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Sams pitch

  1. My Movie pitch Sam Todd
  2. My movie is about: • My movie is about a Warlock named Duke Crimson and his apprentice Tristan Gnash. Crimson does not think Gnash is ready to become a warlock. • That night Gnash preys to a ancient demon who owes gnash a favor. This demon gives gnash a tonic which turns the victim into a troll and it cannot be turned back, without a strand of a giants hair. • The journey will be challenging and demanding. • Duke will meet new friends and enemy's along the way. • Bar fights, Mage fights, sword fights. • Captivating story moments • Remunerable characters
  3. Audience Profiling •Everyone will enjoy my movie from all ages. •As it will appeal to everyone
  4. Movies I gained inspiration from Lord Of The Rings: I really like this trilogy because Sam Gamgee & Frodo Baggins. They were just such a good adventuring pair - wise, distant Frodo, who would fail on his own, and the unwilling side-kick who doesn't want to be there but is too loyal to leave. It's nice to see an unlikely hero/set of hero's that isn't almost perfect Harry Potter: A story that doesn’t die down immediately after the narrative ends. This always leave people with speculations, predictions about what possibly could have been an extension to the plot.
  5. Why pick this movie? • You should pick my film because: • A fresh take on a fantasy film • Original story • Cool characters • Revenge story • Everyone can enjoy it • Sweet soundtrack • Tonnes of fights
  6. Locations • Barnes Park • Woods • Abandoned buildings • Hills • Field •
  7. A Script
  8. Cast • Possibly drama students