Novoscotia provincial nominee program

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21 de Mar de 2014

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Novoscotia provincial nominee program

  1. Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) through the Regional Labour Market Demand stream
  2.  The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) through the Regional Labour Market Demand stream is an immigration recruitment and selection program that allows the Government of Nova Scotia to recommend to the Canadian government individuals who can meet provincial labor market and economic needs and who intend to establish themselves in Nova Scotia. A Nominee, along with his or her spouse and dependents, approved under this program may become permanent residents of Canada following approval by the Canadian government.  The Regional Labour Market Demand stream is aimed at selecting individuals who meet the labour market needs, are destined to join the labor market with a full-time and permanent position, and wish to live in the Province of Nova Scotia permanently.
  4. AGE – Between 21 and 55 Language requirement Written proof or explanation may be verified by one or more of the following: Educational transcripts or other documentation indicating English as the principal language of instruction. OR Employment history and references indicating English as the principal language of communication. OR IELTS Score , Listening- 5 Reading -4 ,Writing-5, Speaking -5
  5. FUNDS REQUIREMENT The amount of money you need to support your family is set by the size of your family. Family Members Number Funds Required CAD INR 1 $11,115 6,50,000 2 $13,837 8,00,000 3 $17,011 9,86,000 4 $20,654 11,97,000 5 $23,425 13,58,000 For the principal applicant or spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, and all accompanying dependents. You may provide one or a combination of the following: Letter from financial institutions indicating the balance and transactional history for the last three months. Financial institutions’ statements demonstrating access to transferable, liquid funds and assets. Investments portfolio. Proof of property ownership and appraisal. Mortgage and other loans. PS. Do not include personal items such as jewelry, furniture and vehicles as these items will not be considered
  6. Experience You have at least two (2) years of continuous full-time work experience within the last five (5) years, in a field of work related to your intended occupation in Nova Scotia mentioned below Your intended occupation is a National Occupational Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B and there is demonstrated demand for this occupation in the regional labor market in the community in which you intend to live (see below in Further Information on Occupations and Assessing a Region’s Labor Market Needs)
  7. Information Technology A 2147 Computer Engineers A 2171 Information System Analyst and Consultants A 2172 Database Analyst and Data Administrators A 2173 Software Engineers and Designers A 2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive media Developers B 2283 Information System Testing Technicians Engineering A 2131 Civil Engineers A 2132 Mechanical Engineers A 2133 Electrical and Electronic Engineers A 2232 Mechanical Engineering Technologist and Technicians B 2241 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologist and Technicians
  8. Finance 1111 A financial Auditors and Accountants 1114 A Other Financial Officers Hotel 0621 O Retail and Wholesale trade managers 0631 O Restaurant and Food Service managers 6321 B Chefs 6322 B Cooks Healthcare 3131 A Pharmacists 3237 B other technical Occupations in Therapy and assessment 3236 B Massage therapists 0311 O Managers in Health care
  9. Medical 3111 A Specialist Physians 3112 A General practitioners and Family Physians 3113 A Dentists 3141 A Audiologists and Speech language Specialists 3142 A Physiotherapists 3143 A Occupational Therapists 3012 A Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses 3124 B Respiratory therapists Cardio Pulmonary technologists 3233 B Licensed Practical Nurses 3215 B Medical radiation Technologists 3216 B Medical Sonographers 4151 A Psychologists 3124 A Allied Primary Health Practitioners Technicians and Others 4214 B Early childhood Educators and Assistants 6211 B Retails Trade Supervisors 7201 B Contractors and Supervisors, Machining, Metal Forming ,Shaping and Erecting Trades and Related Occupations 7231 B Machinists And Machining and tooling Inspectors 7242 B Industrial Electricians 7237 B Welders and related Machine operators 7312 B Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics 7321 B Automotive Service Technicians ,Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers 7371 B Crane Operators 9226 B Supervisors ,other Mechanical and Metal product Manufacturing
  10. Interview: If required, you are able to attend an in-person interview in Nova Scotia. Please note: You will be notified if such an interview is required. Information on Occupations and Assessing a Region’s Labor Market Needs As a Regional Labour Market Demand applicant you do not need to have a formal job offer, but you must declare an intended occupation for which you are qualified and have work experience. This stream is exclusively for individuals who are destined for full time employment in the Nova Scotia labour market.
  11. Applicant Document Checklist •1 color passport sized photograph •Copies of Valid passports and travel documents •Birth certificates of Kids (if applicable) •Marriage certificate (if applicable) •Correspondence on previous immigration applications to Canada (if applicable) Education certifications received (e.g. degrees, diplomas or certificates) , You must provide a copy of all certification and training obtained by the principal applicant and spouse, common-law or conjugal partner and dependants aged 22 or older. •Proof of English Language ability [IELTS is Not Mandatory] •Supporting employment history and documents •Resume / Curriculum Vitae •Certification with licensing bodies, regulatory agencies (if applicable) •Police certificates (if applicable) for the principal applicant and dependents aged 18 or older, only if they have been convicted (found guilty) of an offence.
  12. Fees There is no provincial application fee under the NSNP. You must, however, pay all the required Government of Canada immigration fees when you submit your file to CIC.
  13. Sanctum Consulting Services Our Professional Content Writers will help you with the following services •Re-write resume according to Novoscotia Immigration Norms •Sanctum helps in upgrading the skills of job duties according to Novoscotia Labor market demand •Writing Reason for choosing Novoscotia Province •Helping you choosing the City along with the reasoning •Writing Explanation and familiarizing with pre landing Services at Nova Scotia at the time of submission of initial application •Writing Explanation to Nova Scotia Immigration Authorities on the Services beneficial for your family •Writing Cover Letter Our Visa Consultants will help you with •Complete assistance filling 7 to 11 Application Forms •Complete Documentation Assistance •Helping with contents on Work Statutory Declaration •Couriering the Documents [if requested by the client, Charges extra]
  14. Process Time at Nova Scotia and CIC Time Guide lines for Novoscotia provincial Nominee Approval – 3 Months Time Guide lines after the Approval of Novoscotia Provincial Approval to CIC for 9- 14 months Process Time at Sanctum Consulting Nova Scotia Process – 3 Working days after the receipt all the documents CIC – 4 Working days after the receipt all the documents PS. All public holidays and Saturday, Sunday are not considered as working days Contact Us at Sanctum Consulting 2nd Floor, # 303 & 305, KTC Illumination, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081, India Landmark: Beside Westin Hotel, Raheja Mindspace Ph. +91-40-2311-4887 | 9949999466 | 9030040088