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Culture and congress centre at lucerne, switzerland

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Cultural and Congress Centre at Lucerne, Switzerland. Architectural Presentation. With Drawings

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Culture and congress centre at lucerne, switzerland

  1. 1. Architectural Design Culture and Congress Centre at Lucerne, Switzerland Jean Nouvel Library Case Study Saniya Nalband TYBArch B01148
  2. 2. Going back into time… • • • • Public Arena/Squares Roman Theatres-Pompeii Amphitheatres- Roman Colloseum Greek Theatres- Epidurous
  3. 3. Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern Culture and Congress Centre at Lucerne • • • • Located in Lucerne, Switzerland Architect Jean Nouvel Russel Johnson (acoustics) Competition for a Concert Hall in Lucerne
  4. 4. • Competition won by Jean Nouvel • His initial idea was to encase the old building in a glass box and project the new hall over the edge of the lake near Lucerne, like a ship caught in mid landing. • Shore line cannot be broken- Competition jurors • The lake was then incorporated into the structure
  5. 5. • Culture and Congress Centre at Lucerne is also known by the acronym of its German name, KKL (Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern). • Contains a flexible performance and banquet space, the Lucerne Hall, as well as museum and exhibition space, meeting rooms, restaurants, and a rehearsal hall. • It is the home of the renowned Lucerne Music Festival, a five-week classical music festival, which draws many of the world's finest orchestras and soloists each summer.
  6. 6. • The KKL is composed of three parts and an area of service. • A 1,300 m2 Concert Hall and the restaurant Seebar are located on the east side while the multi-purpose hall (Lucerne Hall) is in the middle of the building, Convention Center with the auditorium and conference rooms are on the other side as well as the Bistro restaurant, the Art Museum of Lucerne and the administrative offices. • The services are located near the back, near the Post Office, and are connected to all areas of the building.
  7. 7. Concert hall: -Classical music performances. -Capacity for 1840 spectators in its five floors (floor and balconies on four levels). -The terrace on the roof of the Chamber gives visitors a panoramic view of 250th on the city, lake and mountains.
  8. 8. Lucerna Hall -multi-use room for his versatility, it enables all kinds of events. -Blues, Jazz, Plays, Dance, parade- depending on the type the hall can be adapted -variable separation walls and mobile floors.
  9. 9. Convention Center and Museum of Art Lucerne - Always open to the public. - The Museum of Art Lucerne is located on the fourth floor. - The space center is the main auditorium on the first floor with capacity for 270 people.
  10. 10. Acoustics • Echo Chamber/ Reverberation Chamber • 9 m deep • Concrete doors, faced with plaster on a motor driven hinge • Variable Door- Specialty of Russell Johnson
  11. 11. Thank You