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10 Mind blowing facts about Greece's Economy

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We all know Greece is all over the news. Here is my presentation to give you 10 mind blowing facts about Greece's economy.


Source: Investopedia, Greece's Horizons: Reflecting on the Country's Assets and Capabilities, and Business Insider.

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10 Mind blowing facts about Greece's Economy

  1. Greece has a history of financial troubles — the country's first default occurred way back in the fourth century B.C! 1 FACT 1
  2. 2 FACT 2 Greece has spent a combined 90 years — almost half of the time since its independence — in financial crisis! 90
  3. FACT 33 Corruption costs Greece about 8% to 10% of GDP per year!
  4. 4 FACT 4 Self-employed Greeks are "paying over 100% of their reported income flows to debt servicing on consumer debts."
  5. 5 FACT 5 49.7% of Greece's young active population is unemployed!
  6. 6 FACT 6 63.5% of Greeks between ages 18 and 34 live at home with their parents!
  7. 7 FACT 7 Greece is almost five times as big as Massachusetts(America), but Massachusetts' GDP is twice that of Greece.
  8. 8 FACT 8 Greece's annual production of olive oil weighs as much as 1,575 blue whales!
  9. 9 FACT 9 An election in Greece caused the latest outbreak of drama!
  10. 10 FACT 10 The eurozone is a political project, not an economic one!