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Getting started with a workplace bot

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Chatbots are fast becoming a mainstream element in the modern workplace. Our webinar will explore the steps involved in implementing a workplace chatbot from concept to execution, including:

Getting started with a workplace bot: Where to begin? What are the most important steps? What are the most critical use cases? What is the long-term commitment?
Bots for employee services: Where are they needed most? Where do they work best? How do they tie in with applications like Workday and ServiceNow?
Success factors: What does success look like? How do you ensure your bot is helpful and not hype?

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Getting started with a workplace bot

  1. 1. Webinar Getting started with a workplace bot: an insider guide to kickstarting productivity
  2. 2. We will try to answer some questions during the webinar, and a few more at the end. Both participating companies will email you the recording within 48 hours (so you won’t miss it!). You can listen via your computer or by dialling the phone number in the email you received today. Housekeeping
  3. 3. Your webinar hosts Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall Alex Lustig Innovation & Experience Analyst
  4. 4. About ClearBox ClearBox Consulting is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience.We understand technology, but we approach it from the people side first. Our goal is to help organisations collaborate and communicate more effectively.We specialise in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social media, enterprise mobile strategies and real-time collaboration tools. Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall
  5. 5. About LiveTiles Alex works as an Innovation & Experience Analyst with LiveTiles supporting the EMEA market.With a professional background working with American multinationals in both IT support services and internal communications,Alex is passionate about empowering employees in the modern workplace and delivering the best user experience possible. Alex Lustig Innovation & ExperienceAnalyst
  6. 6. How often do you use a chatbot in your personal life? Poll (Think, voice as well as typed interfaces.)
  7. 7. Agenda  Getting started with a workplace bot  Bots for employee services  Success factors for bots
  8. 8. Getting started
  9. 9. What do we mean by a chatbot?  Conversational interface  Meant to simplify the sharing of information  A new way to interact with software  Types of chatbots
  10. 10. The appeal of chatbots The digital workplace as a virtual PA  Understanding what you really mean  Anticipating what you need  Natural Language Best used for  Quick commands in a chat app (Slack /Teams / Messenger /WeChat)  Simplifying forms and options  Mobile / tablet interfaces where space is limited  Integrating between multiple systems
  11. 11. Chatbots in action
  12. 12. Collaboration bots (cobots)
  13. 13. Today's org chart
  14. 14. Tomorrow's org chart
  15. 15. How do we get there?  Personal Assistants  Team Assistants  Enterprise Assistants  External Assistants
  16. 16. Discussion points  Who should maintain the bot?  How do you remind employees about the bot?  Should you make it clear that a bot is not human?  Does using a bot send out a signal that a company cares less about its people?
  17. 17. BYOB (BuildYour Own Bot)  10% discount on our bot builder platform  Reach out to Alex.e.lustig@livetiles.nyc or connect with me on LinkedIn at Alex Lustig
  18. 18. Success factors
  19. 19. Managing expectations
  20. 20. 6 Success factors Available: in the interface that’s already open True conversations: “Give me the last option” Transactional: “Book it now” Answers not links: “You have 10 days leave” Maintainable: content owners directly update Universal: no “HR-bot”, “IT-bot” etc
  21. 21. Governance  Who should own a bot strategy?  Implications for HR, Facilities etc.  Implications for IT
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  23. 23. Connect ClearBox Consulting clearbox.co.uk @ClearBox hello@clearbox.co.uk +44 (0) 1224 458746 Treliske House, Queens Park Road, Chester, CH4 7AD, UK LiveTiles livetiles.nyc @LiveTiles info@livetiles.nyc +1 (646) 887-273 137W 25th Street, Level 6 NewYork, NY 10001
  24. 24. Q&A