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Module: Commercial design
Raffles International Institute Mongolia
Lecturer: M.Arch Sandra Draskovic

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  1. 1. PRINCIPLES OF RETAIL ORGANIZATION, FURNITURE AND FIXTURES Module: Commercial Interior Design Term: July 2013 Lecturer: M.Arch Sandra Draskovic 
  2. 2. LAYOUT?
  3. 3. “ Once the brand has been established and the market for its products is fully understood, an analysis of the retailer’s current building stock or an investigation into finding a suitable site begins. The brand guidelines for the interior demonstrate a typical size of store for the implementation of the scheme. The overall principles of the interior layout can be broken down into four areas: the entrance, main circulation, pace and finally sales in the form of displays, fixtures and payment areas.
  4. 4. LAYOUT?
  5. 5. * * The design of the entrance to a store is very important. It needs to entice the customer in and give a glimpse of the products beyond the threshold. The shopfront’s main task is to communicate to potential customers the essence of the interior and to display a glimpse of what can be found on the other side of the glass.
  6. 6. * * * In most cases, the shop front/shop window is a draw to buyers to make them feel comfortable when approaching the store and venturing over the threshold. For others, it is an opportunity to window-shop and aspire to buy into the lifestyle on view. In some instances, the shop front and entrance are designed to deter the public from entering, with security on the door.
  7. 7. * * The shop facade must first take on the essence of the brand. Done through graphic communication: fascia signage, a projecting sign, window details and lifestyle graphics as part of the window displays; the materials from which a new shopfront is constructed, or how an existing shopfront can be adapted to meet the design requirements; the merchandise in the window and the brand message/slogan that is conveyed by the window display; and the position of the entrance door and how this will be managed.
  8. 8. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  9. 9. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  10. 10. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  11. 11. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  12. 12. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  13. 13. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  14. 14. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  15. 15. Prada store, New York, Rem Koolhaas
  16. 16. Prada store, Tokyo Herzog & deMeuron
  17. 17. Prada store, Tokyo Herzog & deMeuron
  18. 18. Prada store, Tokyo Herzog & deMeuron
  19. 19. Prada store, Tokyo Herzog & deMeuron
  20. 20. * * IN CITY NEIGHBOURHOOD The approach to shopfront design will vary depending on the site location (building regulations) and the impact of the design of the neighbouring shop facades. IN SHOPPING CENTER In the case of shopping centers, neighbouring retail outlets and arcades will have to be considered. Contract between the retailer and landlord to outline what can and can’t be done to the unit or building.
  21. 21. *
  22. 22. * FASCIA * SHOP WINDOW the sign above the window of a shop, where the shop's name is written the front side of a store facing the street; usually contains display windows. displaying items for sale or otherwise designed to attract customers to the store. Usually, the term refers to larger windows in the front façade of the shop. Display windows at boutiques usually have dressed-up mannequins in them.
  23. 23. * traditional
  24. 24. * traditional façade of building symmetry modest graphics standards fonts & colors mannequins
  25. 25. * traditional
  26. 26. * traditional
  27. 27. * traditional
  28. 28. * traditional
  29. 29. * traditional
  30. 30. * traditional
  31. 31. * traditional
  32. 32. * traditional
  33. 33. * contemporary frameless transparency graphic language live colors story telling & scenography
  34. 34. * contemporary Fullcircle Briefed to create a stunning flagship store for the opening of Westfield London, Brinkworth produced a store that is a literal interpretation of the name, Fullcircle. A shop within a shop, with specific sections cut away, creating two perfect optical illusions within the space.
  35. 35. * contemporary
  36. 36. * contemporary
  37. 37. * contemporary FILA Design: Giorgio Borruso Design, Marina Del Rey, CA. Fixtures Buzzoni, Bosaro, Rovigo. Italy Fixtures Eventscape Inc., Toronto, ON. Canada This 4,000-sq.-ft. prototype represents the Italian sports brand with design elements personifying movement. Garment racks lean forward, elliptical columns descend from the dark recesses of a ceiling made fluid by undulating strips of fabric-bound aluminum flowing across the space, and hundreds of shoes climb along a 50-ft.-long canted wall textured with delicate waves. The merchandise triumphs as the transparency of fixture components place it squarely in the spotlight and reflective columns give it an instant replay.
  38. 38. * contemporary
  39. 39. * contemporary
  40. 40. * contemporary
  41. 41. * contemporary
  42. 42. * contemporary
  43. 43. * the store features Neil Denari’s characteristic continuous folding surfaces. contemporary
  44. 44. *
  45. 45. Location : Miss Sixty, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA Design architects : Borruso & Alessandro Design, Venice, CA Ceiling systems : Barrisol from Kembs, France Lighting : LED floor lighting from Special-T Lighting, globe pendant lighting from Louis Poulsen, ceiling lights from Bartco Lighting and RSA Lighting Furniture and fixtures : Buzzoni SRL Sound system : Audio ReQuest from Zone One
  46. 46. * 1000 mm operation hinged, sliding revolving, swing material, frame
  47. 47. * Position (a)symmetry of shop visual comfort focus of communication or products display
  48. 48. * location of shop Internal setting traditional with back wall contemporaryopen, free flow pop-out zone 5001000mm
  49. 49. *
  50. 50. Dri Dri Local Italian Gelato А lovely pop-up ice cream stall at the Front Room of St Martins Lane Hotel in London. The temporary italian gelato shop is designed by architects Elips Design and serves gelato from the UK company Dri Dri from a timber cart on wheels.
  51. 51. “ The Front Room of St Martins Lane’s hotel is a dynamic retail space. It has housed various creative collaborations with partners including The Convenience Store, Wallpaper, Angela Hill, The Design Museum and Nowness. This time it will be converted by ELIPS DESIGN into an idyllic Italian beach, complete with traditional decking, colored beach cabins, sun umbrellas, chairs and tables. The customers will be transported to the Mediterranean in the heart of London’s bustling centre enjoying their gelato DRI DRI. The beach cabins are thought in the way to divide the space and create a back of the house for storage. The sun umbrella are wall stickers to create more perspective in a bi dimensional space”.
  52. 52. * 1. Fascia sign 2. Projecting sign 3. Window decals 1. Painted 2. Illuminated box 3. fret-cut in metal
  53. 53. * Window decals
  54. 54. * Window decals
  55. 55. * Fascia sign
  56. 56. * Illuminated box
  57. 57. * Painted logo
  58. 58. * Fret cut logo
  59. 59. * Fascia illuminated logo
  60. 60. * Detached fret cut logo