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Future of office 365 and SharePoint intranets

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We cover the latest announcements made at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in May 2019 and recent developments on the Office 365 roadmap, highlighting things that intranet and digital workplace managers should be aware of.

A round up of the headlines on SharePoint, Teams, Yammer and OneDrive
New SharePoint Home sites
Improvements to search
Audience targeting and personalization in communication sites
Yammer improvements and SharePoint integration
Where you should change tactics in your current use of SharePoint and Teams
Implications for ‘build’ vs ‘buy’ and the SharePoint intranet in-a-box market.

Video recording of webinar: https://www.clearbox.co.uk/portfolio-item/the-future-of-sharepoint-intranets/

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Future of office 365 and SharePoint intranets

  1. 1. Webinar The future of Office 365 and SharePoint intranets
  2. 2. Please use the Q&A panel to ask questions throughout the webinar, and we will answer at the end. Both participating companies will email you the recording within 48 hours (so you won’t miss it!). You can listen via your computer or by dialling the phone number in the email you received today. Housekeeping
  3. 3. Your webinar hosts Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall Dan Hawtrey Managing Director Joe Perry Technical Director @contentformula youtube.com/contentformula
  4. 4. About ClearBox ClearBox Consulting is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience.We understand technology, but we approach it from the people side first. Our goal is to help organisations collaborate and communicate more effectively.We specialise in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social media, enterprise mobile strategies and real-time collaboration tools. Sam Marshall Managing Director @ClearBox
  5. 5. About Content Formula Content Formula is a consultancy that designs, builds and supports digital workplace tools and intranets. Our solutions are built directly onto SharePoint,Teams and Office 365 or we useWizdom and LiveTiles. We’re not just about the technology – we are also big on user research and user experience. Dan Hawtrey Managing Director Joe Perry Technical Director
  6. 6. What should Microsoft focus on improving in Office 365? Poll
  7. 7. Agenda  Headlines  Home sites  Search andTargeting  Yammer  Other announcements  Implications
  8. 8. Headlines
  9. 9. Las Vegas May 2019
  10. 10. Main announcements  The ‘intelligent intranet’  Home sites as the start point of your SharePoint intranet  Microsoft search replacing SharePoint search  OneDrive as ‘the files app for Office 365’  UX enhancements to lists andTeams  Performance and security ‘sensitivity’ labels
  11. 11. Home sites
  12. 12. Home Sites Image source: Microsoft
  13. 13. Home Sites “A communication site with superpowers” 1) Home site news is ‘official’ 2) It’s where the SharePoint app starts and what your company logo goes to 3) SharePoint home becomes ‘My SharePoint’ page 4) Search is tenant-wide by default
  14. 14. Megamenu integrated Image source: Microsoft
  15. 15. Where the home site fits Image by @jedpc https://www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/sharepoint-conference-2019-introduces-home-sites-sensitivity-labels/
  16. 16. Home Sites – what it means The good  The ‘missing link’ for an intranet home page  Easy to create  Removes confusion of SharePoint start page Still missing  Intranet-wide menu only if a hub site (and all sites connected)  Official news is literally just a label
  17. 17. Available soon Page Templates Audience targeting for News, Pages, highlighted content Organization assets Root site upgrade to Communication site Modern Page updates – Vertical section, undo/redo, copy/paste content, link handlers, duplicate parts and sections, deep linking Web part updates – NEW parts including world clock, weather, call to action, as well as updates to existing parts Later this year SharePoint Home Sites News and Page scheduling Multilingual content publishing SharePoint Home sites in SharePoint Mobile Move a modern site to the root Page API New site analytics features Required metadata support in pages Fluent for SharePoint Branded icon and default theme colour Top of mind Hub enhancements Branding Updates “Ghost” authoring Roadmap: Employee Engagement Image source: Microsoft
  18. 18. Search
  19. 19. Microsoft Search: “Search that works – wherever you’re working  Rolled out globally May 2019  Uses natural language understanding, AI and deep understanding of you and your work  Baked in to Office365 and offline apps to create consistent UX
  20. 20. Microsoft Search The good  Content becomes searchable in seconds  Everything is synched to Microsoft Graph  Search incorporated in to productivity apps  Developer endpoints coming to Graph soon Still missing  Utilises same engine as Delve – therefore has same weaknesses: Enterprise Graphs?
  21. 21. Targeting and personalisation
  22. 22. Targeting and personalisation  Personalised web parts: your recent files, your Teams, your events  Audience targeted news  Build relevant modern megamenus
  23. 23. Yammer
  24. 24. Leadership Engagement Communities & Knowledge Microsoft 365 Integrated Corporate Communications Trust Yammer’s mission Image source: Microsoft
  25. 25. Yammer announcements “large scale, participatory conversations” • Yammer results in intranet search (finally!) • Live events • EU data hosting (finally!) • Rich text • Office 365 people card (finally!) • ‘Report content’ planned
  26. 26. Yammer Q&A (end June) Image source: Microsoft
  27. 27. In other news…
  28. 28. OneDrive • Landing page more like O365 • Differential sync • ‘Document libraries’ replaces ‘site’ • You can create a document library without a SharePoint site • Share password-protected links without recipient having Microsoft account and block downloads • ‘Request files’ folder to collate submissions Image source: Microsoft
  29. 29. Kaizala www.clearbox.co.uk/kaizala-what-is-it/ www.clearbox.co.uk/four-reasons-kaizala-could-work-for-you/ Image source: Microsoft
  30. 30. Kaizala use cases
  31. 31. Kaizala –Town Hall scenario
  32. 32. Stream Creates searchable index for spoken words “Safety” 1.33 and 8.55 Offline playback in app remains encrypted Embed a poll in video with Forms Image source: Microsoft
  33. 33. Excel imports
  34. 34. Adaptive cards
  35. 35. Adaptive cards in search results
  36. 36. Implications
  37. 37. MSTeams and SharePoint  MSTeams as your intranet? Probably not.  SharePoint Modern has come along in leaps and bounds SharePoint: • News, events • Links, common tasks, I need to… • Static content, policies, documents for broad distribution • Communities / Yammer Teams: • Where stuff gets done • Document collaboration and sharing for a team • Everything in one place • Fast to deploy and set up • Integrated with SharePoint • Process automation
  38. 38. Build vs buy? Still missing  Multilingual (coming using page duplicates)  News centre and scheduled publishing (coming)  ‘Top down’ IA  Social –Yammer slowly replacing community sites  Page templates but not site templates Very few cases where ‘Classic UI’ still needed
  39. 39. Build vs buy? - Case for IIAB  Sophisticated news  Megamenu / powerpanel  Tools: policy management, service desk, event management etc.  Content governance  Collaboration governance  Control center  Keeping up with Office 365 updates – offload the problem  Native architecture – get the latest anyway  Expect to see lots of innovation
  40. 40. Home site partners
  41. 41. Q&A
  42. 42. SharePoint intranets in-a-box 10% off Future clearbox.co.uk 39 intranet products reviewed 600+ pages Immediate download Our expert assessments of products that transform SharePoint into a useful and useable intranet.
  43. 43. Wizdom & LiveTiles Contact Dan for a demo of: • Wizdom (intranet-in-a-box) • LiveTiles Bots • Hyperfish (clean up your AD) • SharePoint & Office 365 business applications dhawtrey@contentformula.com
  44. 44. Useful Links Microsoft official announcements  www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2019/05/21/sharepoint-home-sites-microsoft- 365-innovations-intelligent-workplace/ Compilation of roadmaps by Sue Hanley  https://t.co/upgdiRUu8E Blogs  Sarah Haase - https://regarding365.com/spc19-highlights-2d6418226dfa  Sue Hanley - www.computerworld.com/article/3397820/welcome-to-the-intelligent-intranet- key-announcements-from-sharepoint-conference-2019.html  Jed Cawthorne - www.cmswire.com/digital-workplace/sharepoint-conference-2019-introduces- home-sites-sensitivity-labels/
  45. 45. Connect ClearBox Consulting clearbox.co.uk @ClearBox hello@clearbox.co.uk +44 (0) 1224 458746 Treliske House, Queens Park Road, Chester, CH4 7AD, UK Content Formula www.contentformula.com @contentformula hello@contentformula.com +44 (0)20 7471 8500 Suite 6, Fulham Business Exchange,The Boulevard, London SW6 2TL. UK