That teach you • Test Your knowledge • Ask any question • Be what you want
  8. 8. HOME • Smart HOME - A HOME IN ROBOT CONTROL (where u just eat and sleep) • Making Food ,washing the dishes, clothes • Cleaning • Air Conditioner • Speech Recognition • Lightening in HOME • USE OF KICHEN APLLINCES • Control All House hold Equipments
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence Most Difficult task to human Investing money in stock market A company will do 500 million automated trades per month. The robot takes tons of information and makes decision every millisecond.
  10. 10. Socio-economical problems
  11. 11. Why there are threats ?
  12. 12.   Demis Hassabis—founder of Google DeepMind, the company behind AlphaGo—views A.I.  as “potentially a meta-solution to any problem,”    Eric Horvitz—director of research at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, lab—claims that  “A.I. will be incredibly empowering to humanity.”  Stephen Hawking has warned about A.I. ending humanity.   Bill Gates has called A.I. “a huge challenge” and something to “worry about,” 
  13. 13. Qualities of ROBOTS: Highly Accurate and Perfect in doing their jobs Very High Efficiency They are more Practical and Emotionless (yet) this is WHY they can take logically correct  decisions in any condition  They need very less time to complete the same task as compared to human beings Their learning ability is far more than the intelligent humans. They don’t need Vacations ,Family picnics , Hangouts and Medical leaves etc They can be highly professional and do their work without EGO Fights and Personal grudges. These are very few points. A Robot can prove itself as the best suitable employe for any jobs  No Human being (No matter How intelligent and perfect) can beat these abilities. And thus the day when a Robot will apply for the job you are looking for … 
  14. 14. An Oxford University survey suggested that 47 per cent of the world’s jobs will be taken by robots in the coming decades. This is a big issue that is not science fiction and is happening already. It involves what we call narrow artificial intelligence, which can do relatively  routine, predictable things. By predictable, I mean you can predict what a person doing a job is going to be  doing based on that they’ve done in the past. Stephen Hawking said that “artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”
  15. 15. Robotic arms assemble and weld the body shell of a Nissan car in Sunderland Photo: Getty
  16. 16. Why do websites need to verify that you're not a robot? To prevent, or at least make more difficult for hackers to use bots to get whatever benefits one could get from having multiple accounts, or heavily altering a poll's or contests' results, getting access to private data, etc.
  17. 17. We know ROBOTS can be used for personal security (Really ?) One can just change the program and turn a security ROBOT into a Super Powered Terrorist
  18. 18. Robots in war: the next weapons of mass destruction?
  19. 19. Stephen Hawking fears robots could take over in 100 years
  20. 20. The word ROBOT is developed from the word RABATA means slave If Robots are given the powers they will develop their own city and will use humans as their SLAVES
  22. 22.  In Japan and China the research is going to develop a Real Girl Like ROBOT.  The AIM is to develop a ROBOT with Qualities Emotions Abilities Understanding Etc  That a Perfect Life Partner SHOULD have  Also these Female Robots can give birth to a baby robot.  These babies can be handled easily than the natural babies. And these Wives wont demand your time and money and wont do the Shoppings Frequenly. Such Robots can make the person feel HAPPILY MARRIED in true sense.
  23. 23. What will be the Consequences? Anybody can just “BUY” a WIFE for them. Or one can have Two Or Even more (As many as they can AFFORD in monetary terms) This can Eliminate the need of a real Female The ratio FEMALE : MALE is already in poor condition If these projects get Success People would like to have sons only so that they can literally go to the market and buy a wife for him.
  24. 24.  It’s the HUMAN MIND behind the development of ROBOTS  And it’s the HUMAN MIND only which will be a very responsible factor WHERE we take the ROBOT system ( or the ROBOTS will take the Whole World)  We only can destroy EVERYTHING using robots or giving them power to think in that way or even do ……..  OR we can take the whole World in to a SERENE life.
  25. 25. Social Challenges 28  Users need to understand the limits of their tools and agents. (Expert systems tend to be brittle)  AI applications need to be created that help bring harmony to the world rather than which intensify battles.  AI applications are needed which enhance the economy rather than reduce economic competition.  AI extends the reach of automation and threatens to eliminate, if not change many white-collar jobs.  AI raises the bar for information literacy and computer literacy.