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Public Relations (PR Campaign) Against Animal Abuse

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Public Relations , PR Campaign , Abolishing use of Leather and Leather Products,
Against Animal Abuse & Animal Testing.

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Public Relations (PR Campaign) Against Animal Abuse

  1. 1. PUBLIC RELATIONS - To be presented to Rupali Jain
  2. 2.  PR is a planned, perceived, communication designed to influence significant Public
  3. 3. PURITY FABRICATIONS LTD. Purity Fabrications Ltd is a publicly held Company engaged in the manufacture and export of handicraft products such as bags, belts, wallets etc. The company has their manufacturing facility located at Mumbai & Jaipur. Purity Fabrications Ltd was incorporated as a private Limited Company on April 1, 1966 at Mumbai. The company was established with the main object to manufacture products out of Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather.
  4. 4. IN-HOUSE PR DEPARTMENT An in-house PR department is an independent department in the same organization serving all the PR functions of the organization.  Main Characteristics :-  Permanency  Economical  Familiarity
  5. 5. MISSION To maximize the sales and export of non leather goods by using substitutes VISION To minimize the use of leather and eradicate animal abuse and animal cruelty
  6. 6. DEPARTMENT HEADS  Director  Public Relation Officer  News Editor  Advertising & Marketing Manager  Public Relation Specialist PRIYANSHU SHAH 3038 SANCHIT GANGAR 3013 YASH JAIN 3016 SAGAR DARJI 3007 PRADEEP DUBEY 3012
  7. 7. STUNNING STATISTICS  Every year 70 million (7cr) animals are killed for experiments  Over 40 million (4cr) animals are killed for Fur every year  200 million (20cr) animals are killed by Hunters  1.5 million (15L) Alligators are slaughtered for leather each year  3.4 million (34L) Snakes are victims for their skin
  8. 8. ALTERNATIVES FOR LEATHER  Faux leather  Synthetic leather  Cotton canvas  Vegan Micro-fiber  Rexine
  10. 10. POWER OF PR  Selling Point  Proactive PR  Reactive PR
  11. 11. YOU ARE NEXT !!
  12. 12. SEMINAR
  13. 13. INTERVIEW
  16. 16. PROMOTIONS
  17. 17. FUTURE PLANS oInauguration of a charitable trust for animal welfare on April 1, 2016 oIncreasing exports of our products to reduce usage of leather in western countries & thereby earning profits
  18. 18. THANK YOU